Easy to achieve the originality of the article

search engine spiders are partial to the original content, this is unquestionable. So if the site there are a lot of original article, will greatly improve the weight of the site, then to the site included, ranking are very helpful. But after all, most individual webmaster is a single maintenance of several websites, there is no time and effort to add a lot of original content, have to have collection to replace, lead to web site K, ranking drop. Now let me introduce you to my experience, so that you can easily get the original article. read more

Analysis of user concerns and business value for users of different age groups

users of different age groups will inevitably pay attention to the content, young users are concerned about entertainment, the older groups of users are more concerned about business information, financial management, tourism and other information:

low age users focus on the content of the new media to create traffic

low age users keen to search and browse the entertainment content, brought more visits and the number of requests for new media, but this part of the flow of commercial value is still not fully get mining, need to find a proper profit model with matching. read more

nteractive design optimization scheme of coupon in B2C website shopping process

we often buy things on the Internet, will often receive free coupons, recently did a little research on a web site, 30% of users have more than 10 copies of the valid coupons, but when we use the coupon, we found a problem, many sites in the shopping settlement page can only display 10 coupons, then, if more than 10 coupons, choose how we use


I simulated a user, when I go to a supermarket, I buy a lot or single commodity, I found a N coupon for my bag, I began to tangle, should I use it? So, I began to pack up the coupons, see which one out of which this is my wish, I usually use next time, don’t ignore it, these coupons, only when using the time will look at. read more

How to reduce the loss of Taobao’s customer order

this thing really do Amoy to make people feel dissatisfied, if the user in Taobao orders, and no payment, then, a scouring will give users send an email, as shown in the figure, that you have taken, you can also buy cheaper.

test goods, the purchase price of 218, a Amoy prompt is expected to reach 213, the same goods, who is not willing to cheaper consumption


then, the user clicks "buy immediately", jump to a scouring net, and then, as shown in

click on "discount" and jump to the Taobao details page, and look at the address bar. Yes, there is pid. read more

How to increase website traffic after website revision

in the home station check data can see I want to analyze this is an old site, domain name has eight years, eight years has always been a style website, no revision, but with people’s aesthetic changes, wide application of computer and website style widescreen tall the revision to make to win the attention of Internet users, so in November of this year, the official website of a comprehensive revision, to adapt to the requirements of users, hard work pays off finally, the revision is fairly smooth, there is no punishment, the website style has also done a survey in the customer, get a satisfactory answer read more

Decoding Xue Manzi investment No 1 takeaway is more than a simple O2O

Abstract: O2O’s "1 takeaway takeaway" was founded in 2013, has just received from angel investors Xue Manzi, Mai Tao investment side of the thirty million Angel round of financing before the date, this is the five O2O project investment in the Xue Manzi second takeaway O2O project.

1 takeaway distribution team

O2O’s "1 takeaway takeaway" was founded in 2013, has just received from angel investors Xue Manzi, Mai Tao investment side of the thirty million Angel round of financing before the date, this is the five O2O project investment in the Xue Manzi second takeaway O2O project, the first is the takeaway Hot pot segments of the food supply Hot pot". In the development of O2O catering industry has been relatively mature today, all kinds of food and beverage distribution platform have basically occupied a stable pattern. What was the nature of the 1 takeaway in this period that attracted investors, read more

Broken small sellers Taobao operations 5 chaos

looked at the headlines. Maybe some of my friends have become aware of their mistakes. Some of my friends are not quite clear. For a while we did not communicate with each other, and today we study together, small and medium-sized sellers in the operation process of a few errors.

first disorderly shop, namely disorderly

many friends see other people in Taobao to do the wind and water, but also can not help temptation, eager to try, but do not know the beginning of the wrong. There are some cat shop experience friends all know that Tmall is the need to apply for the shop, the shop shelves of goods to the seller agreed number is greater than 10, and then manually click on the on-line shop is not officially open. During the shop line, the seller has the time to fully prepare and then officially opened. read more

A webmaster is not the owner of the depressed

. I will not say, I believe you will be writing skip.

