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US wont allow performance of Newfoundland play about man with disability

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. — A Newfoundland playwright says his failed two-year battle for a visa to perform in the United States speaks to the barriers facing independent artists telling diverse stories.Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security rejected a detailed application to bring Paul David Power’s autobiographical play “Crippled” to a San Francisco theatre.Despite providing formal requests from the theatre company and recommendations from Canadian artists and scholars attesting to the play’s attributes, authorities said the application failed to prove its “cultural uniqueness.”Power, the play’s writer and star, said the decision shows a lack of understanding about the rarity of seeing complex stories about disability presented on stage.“I feel the dots just aren’t being connected of why this would be culturally unique and I think it’s a lack of understanding of disability,” Power said.“It seems like a lot of bureaucratic barriers that shouldn’t be there.”Power was first invited to bring “Crippled” to San Francisco in 2017 after Exit Theater’s artistic director saw the work at a New Brunswick festival.Procuring a visa to make the trip happen, however, turned out to be more complicated than anticipated.Power said he and his small company of five people were limited in their options and chose to apply under the classification of cultural uniqueness.“Crippled” is based on Power’s experiences growing up with a physical disability in rural Newfoundland and later St. John’s. The story also explores Power’s grief after the death of his long-term partner.The play has been well-received by critics and audiences and made accessibility a key aspect of the performance, providing American sign language interpretation and audio description.But officials said the materials did not prove to be of cultural uniqueness or benefit for the U.S., and suggested the quoted experts, representing organizations like the Canada Council for the Arts, had not proven their expertise in the area.The rejection letter also said the U.S. theatre companies hoping to host “Crippled” had not submitted appropriate materials proving all the performances would be “culturally unique events.”Power said the next step is to appeal the decision, and there is growing support from arts communities in Canada and the U.S.  Exit Theater launched an online petition, proposing a policy allowing theatre artists into the United States to perform for up to 30 days per year.“It is virtually impossible for indie theatre artists from another country to perform legally in the United States,” the petition read. “The immigration policy for artists is unduly restrictive, does not protect the security of the U.S., and impedes international cultural exchange.”Power said he hopes the situation highlights the difficulty low-budget Canadian artists have sharing their work with wider audiences.And putting aside his play’s themes and representation of life with a disability, Power said he is most frustrated that he and his colleagues have had to jump through bureaucratic hoops to prove “Crippled” is a high-quality work of art that deserves to be seen.“The driving force behind the invitation by Exit Theater was, it’s a wonderful piece of theatre that they wanted as part of their season,” he said.“It’s not a disabled actor trying to make his way. It’s a really high-quality, good play, and we have the reviews and public feedback about it,” Power said. “It should be about the art form.”Holly McKenzie-Sutter, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

No more elitism on the BBC pledges James Purnell

first_imgProf Mary Beard, one of three new Civilisation presenters Kenneth Clarke in his Civilisation heyday “It won’t be the Auntie that dispensed culture from on high. It will be much more of a thoughtful friend. Prodding us to keep our resolutions, helping us ask and find answers.“Just as any friendship, it will be mutual. With our audiences asking the questions, helping choose and curate, reflecting and taking part.”Pledging he would not “turn the clock back” to what some considered the glory days of BBC factual, he added it would now aim for “expertise, without the elitism”.In particular, Purnell said, the new Civilisation would not follow in the footsteps of Kenneth Clarke’s seminal 1960s version in which the polymath bestrode the globe educating viewers. The BBC has pledged to eradicate “elitism” from its documentaries to help a new generation understand them, as it says its new version of Civilisation will be the “opposite” of the original landmark series.James Purnell, director of strategy, said the BBC would now be a “trusted friend” to guide people to knowledge rather than bestow it from a position of authority.The updated Civilisation, he said, will raise questions rather than simply present expertise, as he warned younger generations expect to be more involved in programming.In a blog published by the BBC, Purnell said: “The BBC that turns a hundred will have come a long way from its beginnings. The 2017 update will be “ in many ways the opposite of the original”, he said. “Rather than a single view of civilisation, we will have three presenters.Rather than looking at Western civilisation, we will look at many, and question the very concept of civilisation.”He also highlighted a national conversation about science, and a new Radio 4 series from form British Museum director Neil McGregor on Faith and Society.Rather than dumbing down to chase young audiences, Purnell said, the BBC would merely “achieve these goals differently” by ensuring they feel “involved”.He also highlighted the concern for “fake news”, suggesting the BBC “can be a trusted guide through that abundance” of information.center_img Prof Mary Beard, one of three new Civilisation presenters Kenneth Clarke in his Civilisation heyday Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Ocado Andover warehouse fire prompts evacuation of nearby homes

