4 basic WEB design mistakes

whether you’re designing a website, banner, or an ad, etc.. When you’re done, but the effect is often not consistent with what you expect, you might wonder if your design is not innovative or out of fashion. But the reason is not only these, many are in some basic mistakes. These basic little mistakes often make your designs worthless. So, today I simply share some of the basic design mistakes we often make.

1: there is no user friendly experience

as shown above, I think this page also downloads the Headspace2 plug-in. But when the author searched the entire page, the download button could not be found. This has greatly compromised the user’s friendly experience. If you create a login page for your product page. This login page has a beautiful design with a lot of information, but there is no obvious button for users to buy, and your users will soon leave your page. We should display buttons at the most prominent part of the page, rather than letting the user scroll down the full page to find it. read more

How to build your own community culture

Many of my friends have been engaged in the

forum, a set of procedures, divided into several sections, with a few posts, this is the forum to get throught a thing carelessly.

this is indeed very simple, but there is no practical effect. Today, Tianya and everyone discuss how to build our own community culture, and how to do our forum well.


forum, the core should be put on people, not on the content of the website, this is very important, many people often engage in forum is very important forum inside the layout and content distribution, always think, should add what layout, put what, in fact this is a mistake, pages and posts are is released, you should first consider the forum is what, what they need, what can you provide to them, so people starting point layout points more appropriate. read more

How to build an enterprise website

The so-called

website, equivalent to the enterprises in the network world front, once the enterprise established the website, people around the world can access it.


site can be divided into internal and external website website, the website can let the enterprise internal departments of enterprises, employees and even collect the above release information, increase understanding and coordination between departments, increase the staff of the company’s identity, to help enterprises to improve management efficiency, enterprise external website can help enterprises to establish the image, propaganda enterprise the product, increase enterprise sales opportunities, customer service etc.. read more

Cybersquatting is illegal wait for the right price to sell or investment


domain is the webmaster has been most concerned about the issue, after all, web design, program can do, really do not buy anything, can also be reproduced in human data, can also be collected, even spend a little money to buy the data line, as the saying goes: "money can solve the problem is not a problem, but the domain name once the problem is not to spend a little money can solve, good luck to buy back the bad luck, others made a same station, called every day should not be called the land. read more

How to write soft Wen so that the website ranking rapidly ascension

believe everyone knows the role of soft Wen for site ranking. Below I and we talk about how to write soft text.

first, first of all, the advantages of soft text:


1. content is helpful to the reader and is generally acceptable.

2. soft text easily reproduced by others, reprinted the more, the effect is greater.

3. soft text, not simply do promotion of your site, and at the same time can promote yourself.

below say the following soft wording:

Title: subject to take more attractive, the subject is not attractive, many people will not read your article, your soft writing is no good. Soft Wen wrote, the title should consider two points. read more

nternet business success five understanding spider improve the site included

After the

website is built, maintenance and management become necessary. In this chapter, you will introduce the internal links optimization, efficient maintenance, and the promotion of PR.

1. Optimize the internal links of your website.

two, website maintenance three major common sense

three, improve website PageRank, coup

four, site exchange links, but also beware of fake

five, against illegal websites that violate content,

six, simple configuration allows the web server as strong as iron read more

t’s hard to stand but we’ll stick to it

came to Admin5 time soon, more than 2 months, thanks to Admin5 for providing such a platform can often look at the experience of some of their predecessors, I learned quite a lot, at least let me know, do not fully embody a kind of technology, but also can reflect a personal view on the matter, the more can reflect a person’s mentality.

little brother do standing soon, only more than 5 months, for your predecessors, can be regarded as a novice in the novice, during which three consecutive stations. After three stations wandering, and I also know, to succeed in doing a station, light technology is not good, popularity, mentality is also very important. read more

For the vast number of website construction service providers proposal do not participate in the dr

currently popular in society a trend, regardless of large and small projects, is moving, that is, bidding, than the draft. It seems that through bidding and comparison, you can catch up with international popularity, reflect fairness and competition, or you will find the best Internet service provider.

