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, such as cell phones, created Motorola’s mobile phone in twentieth Century 60s and 70s. Apple created iPhone in 2007 and promoted its handsets to smartphones on the internet. Recently, millet innovation, in fact, let the phone from five thousand or six thousand yuan of high priced goods down to the general public can use. Innovation is actually better meeting demand.

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The two biggest changes in

today received notification mail sent to the Amazon of the alliance, all union members are prohibited in the sh419, shlf1314 and other search engines to buy excellence, joyo, Amazon, Amazon and other Amazon brand related keywords promotion. I used to buy keyword via sh419, guide to Zhengzhou information network, and then make a profit by selling popular books. It seems that the era of using search engines as a Amazon alliance is over. read more

Entrepreneurial opportunities in nternet Banking those financial online security start ups website

security concept in the United States is very hot, especially in finance, data security direction, but rarely sought after in china. In start-ups, nearly 100 security services related companies were invested in Silicon Valley throughout 2013. Mature foreign companies, nearly 300 listed companies to provide financial services technology, risk, security companies, is the performance of classification of all increase ranked second, second only to the classification of retail banking services. In addition, the acquisition of events involving security, there are dozens of. With the recent wave of Internet banking, as well as the recent Ctrip and other Internet Co frequent security incidents, risk, security related services will gradually enter the people’s vision. read more

nvestors must read why do you make so many bad investmentsMo Mo technology Tang Yan we do not worry

he has maintained the habit of reading every day, most recently in "the naked ape".

but that seems paradoxical, because the best companies are often very efficient when building core businesses. The only problem is that they may be less flexible in trying to innovate in a new field.

and he is most afraid of "unfamiliar street technology startups lose momentum, or one day his head looked, making major decisions.

actually, investment circle has a similar "paradox", not investors want their investment failure, but sometimes, investors will put some other company’s success on startup, and this is precisely the main cause of the failure of investment. read more

Venture capitalists are not stupid financing is easier than everKara official sprint gem or the thir

Sun Taoran, a venture by Kara, Lei Jun in 2005 to set up a joint venture, the first by providing credit card payments, utility payment and other convenient financial services started, there is a period of time in the public the impression to help the repayment of credit card.

Zachary said, technology start-ups are still in the initial investment under the conditions of less feasible to create their own products, after all, the server and bandwidth costs in recent years has fallen a lot. Twitter Twitter and Netezza were Zachary’s Charles River venture investment. read more

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in July 4th, "King glory" strict new regulations on the first day of implementation, Tencent holdings closed down 4.13% on the day, the market value has shrunk by HK $109 billion 900 million.

has been affected by the "king of glory" event, and Tencent Holdings 00700.HK shares have not improved in the near future. Its share price fell 1.03% in July 7, 2017 to HK $269 / share.

for this, the famous financial review big V Cao stone, micro-blog wrote, "King glory out of a Zhao Yun skin, just sell this, a day income of 150 million.". This game, by the development team of 30 people in Chengdu last year, due to enter the Tencent famous hall, the one hundred million team team award – but not cold." read more

Taobao shop how forum clever marketingAfter Wang Kaixin was the investor coerce the theft project

what’s God’s situation,

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story is based on the real experience of an entrepreneur.

investors and entrepreneurs, a representative of capital, a team of representatives.

, however, between investors and entrepreneurs, not far from the consumer relationship with consumption, and sometimes between the two gun crossbow Zhang Jun – recently, GPLP received a number of entrepreneurs complain eloquently about teeth. read more

Mysterious Cai Zongjian’s pioneering Road from 17173 to listed company GGJinshan depending on the n

November 2003, Netdragon chairman Liu Dejian made a decision beyond all expectations in order to get a large amount of funds, development of the company, he decided to sell 17173 to Sohu. The decision by the Cai Zongjian company and almost unanimously opposed on the. The 17173 is in the profit peak, is half Netdragon source of revenue, and has a great influence, and Liu Dejian sold 17173 reasons to look.

17173 was sold just left

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SF tact to speed up the sea overseas express market needs new breakthroughs How to seize the small p


first international was founded in 1995, listed in Hongkong in July 2014, is an international freight forwarder operators, the main air freight agent, shipping and other logistics services. At present, in 18 countries and regions of the world has a company entity, in the world has 52 self built sites, business coverage of more than 150 countries, more than 2000 international routes. However, the first international 2016 total revenue fell 11.05% to HK $2 billion 879 million, net profit fell 90.05% to HK $4 million 970 thousand. read more

Helping others achieve themselves a successful record of entering package networksshlf1314 AdSens

in the packet network CEO bridge Huang told reporters, in the packet network in the early days because few people know only the number of single day orders only, because it was just put the bag photos uploaded to the Internet only, until 2009 October at the request of a customer in the packet network to carry out the shop agent for retail website taobao is a a delivery service in the packet network from the business volume and scale have started rapid development. In the packet network team from simple to provide express delivery service continuous innovation, the establishment of a separate "consignment service commissioner" post, special questions, provide the shop decoration knowledge and provide material assistance, and for the development of the welfare agency, into the packet networks can be achieved today achievements are mainly due to the interests of customers in the packet network in the first purpose. read more

New Adsense if use website to make moneyThe law of death for start up companies only 20 months after

Oh haha

, on average, startups can survive for only 20 more months after the last round of financing.

3. most of the bankrupt companies are Internet Co. From an industrial point of view, most of the technology companies that fail are Internet Co. It is not surprising that most of the revenues of technology companies have come from the Internet over the past few years. The more Internet Co chasing risky funds, the more Internet Co will fail. It’s inevitable.

2. cash doesn’t always save startups. For most start-up companies, even cash can not save them. CBI Insights said that, on average, start-up companies could only survive for 20 months after the last round of financing. of course, there are a few start-up companies that have survived even longer. read more