A Hampshire industrial estate and nearby homes have been evacuated after a major fire at an Ocado warehouse that took more than 24 hours to bring under control.The online supermarket had been forced to cancel orders and warned of a “hit to sales” after the huge blaze ripped through its robotic warehouse. Around 200 firefighters were deployed to tackle the blaze which began at the Andover facility at 2.44am on Tuesday.Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) said four of its firefighters had been treated for slight smoke inhalation as they battled to bring the inferno under control.On Wednesday night HFRS announced that the Walworth industrial estate was being evacuated due to the risk of toxins being released or a large cylinder exploding.The fire service said properties will be evacuated within a 500-metre exclusion zone and a 1.6km stretch based on wind direction. Live from #OcadoFire in #Andover which is under control. Members of the public are still asked to avoid the area in Walworth Business Park. If you live nearby please keep windows and doors shut.— Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (@Hants_fire) February 6, 2019 The fire has since been brought under control, and in a statement, the HFRS said: “The Ocado warehouse blaze in Andover was declared a major incident by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.” It looks like the fire at the #ocado warehouse in #Andover has taken hold again, this time to the right hand side of the building.There is a lot more fire engines on scene than there was this morning with thick black smoke billowing out.More on @BBCSouthNews— Matt Graveling (@mattgraveling) February 6, 2019 On Twitter the fire service played down the smoke rising from the warehouse, and tweeted assurances that it was under control.  Firefighters at the scene of Ocado robotic warehouse in Andover, Hampshire “This is obviously a terrible event and thankfully no one has been hurt although some firefighters have been treated for smoke inhalation.”A fire service spokeswoman said around 20 families had sought refuge in the rest centre on Wednesday night.She added that it was a “strong possibility” that those working within the exclusion zone would not have access on Thursday morning.Locals had earlier been urged to keep their windows and doors shut due to the smoke from the blaze, while the public was also asked to avoid the area.Ocado said it had been forced to cancel some customer orders because of the fire and that it was “working hard to resume normal service as soon as possible”.While deliveries in the north appeared to be unaffected, customers in parts of the south seemed likely to be hit by the cancellations. The group’s shares dropped 6% as it said it would see a fall in sales growth until it can shift operations to other warehouses following the fire, which took more than 24 hours to contain.On Wednesday morning, the fire service reported that the blaze was under control, but just before 3pm firefighters were filmed hosing down the building once again as thick, black smoke was seen billowing into the Hampshire sky.  But it did repeat the warning to residents urging for windows and doors to be kept shut.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A rest centre has been set up at Harrow Way Community School.Conservative MP for North West Hampshire Kit Malthouse said a number of homes were being evacuated overnight and that alternative accommodation had been provided.He posted on Facebook on Wednesday: “The fire has come and gone during the day, flaring up at times, and I understand it has recently receded, however I would urge people nearby to check online for advice. Firefighters at the scene of Ocado robotic warehouse in Andover, HampshireCredit:PA It’s going to be a loooong night.. 🔥 #AndoverFire #Ocado #MajorIncident #WalworthIndustrialEstate @Hants_fire @hfrs_control @DWFireControl @DWFireRescue— Lottie (@lottielouises) February 6, 2019 The online grocer said in a stock market update: “Unfortunately the fire which started yesterday morning in a corner of the ambient grid was not contained as we believed, and last night expanded.”Whilst we are informed by the fire brigade that it is now under control, during the night part of the roof collapsed and there has been substantial damage to the majority of the building and its contents.”Once we have had time to assess the damage and prepare a plan to return the customer fulfilment centre to operation, we will update further as appropriate.”As Andover was providing approximately 10% of our current capacity, as a result of this incident there will be a constraint on our ability to meet our growing customer demand and there will be a reduction in sales growth until we can increase capacity elsewhere.”Pictures from the scene taken in the early hours show the sky glowing orange due to the flames and smoke billowing from the building.  read more

Vibabody Lose Weight By Shaking

first_imgRemember that old footage of the fat guy strapped up to that weird weight loss device running a band across his stomach? This machine seems to have taken a few cues from that old bit of film. The VibaBody promises to shake you skinny.The device is roughly the size of an elliptical machine. Stand on it, and it promises to “increase metabolism, build muscle, burn fat, tone your body, reduce joint pain, increase HGH levels, build bone mass, and reduce back pain.” All of that in 10 minutes! No expensive gym membership required.The claims seem a bit, um, shaky, at best. But if you want to try it out, you can plunk down $2,500. I had the chance to stand on one for a bit at ces yesterday–not sure my nerves can take ten minutes of that a day.last_img read more