in the current era of bidding and comparison has been rampant, in most of the time, this has become a cloak. In the network, living environment and competitive environment is very bad today, many Internet companies can not participate in the various pitches at the request of the buyer, but after attending various pitches after the discovery, the fairness of the competition is not reflected, we often encounter some: read more

Deep solution Ali restart reputation network dry son the United States Group lying gun

news June 24th, Alibaba to 6 billion gold ants heavily again "word-of-mouth network" business, is widely regarded as the breakthrough for O2O Alibaba is the most important step. In the original Amoy little Ali O2O business to Alipay after the plate under the Alibaba, O2O in the end product has finally made substantial progress. However, the industry also pointed out to billion state power network, a new reputation after the line on the platform, are most likely to feel the pressure and challenge, will be the same as the United States investment Alibaba. read more

How to choose to join the clothing brand business

join venture, we have to choose a good brand, there are many brands in the market to join, we must carefully choose. Investment clothing store, we want to understand the principles and methods to choose the brand. The following small series will introduce you to the choice of clothing brand, I hope to help businesses choose a good brand, bring good business opportunities. So, how to choose the brand to join the business?

1. evaluate the local market

to their store location, shopping malls, plans to open the store location, do adequate market research, including the surrounding brand style, sales, clothing and consumer characteristics, target consumer values surrounding residents status, flow conditions, flow direction, age, rent etc.. Through the investigation results to lock their own market positioning (location) and the required basic positioning agent brand style, price. read more

Behind the success a stick called loneliness

how many masters work day and night, day after day, year after year, year after year. What is sought? A success, a harvest. However, behind the success, more is a kind of persistence, pain and happiness of loneliness.

08 years of exposure to this industry, into the Internet, when nothing to understand, began his webmaster career. Said he did not understand anything, because at that time he was a graduate student. In social experience, even more is blank, in school very much love the Internet, so even if I don’t understand anything, or choose to be a webmaster. A5 is a big school, every day to see other people’s experience in the station, there is always a lot of harvest. In this way, a week later, their own station is on the line. Perhaps it is relatively early preparation of it, just half a month on the web site, traffic has exceeded one thousand. A month, in their perseverance, has gradually moved forward two thousand of the traffic. But people are constantly learning and growth failure, because of his blind success, a large area of the modified keywords and template to a final drop right. I am an impatient son, or because just out of school, everything is too simple. And continue to change the domain name to do a new station, I do not know whether God’s favor, others always say how difficult the flow, but two months later, the site PR reached 3, traffic is also natural, reaching about four thousand. Finally, for a variety of reasons, once again gave up the maintenance of the site. read more

A quick way to improve web traffic; cleverly layout keywords

rapid method to improve website traffic is the best to let users get the best user experience, and can let users easily find the promotion of the website, the only way to make your website is not bad, on the long-term healthy and steady development? This requires us to do the following: to give users the best user experience keywords, can cause the user’s interest or attention, can allow users to easily find. But these three aspects complement each other and are indispensable. In the era of search engine leading network, who can be favored by the search engine, who will seize the opportunity. In order to search engine to rank well, the first step is to layout the website keywords skillfully, the following combination of research station universal navigation nets, net peak experience, how clever layout of keywords. read more

Baidu will punish websites with snapshot dates of 5 22 triggering my thinking

my friend sent an article to me the other day. Titled "Baidu will punish the site with a snapshot of 5.22", and then the news is going crazy in the webmaster group. And the snapshot in this period of webmaster are very afraid.

original text is as follows:

, June 7th news, according to Baidu developer. Recently, Baidu will be Baidu search business for large-scale updates, the new Baidu ranking rules will be more conducive to user experience. About webmasters are more concerned about the ranking algorithm, the source said, the new algorithm will be integrated Baidu independent research and development of intelligent identification system. Illegal outside the chain, BBS signature will be included in a chain statistics. And increase penalties for violations of seo. Snapshots in 5.22 of the site will be the first Baidu punishment, including many well-known websites such as NBA and so on. For Internet users more prominent opinions, bidding, ranking and so on will make adjustments and other issues, the person did not reply. For journalists to "near future" about how long, the person did not give a specific timetable. read more