I am 23 years old, why not say he is a webmaster webmaster, this and everybody said, says he is not a webmaster is because of my website is poorly understood, website construction, website maintenance, website update, and website promotion, these words and strange for me is familiar with the familiar, because in the Internet often see these words, unfamiliar because although see do not understand how to do. It is said that he is the webmaster because I have a small station, but the station is not my own set up, say also afraid you laugh at me, because I had long wanted to own a station, but there has been no time to learn and do, I am a rural people, as before by working in the field of money is not too small, more than 2000, for a rural background of the people, so the income can be said enough and can save some of the family, but this is not what I want, this is my hobby too far, so I decided to resign to return home, it has been two months and you can say I am silly, but this is my decision, I will be in charge of, and this is not what I want to express today, my new year’s time to buy a computer, back temporarily did not find a job, use my computer in the online search Method to open a website, this is what I always wanted to do on the Internet, found a free training site, that is the site to make money later to pay tuition, so I joined them, but they haven’t talked about how to make the website, students begin to learn to make money each have one website, can do it yourself, you can buy them, of course, out of a strong desire to have their own website, so I bought their station, is my station now, people desire filling head, will make foolish to. read more

Great God is not born See how great gods write from the media

on the Internet this month. Learn a lot, as the saying goes, read books, hangwanlilu! I know a lot of God are starting from reading, writing from the beginning! Yes, for a new webmaster, especially personal Adsense blog. You look at the clever expert, which is not a tongue blossoming lotus. Are they born? The answer is No. This is the training of the day after tomorrow, according to the great God himself introduced, read 100+ every day n articles. Very shocked, no wonder I’ve never been able to write. Reading is your primary task, and of course, you can start with writing if you write from the start. This is a prelude, but the real operation of personal web site, but the need for something essential. read more

Links links cheats tricks face to face top

Core tip:

know, understand baizhanbudai, liar tricks, will allow you to better prevent them


A5 hee hee, handsome and beautiful girls, I also reported here! Yes, I am A5 a lot of diving in the occupation link seller, my QQ is 88124886, honesty is my principle, the money we earn is my pursuit. Someone asked me why a strength to write something to teach my customers choose the seller, not their own narrow road? No! If the customer cannot earn money, people will not renew myself! Not renew as an occupation sellers, will be tired of the dead, because we are not only a station. read more

Local classification information website golden hour your site to make money

has your website made a profit? It’s always customary for a webmaster to ask this question. I am a webmaster, a has done for several years did not earn much money of small adsense. Now mainly engaged in Yuncheng information network (yc15.com). Local classification information is a hot spot in recent years, no matter where big or small, there are many. For example, we have Yuncheng Yuncheng information network, Yuncheng information port, Yuncheng 588, Yuncheng well-informed information, Yuncheng people, etc., in addition, there are recruitment networks, property networks, etc.. read more

How to solve O2O’s last mile these five patterns for you weapon

O2O the most difficult to solve is the "last mile" problem, that is, logistics delivery, or for the user’s online delivery service. Although O2O has become a pet phrase for entrepreneurs, there is not much that really solves the fundamental problem, the "last mile". In order to solve this problem, entrepreneurs have almost done their best to take a look at the existing five O2O innovation model,

O2O the most difficult to solve is the "last mile" problem, that is, logistics delivery, or for the user’s online delivery service. Although O2O has become a pet phrase for entrepreneurs, there is not much that really solves the fundamental problem, the "last mile". Today the author summed up the 5 kinds of the last mile innovation mode, these enterprises in order to solve the problem of Offline, with almost all of the is exhaust all the skills, but also heavy or heavy logistics resources, they basically represents the "last mile" to solve the good model, but also by investment institutions berserk to provide users with the service is currently the most efficient. read more

Analysis of influencing factors of foreign trade website SEO

your enterprise or company in the preparation of the website, what is the most important factor to consider the impact on the visual appearance? Is gorgeous, or some unique user experience modules? In fact if serious to think about the ultimate goal and effect of foreign trade station, in the end is actually two words: ranking. For example, a foreign trade website, when you have identified keywords in search engines have a good ranking, then even if the site 100 directional traffic every day, will also bring you considerable conversion rate. read more

Discuss the key indicators of website traffic growth from the ace social networking site

at the end of last month, the Silicon Valley has a Growth Hackers conference, at the meeting at the site of several U.S. ace community, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Dropbox and other traffic growth (before) the person in charge, to discuss what is Growth Hacking (crack growth rate).