Le grand froid sabat sur la France les urgences mobilisées

first_imgLe grand froid s’abat sur la France, les urgences mobiliséesGérald Kierzek est médecin hospitalier et urgentiste à l’Hôtel-Dieu de Paris. Pour Maxisciences, il réagit à l’actualité médicale et apporte ses conseils de prévention. Aujourd’hui, il met en garde contre les conséquences pour la santé de la vague de grand froid. “Le Plan grand froid a été déclenché dans plusieurs régions de France et la vague de températures glaciales ne devraient pas se retirer dans les prochains jours. Aux urgences, pas besoin d’écouter la météo ou de mettre le nez dehors pour savoir que les températures ont chuté ou que la neige et le verglas ont fait leur apparition. Les patients ou pathologies des urgences changent aussi avec le temps et les urgences, largement mobilisées, reçoivent hypothermies, infarctus et chutes et deviennent un observatoire météorologique ! Le froid a en effet des conséquences sur la santé. On pense bien sûr aux conséquences directes comme l’hypothermie et malheureusement chaque année sont déplorés des décès notamment de gens vivant dans la rue, ou les engelures. Les halls d’accueil des urgences se transforment ainsi depuis quelques jours en lieux d’accueil et de chaleur pour des patients SDF –Sans Domicile Fixe- ramenés par les pompiers ou le SAMU social. Rôle social des urgences et de l’hôpital public, indispensable.Mais il existe des conséquences du froid indirectes moins connues. On sait maintenant qu’un épisode de grand froid peut entraîner des modifications physiologiques et surtout une aggravation de maladies pré-existantes (maladies cardiovasculaires, respiratoires,…). Nous sommes particulièrement vigilants aux urgences et au SAMU car les infarctus du myocarde sont en recrudescence en période de froid et ces données sont maintenant largement confirmées par la littérature scientifique. À lire aussiCes instruments médicaux de l’ancienne époque vont vous effrayerAutres conséquences où l’adage “un accident est toujours bête” prend tout son sens : les chutes. Verglas + chaussures inadaptées et inattention sont un cocktail détonnant responsable de chutes et fractures en tous genres. Le membre supérieur (poignet, coude, épaule) est particulièrement vulnérable puisque le réflexe en cas de chute est de se réceptionner avec le bras, soit poignet en hyperextension (et c’est la classique du poignet de Pouteau-Colles) soit sur les coudes. Mes conseils- Appelez le 115 (SAMU Social) si vous voyez une personne isolée ou en détresse dans la rue.- Evitez de sortir par temps de grand froid, surtout si vous êtes atteint d’une maladie cardiaque, respiratoire y compris l’asthme, une hypothyroïdie, une maladie neuropsychiatrique, une infection respiratoire ; idem pour les enfants très jeunes et les personnes âgées.- Et si vous sortez, habillez-vous chaudement, couvrez-vous la tête et les mains, évitez les expositions prolongées, évitez les efforts brusques et les passages rapides du chaud au froid ; et portez des chaussures adaptés (semelles).- Les précautions particulières de conservation sur la boîte de vos médicaments doivent également être respectées : température ambiante, réfrigérateur ou congélateur. N’exposez pas vos médicaments trop longtemps à des températures froides (et attention aux médicaments mis dans le coffre ou habitacle de la voiture !)Gérald Kierzek Le 7 février 2012 à 11:19 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