Market analysis of investment brand underwear

underwear market has been very broad in the future, especially the brand underwear market is growing. The whole network (http://s.www.shang360.com) brand investment adviser clothing trend as brand underwear to join need reasonable domestic brand underwear, also need to know the domestic brand underwear market position. The analysis of the current brand underwear market analysis of three points:
the first point: brand extension, brand launched deputy
read more

A grassroots entrepreneur essay written in the new group network after two years of entrepreneurship

calculate the time, has been 3 years since I left A5, left CHINAZ for two years, I have a little experience of the small owners, but now I have not in is the webmaster, but a hard work of entrepreneurs. At present, the new mission network project is still in the early stages of entrepreneurship, and took too many detours, always everything is ideal, want to be an idealistic entrepreneur, but the reality is cruel.

recalls the past:

, 1 in A5, everything is so beautiful, in the most stressful time maybe graph king in internal group shout, go to small South Lake to go boating, relax, exchange work; after work may receive the call graph king, go to the XX place to eat out barbecue, drink beer; and perhaps in a weekend invite some friends together to do a website, the company gathered under the exchange of experience, exchange of ideas. In short, in A5, even if you don’t know anything about the site, the atmosphere created by the graphic designer can also relax you. read more

Do poineering work in the website more than half a year have a lot of regrets really

has been operating web sites since last year and has been around for half a year now. Today, 2 of its Web sites are stable,


Baidu included good! Now I have to share with you in the first half of this year’s experience of the site.

in October last year, I began to contact the site of the building. First, I bought a friend website source code. Then, in the A5 above to view other people’s information, the server, domain name and other necessary site preparation work done. In the process, I really feel more confident. I always fantasize that after a few years, I can be a big boss like others, read more

Chinese style webmaster three steps you can do it

joined the line of people, or have been in this line for a long time people feel that they always do not know how to optimize a website, whether it is business station, gateway station, movie station, or a novel station, today we put aside the professional knowledge of the technology, a long and minute statement is only about three, step, if you can follow and ensure the implementation of. Then the chances are great,


the first step: find exactly what you think is better in the industry!


in the same industry, if you feel that you do not the best, then there will certainly be better than you, ranking in front of you, than you flow site, our first step is to find such a web site, and then start another work, look at the structure of the site, of course this website the structure is not so simple read more

Do website helpless

maybe a lot of people came in to see my title. Why is it like this? Because recently, doing a website did a lot of damage to me. The site is full of confidence, I am fatigued with the journey of hope, came in, but recently I have got a big


my station began to build has gone smoothly, whether it is good to remember the degree of the name "Mars media" or the domain name (www.100hx.cn), the content of the website (or degree of jokes, humor, mobile phone text messages, non mainstream, gossip) are also popular! So the website started smoothly, it is soon be Baidu included, flow, the best result is an average of more than 300 a day of IP, perhaps for some war 300IP is very humble, but for me it is already a good result, but also more hope is more satisfied, are looking for original content every day, never any cheating form! Because I believe that as long as do it will be invincible! read more

Analysis and correct train of thought on several kinds of wrong through trains

At the beginning of the August version of

with the train on the line, I thought and logic for the operation of the train has a more profound understanding of, and the new train should increase the ratio of input and output of the statistical functions, I will again before the data were collated from May to August during this period, the input-output ratio of the highest the month is July, but also can do 1:1.6, this data is the old train out of the statistics, and the new train statistics is out of 1:2.89, according to the analysis, at least this month to do the train is to make money. If you do 1:2 is guaranteed, and more is earned. Because of the data as a support, virtually increased my confidence, I am thinking of some operation and others to provide ideas before re understanding, I think that way and not correct, today and share with you. read more

Baidu K complete and re collected thoughts

on the 6.1 day, my station was K, when the mood, like the bottom, but my heart is still said, we can not do without Baidu station but


so then update and maintain it every day. But one more thing is to study why K. At that time, I saw a lot of webmaster like me on ADMIN5. They were all K this time. They also combined some SEO knowledge and got some conclusions:

1, renamed: "I see their traffic stability in the rise, the site name changed to" Shanghai free resources network".

recommends that websites do not make stand names with ready-made popular keywords. Now I change back, Shanghai can spell read more