Chamath Palihapitiya, who was in charge of Facebook flow past the growing team, he said Facebook is a leading indicator of whether or not the user is registered within 10 days of the 7 friends, he will have a chance to visit again. read more

CN domain name to promote the real name system it is necessary to save the trust lost in the webmas

With the continuous development of

and e-commerce, the commercial value of domain name is constantly reflected. As of 2009, statistics show that the total number of global top-level domain registrations exceeds 192 million. The number of domain names in China is 16 million 818 thousand and 401. The continuous development of the domain name industry and prosperity of the Internet have also brought a lot of problems to some extent. On the one hand, the domain name registration information has been tampered with, and the interests of domain name holders are threatened. On the other hand, the website domain name registration information is untrue, inaccurate and incomplete. The two aspect concerns both the interests of domain name holders and the interests of Internet users and the security of Internet information. How to ensure the interests of domain names holders, protect the interests of Internet information security and the interests of Internet users, and promote the continued development of the domain name industry, has become a domain name management institutions have to think about. read more

Community website from the establishment development to success of the five elements

(Forum) should highlight its own features,

often see some people rush to do the forum seems to start going to do better than the portal died over the way, column built N, what are, but this way, often burst out of their own characteristics, characteristics is vital for the development of the forum, the forum at the beginning and we will make clear the development direction of the forum, the column is not more refined in, no longer mixed in College; a featureless, involves too wide or too, others will only repeat content of the forum, basically it is difficult to have development in the future. The success of the forum, for example, behind the biggest characteristic is to provide forum for exchange of technology, the biggest characteristic is that the Chinaz community forum a superb collection of beautiful things of the source, the Admin5 features a popular website transaction, and the gateway community service in free space with the incomparable advantage of others, etc.. In short, if you do a forum, and even do not know what the main aspects of the forum to attack, the main thing to do, then such a forum can be imagined. read more

How can use a web page to make money

a group of people in the village are more inclined to think that the girl in the village is the most beautiful in the world, who told them there are a lot of beautiful girls they don’t believe. The webmaster Wang Tong, know almost V beam edge demon these people and I did a half dime, I didn’t need to advertise them, I wasn’t born us depression era, I just saw a good case to share out, only this.

as always, direct delivery of dry goods, to operate mainly.

a web year into millions of read more

ndustry website operation ideas summary do specially do a fine direction

place and specialization is the future development trend of the Internet, if you want to find a delicacy on the net, delicacy; if you want to learn make-up, make-up on the site; if you want to learn the Excel spreadsheet and other issues, professional excel forum and so on, the future of the Internet will be refined to all walks of life, looking for some information the website will have the relevant introduction, the industry, the trend of specialization.

April 21st A5 Thursday edition chat activity, invite the delicacy www.zhms.cn founder Zhou Yu to share some thoughts about the industry website operation, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss. read more

Enterprise website construction should be simple and practical

according to the author’s many years of website construction experience, whether for customers or search engines, simple and direct web site is the most effective.

1. home page no more than 3 screen.

2. try not to use larger pictures.

3. consider dial-up users in remote mountain areas and also visit your web site.

4. consider the websites that Mozambique users also visit.

5., consider the North South telecom.

6. use your website designed by CSS+div.

7. optimize JS, right?. Don’t use other people’s JS. read more

Ma Grassland some suggestions on the bottleneck of oak Photography Network

grassland Description: This article is some of the ideas that have been generated during the communication with oak photography network CEO Mr. Wen Shihao, perhaps not very mature, published here for sharing only.

elder brother:

Hello, first of all, thank you very much for your confidence. I do not know where you are from. I am just interested in Internet marketing. With great kindness, I am honored to discuss with you the great question of the quality of oak again.

through your letter, I can clearly feel that oak photography network has achieved good results, but this is far from enough. Moreover, the bottleneck of the development of three years is an enterprise of a website, so smoothly crossed a threshold, will determine whether the cause of the development to a new level. In view of my understanding and understanding of photography, plus it can only be said to be a very amateur amateur. The combination of network marketing experience, continue to strengthen their brand building at the same time in oak photography net, to display slight skill before an expert a few tips, hope to be able to help you. read more