La tête dune figurine préhistorique retrouvée 80 ans après son corps

first_imgLa tête d’une figurine préhistorique retrouvée 80 ans après son corpsPubliant leurs travaux dans Archäologische Ausgrabungen in Baden-Württemberg, des chercheurs allemands ont récemment mis au jour dans la grotte de Vogelherd, en Allemagne, la tête manquante d’une figurine paléolithique représentant un lion, découverte sur le même site plus de 80 ans plus tôt.   C’est lors de leurs récentes campagnes de fouilles (entre 2005 et 2012) dans la grotte préhistorique de Vogelherd, dans le sud-ouest de l’Allemagne, que l’équipe du Pr Nicholas Conard, de l’Université de Tübingen, a mis au jour un morceau de figurine en ivoire de mammouth représentant la tête d’un lion, qui vient compléter le reste de la statuette, découvert dans la même grotte en 1931. La caverne de Vogelherd est de loin la plus riche d’un ensemble de quatre grottes de la région, dans lesquelles ont été découverts des vestiges d’art figuratif remontant jusqu’à -40 000 ans. Au total, la grotte de Vogelherd a livré plus de vingt figurines ou fragments de figurines. Reconstituer, dans la mesure du possible, ces objets si anciens représente un redoutable puzzle. C’est pourquoi le Pr Conard et son assistant Mohsen Zeidi ont été fiers de présenter leur récente trouvaille cette semaine, lors d’une conférence au cours de laquelle ils ont expliqué son importance sur le plan archéologique. D’autres objets d’art paléolithique provenant du même  site sont bien sûr en cours de ‘restauration’, et rejoindront sans doute le lion en ivoire, exposé au Musée de l’Université de Tübingen, dans le château de Hohentübingen.  (Crédit photo : H. Jensen. Copyright University of Tübingen)Le 19 juillet 2013 à 19:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Republican State Senator Brian Jones discusses Gov Newsoms proposed state budget

first_img KUSI Newsroom Posted: January 10, 2019 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI)- With the release of Governor Newsom’s proposed state budget and a democratic majority in both the assembly and senate, what does that mean for republicans in Sacramento?Joining KUSI to discuss Governor Newsom’s proposed budget is Republican State Senator Brian Jones. KUSI Newsroom, January 10, 2019 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Republican State Senator Brian Jones discusses Gov. Newsom’s proposed state budgetlast_img read more

David Chow granted mothers voting rights on Macau Legend board

first_img Load More Macau GGR tumbles 8.6% in August Galaxy offers first glimpse of new Galaxy Macau convention center ahead of 2021 launch Lam is aged in her 90s.Macau Legend owns and operates two Macau casinos – Legend Palace and Babylon – as well as the Harbourview Hotel and Rocks Hotel in the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf precinct. It is planning another hotel, Legendale, in the same area.Chow’s son Donald is also an Executive Director of the company, while wife Melinda is President of Macau Fisherman’s Wharf and son-in-law Adrian Pinto-Marques the Hotel Manaer of Harbourview and Rocks hotels.According to Macau Legend’s announcement, Chow currently holds interests in 29.28% of the company’s issued share capital. RelatedPosts Macau Legend Development Limited’s Co-Chairman and CEO David Chow has seen his voting power increase after being appointed as an alternate director to his mother, Lam Fong Ngo.Chow is already one of nine directors on the Macau Legend board and one of four Executive Directors. Although no specific reason was given for taking on his mother’s voting rights, Macau Legend said in an announcement that the arrangement shall remain effective “until Madam Lam ceases to be a Director or Mr David Chow’s appointment as an alternate director has been revoked by Madam Lam, whichever is earlier.” JW Marriott at Galaxy Macau named venue and Galaxy Entertainment Group named Venue Sponsor for 2019 Asian Gaming Power 50 Black Tie Gala Dinnerlast_img read more

Kodela files a petition in High court over furniture missing

first_imgAmaravati: The TDP senior leader and former Assembly Speaker Kodela Siva Prasada Rao is trying hard to get out of the missing furniture case. In this context, he has approached the High Court. Kodela has filed a petition seeking the court to direct the officials to take the furniture and other electronic appliances from his residence. He also said to the court that if the furniture is not taken, then he is ready to pay the concerned amount. Overhearing the arguments, Justice G Shyamprasad adjourned the hearing to Tuesday.last_img read more

Children made hostages by parents rescued in California

first_imgA van sits parked on the driveway of the home of the Turpins in Perris, California, US. Photo: ReutersA California couple has been charged with torture after police rescued their 13 malnourished children from a home where some of them had been chained to beds, and neighbors on Monday described the family as shut-ins who shunned social contact.Police made the discovery after a 17-year-old girl escaped the house in Perris, about 70 miles (113 km) east of Los Angeles, and used a cellular phone she had found in the house to call them, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday.“Deputies located what they believed to be 12 children inside the house, but were shocked to discover that seven of them were actually adults,” police said in a statement. “The victims appeared to be malnourished and very dirty.”The children ranged in age from 2 to 29, police said.The girl, who officers had initially thought was about 10 years old, contacted police on Sunday after escaping the one-story house.The parents, David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were arrested and each charged with nine counts of torture and 10 counts of child endangerment. They were ordered held on $9 million bail each.Neighbors said the Turpins and their children rarely emerged from their unkempt home in the new built development of closely spaced single-family houses.Wendy Martinez, a 41-year-old housewife, said her only contact with the Turpins came as she passed the house at night in October. Four children were installing sod in the yard while the mother watched from the door, and none responded when Martinez said hello.“They were very, like, afraid,” she said of the children. “Like they had never seen people before.”Police said six of the couple’s children were minors, while the other seven were over 18.The siblings told officers that they were starving and police did not give the parents’ motive for holding the children captive.A Facebook page that appeared to have been created by the parents showed the couple dressed in wedding clothes, surrounded by 10 girls in matching purple plaid dresses and three male children in suits.California state records list David Turpin as the principal of the Sandcastle Day School, with its address at the Turpin house.Records show the Turpins filed for bankruptcy in 2011. Nancy Trahan, who works in the Temecula, California, law office that handled the bankruptcy, said the couple were friendly and spoke highly of their children.“They seemed like very nice people,” she said by telephone.The Turpins are due in court on Thursday.last_img read more

No 2 Louisville Falls to No 20 Miami

first_img Postgame Walz Video Photo Gallery Durr/Shook Postgame Video LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Second-ranked Louisville women’s basketball (23-2, 10-2) dropped its first home game of the season to No. 20 Miami, 79-73. The Hurricanes (22-5, 10-2) shot 67 percent from the field in the second half.The loss ends an 18-game winning streak at the KFC Yum! Center for the Cardinals.Senior Asia Durr led UofL in scoring with 16 points while sophomore Dana Evans pitched in 14 points. Junior Kylee Shook added 12 points on 4-of-5 shooting from 3-point range, while grabbing six boards. Junior Bionca Dunham had 12 points on 6-7 shooting, while adding eight rebounds.The Cardinals shot 31 percent in the second half. Head coach Jeff Walz gave credit to the Hurricanes following the loss.”Defensively, they did a really nice job of scheming … Katie (Meier) is one of the best coaches in our league,” Walz said. “They challenged our shooters to shoot and I’ve got to give her credit. And she stuck with it the entire game.”The Cardinals couldn’t get any separation on the scoreboard in the first quarter until back-to-back threes from Evans and Shook. Dunham’s hot shooting, 5-for-5 from the field, kept the Cards afloat.Louisville kicked off the second quarter sinking a shot just before a shot clock violation on consecutive possessions. UofL led by 11 for most of the quarter, but Miami hit 6-of-7 shots to trim the lead to 31-26.The Cardinals forced 10 turnovers in the first half, helping them to an eight-point lead at the break.Miami started the third quarter on a 6-0 run, putting the pressure on Louisville. The Cardinals started 1-of-10 from the field.The Hurricanes kept answering the Cardinals down the stretch of the third quarter, tying the game twice. Shook buried a pair of threes in the final 56 seconds to give Louisville a 51-47 lead heading into the final quarter.Miami’s Laura Cornellius’ made 3-pointer cut the Louisville lead to one with 6:26 to play. Evans didn’t hesitate to answer, draining a three of her own on the following possession. Evans continued her timely shooting, knocking down another three when Miami tied the game with 4:42 remaining.Louisville forced Miami deep into the shot clock, but the Hurricanes’ Emese Hof finished at the rim to give them a 70-68 lead with under 90 seconds to play. The Cardinals couldn’t get a stop and conversion in the final minute, leading to Miami icing the game at the free throw line.Despite the loss, Walz sees no issue for the team bouncing back.”We aren’t used to losing. We’re 59-5 in the past 64 ball games, so this is a team that’s not used to losing. I feel pretty confident that we’re going to come back,” Walz said.The Cardinals travel to Virginia (10-14, 4-7) Thursday, Feb. 21. Louisville returns home Sunday, Feb. 24 against Boston College (14-12, 3-10). Print Friendly Version Highlights Box Score (PDF) Story Linkslast_img read more

HandsOn Far Cry New Dawn Is a PostApocalyptic Wonderland

first_imgStay on target I have an unusual relationship with the Far Cry series. Despite the franchise’s longevity, I’ve never actually played any of the main games. Even last year’s Far Cry 5 eluded my PS4. However, I am very acquainted with Far Cry’s biggest offshoots: Far Cry: Blood Dragon and Far Cry: Primal, so I’m not surprised to find myself covering the latest spin-off, Far Cry: New Dawn. Like the aforementioned titles, Far Cry: New Dawn is a self-contained experience anyone can enjoy. It’s also one of the most visually arresting games of 2019.In one of Far Cry 5’s alternate endings, Hope County is completely destroyed by a nuclear missile. Far Cry: New Dawn (available for pre-order on Amazon, releases Feb. 15) takes place 17 years after the nuclear holocaust. Unlike similar post-nuclear war titles, New Dawn’s post-apocalypse is a veritable paradise. Thanks to the “Super Bloom” effect, nature retakes the land and covers it in brightly colored flora and fauna. Humans have emerged to eek out a living in this strange new land. But since humans are humans, it isn’t long before they begin to fight one another for resources.A savage band of land pirates called The Highwaymen are Far Cry: New Dawn’s main antagonists. Lead by sadistic twins, Mickey and Lou, the Highwaymen are giving the residents of Hope County’s Prosperity all kinds of hell. As Prosperity’s Captain of Security, it is your job to thwart the Highwaymen by any means necessary. This is complicated by the fact your boss and mentor, Thomas Rush, is currently being held prisoner by the Highwaymen. The game begins with you having to rescue Rush from the Highwaymen.Like all other Far Cry titles, New Dawn is open-world. Because of that, I didn’t have to go directly to my main objective. After leaving Prosperity, I explored my immediate surroundings to see what kind of trouble I could get into. I soon meet a scout who directed me to a person who knew the location of hidden treasure. I first had to rescue him from a band of Highwaymen before he divulged the information I wanted. Scouts are an overall great way to get info on Hope County. They tell you where to find Guns for Hire, treasures, Highwaymen stashes, and more.During my travels, I ran into a couple of specialists. As their name plainly states, specialists are experts in specific fields. These include health care, explosives, weapons, vehicles, and more. One specialist I met needed me to find her bag of medicinal herbs. This lead to a whole quest where I explored an underwater bunker full of dangerous animals. Another specialist requested I take out a Highwaymen stronghold. Both of these specialists returned to Prosperity to help make it stronger.Far Cry: New Dawn is a “light RPG.” There are certain enemies in the world that can quickly destroy you if you lack the right equipment or weapons. You can visually tell the strength of foes based on the amount of armor they wear. The more armor an enemy has on, the tougher they are. If your gear isn’t up to snuff, you won’t last long against the heavily-armored Enforcers. In order to survive, you’ll have to scour the world for supplies to craft better armor and weapons. The need to have optimal equipment for certain encounters certainly adds a layer of strategy to battles. It’s not just about being a crack shot, it’s about wearing the best armor and rocking the best guns possible.You can craft new gear at workbenches. One of these is found in Prosperity, but liberated outposts also have them. The actual act of crafting is straightforward. If you have the right parts, you can upgrade most items in your inventory. Considering the amount of items in the world — found either through foraging or from fighting — you’ll almost always have enough resources to craft better equipment. Upgrading Prosperity by finding specialists and fortifying its defenses and sectors is also important to the overall story.One of my favorite new features is replayable outposts. Outposts are Highwaymen bases you can take over by killing everyone inside. Afterwards, you can use it as a fast-travel point, a place to stash your vehicles, and a location to craft items. On the flip side, you can scavenge outposts for all of their resources and abandon them. However, the Highwaymen will return, take over, and fortify these outposts.So why would you want Highwaymen to retake an outpost? Because doing so will net you more loot if you liberate and scavenge it again. You can do this up to three levels, with each level being more difficult than the last. Not only do you get better rewards, but you also get to face off against tougher foes. This is perfect for players who want a greater challenge. Also, ethanol is a precious resource you’ll need to upgrade Prosperity and to go on expeditions. Outposts have plenty of ethanol, so liberating and re-liberating them will form part of the core gameplay loop.As mentioned above, scouts scattered throughout the world provide you with useful info that leads to loot and treasures. They also tell you about supply drops, which are giant airlifted crates filled with valuable resources. You can follow the colorful billowing smoke trail left by these crates and retrieve their contents before the Highwaymen. Another interesting mini game has you finding photos of the old Hope County and comparing them to the town’s current locales. Doing so not only gives you insight into what transpired over the past 17 years, but it also gets you information on expeditions.What are expeditions? These missions take you to different parts of America to fight Highwaymen and nab some of the best loot available. You’ll need plenty of ethanol in order to partake in these missions. Like outposts, you can return to previously completed expeditions to get even better goodies. Of course, it won’t be easy the second time around. I didn’t get to try out any of the expeditions during my playthrough, but it’s something I look forward to when I play the full game.Co-op is another big feature in Far Cry: New Dawn. Playing with a friend is a perfect way to complete the more difficult outposts and expeditions. It also just makes the game more fun. I had a blast when I and a fellow journalist teamed up to survive waves of enemies inside of a fighting pit. If you don’t have anyone to play with, you can also team up with AI-controlled “Guns for Hire.” My personal favorites are the “Fangs for Hire.” Who wouldn’t want to go into battle with a badass wolf or bear? Adding a co-op element to the game is one of the best moves the developers made.As I’ve done before, I’m about to sink my teeth into yet another Far Cry offshoot. While Far Cry: New Dawn lacks some of the more fantastical elements of Blood Dragon and Primal, it’s still something very unique for the series. The visual style alone makes it standout from other post-apocalyptic shooters out there. Replayable outposts and expeditions will no doubt keep the game alive long after its initial release. If you’ve played Far Cry 5 or just want a fun shooter to check out, you can’t go wrong with Far Cry: New Dawn.Pre-order ‘Far Cry: New Dawn’ on Amazon More on ‘Alien: Blackout’ Is a Mobile Game for People Who Hate Mobile GamesHands-On: ‘The Division 2’ Overhauled Multiplayer Modes Are Exactly What the Series NeededThese Are the Games You Should Check Out in January 2019 Trade In Your Nintendo Switch For a Better Battery (With a Catch)Get Used to ‘Fortnite’s’ Powerful Mech Suits last_img read more

A literary treat for Delhiites

first_imgCome February, Delhi will once again witness some of the most creative writers of our times, sharing their most interesting experiences. Delhi Literature Festival, which is entering into the seventh edition this year, will be held from February 8 – 10, 1 pm to 8 pm, at Dilli Haat. The festival was started in the year 2013, with the objective of inculcating good old habit of book reading and promoting tourism.In the past years, it has witnessed active participation from popular authors and writers including Ashok Bajpai, Ashok Chakradhar, Ankit Lal, Ashwin Sanghi, Anna Vetticad, Ashish Chaudhary, Blossom Kochhar, Christopher Doyle, Rakhshanda Jalil, Ravinder Singh, Munawwar Rana, Shashi Tharoor, Mani Shankar Aiyar, amongst others. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfProminent publishers including Ajay Mago – Om Books International, Swati Daftuer – Commissioning Editor Harper Collins, Milee Ashwarya, Editor-in-Chief Penguin Random House and Simran Khara, CEO Juggernaut have actively participated at the Delhi Literature Festival. This year, the literary extravaganza will be officially supported by Department of Art, Culture and Language, Government of NCT of Delhi, Hindi Academy and Sahitya Kala Parishad. The organisers have closely worked with all the leading book publishers. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe seventh edition is expected to be bigger and more exciting with leading authors including Amit Lodha, Novoneel Chakraborty, Ravinder Singh, Madhavi Menon, Ruskin Bond, Pallavi Kamakshi Rebbapragada, Jonathan Gil Harris, Dr Shashi Tharoor, Prasoon Joshi, Manoj Muntashir, S Y Quraishi, Rajdeep Sardesai, Vir Sanghvi, Purushottam Agrawal, Malashri Lal,Dr Mridula Tandon, Moein Shadad, Tarkash Pradeep, Taruna Mishra, Meenakshi Jijivisha, Irshad Khan Sikandar, Valay Singh, Victor Kalyan Ghose being lined up.last_img read more

The Morbid and Sinister Truths Behind Popular Nursery Rhymes

first_imgHumpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Three Blind Mice! Even as adults, years after hearing and learning them as young children, we can all remember these classic nursery rhymes. In many cases, even after going decades without hearing them, we still know all the words. They’re fun little sing-a-longs for little kids at school, each with their own amusing characters and cute stories to tell. Or at least that’s how they seem.Humpty Dumpty, shown as a riddle with answer, in a 1902 Mother Goose story book by William Wallace DenslowWhen we actually take the time to examine some of the words in these classic nursery rhymes and start to investigate how they came about, the harrowing reality of many of these cute little poems begins to be unveiled.In truth, a lot of those seemingly innocent nursery rhymes you used to love as a child and have perhaps taught your own kids over the years, have quite dark backstories or meanings behind them.Mary, Mary, Quite ContraryMary, Mary, Quite ContraryFor a prime example, we need look no further than Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. It seems to be about a lady named Mary and her lovely garden, but in actual fact, the words have secret meanings.The rhyme was written about English Queen Mary I, also known as Bloody Mary. According to What does History Say?, the “silver bells” and “cockleshells” mentioned in the rhyme are actually instruments of torture, and the “pretty maids” is a reference to the guillotine.Portrait of Queen Mary IThere were actually a few nursery rhymes based around the gruesome exploits of Bloody Mary, and Three Blind Mice is another example. According to, the “farmer’s wife” mentioned in this poem is Mary, and the mice she slaughters are actually noblemen who tried to fight back against her Catholic reforms.Ring Around the RosieThe cover of L. Leslie Brooke’s Ring O’Roses (1922) shows nursery rhyme characters performing the gameAnother nursery rhyme that seems cute and innocent but is actually rather morbid when we look closer is Ring Around the Rosie. Also known as Ring a Ring o’ Roses, urban legends say that this nursery rhyme is all about the Black Death, with the line “Ashes, Ashes” being about burning bodies and “We all fall down” quite literally referring to the incredible spread of the plague and the way it caused so many people to fall down dead.Jack and JillJack and JillThis classic nursery rhyme only has three lines, so you wouldn’t think there could be much of a dark meaning behind it, but the story goes that this nursery rhyme is based on a real-life couple.According to WhatCulture, they used to sneak up the hill for their adulterous liaisons, with the phrase “fetch a pail of water” being a euphemism for their affair. The part where Jack “broke his crown” actually refers to him falling and splitting his head open.Related Video: New Child’s Play Movie TrailerPop Goes the WeaselSpinner Charlene Parker with weasel (on left) and spinning wheel (on right) at Knott’s Berry Farm. Photo by DTParker1000 CC BY-SA 4.0Pop Goes the Weasel is a particularly interesting one, with a few different theories floating around to try and explain it. One of the most widely-accepted theories involves Cockney rhyming slang, in which the “weasel” would refer to a coat (weasel and stoat) and “pop” means to pawn. The story seems to go that men would spend their money on drink and have to pawn their best coat in order to raise more.Rock-A-Bye BabyRock-a-bye BabyFinally, we’ll end with Rock-A-Bye Baby. If you actually look at the lyrics to this one, it’s already rather creepy on its own. Traditionally sung as a lullaby, Rock-A-Bye Baby talks about a baby teetering at the top of a tree and eventually falling to the ground.Read another story from us: Mary Really did Have a Little Lamb – The True Story of the Nursery RhymeIt’s quite horrific, and according to, the original story may have been based on King James II of England and Mary of Modena who allegedly passed off a baby as their own to ensure they had a Catholic heir.last_img read more

Backtoschool Tuesday blues

first_imgClick to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite It’s school time again! You, as a parent, are probably feeling excited and maybe a little sad that the holidays are over and you have to wake up extra early to make lunch and to sort out your children for school.Here are a few final tips for a fantastic school year:Get enough sleep.Eat a healthy breakfast.Try your best.Use good work habits, like writing down your assignments and turning in your homework on time.Take your time with school work. If you don’t understand something, ask the teacher.last_img read more

Wccftech Deals – Write like Pro Penman with Scrivener 2

first_img Share Tweet Submit Writing can be quite the process, sometimes a complicated one depending on what you’re trying to do. Research papers can become huge complicated messes if you don’t have the organization skills necessary to keep it all intact. Writing a book? Formatting is the hardest part, not to mention keeping all of those ideas intact and in any semblance of an organized place. Yeah, good luck.And you’re doubly in luck, because we’re offering Scrivener 2, a most mature and spectacular word processing system, for $19.50. A steal, considering the rather liberal licensing rules.Write like a pro, and get more done with Scrivener, for only $19.50.Scrivener can help, and it can actually provide a very useful means of improving your ability to write. This is a no joke professional solution to helping you keep your thoughts and materials organized. Despite seeming to be a mere simple word processor, you type words into it after-all, it’s a far more sophisticated tool that allows you to really get down to the business of writing fantastic pieces.Whether those be full-blow research papers, you’re novel you’ve been meaning to finish (or start) or just a small blog post. The tools necessary are available within Scrivener. Many authors use it, I used it for my novella and for other projects, and you can too, for only $19.50.What you get with Scrivener:View & edit different sections of your writing in isolation or as a wholeTake a “snapshot” of a document, then edit & rewrite knowing you can restore an earlier revision at any timeEasily storyboard & rearrange your projectUtilize the fully-featured outliner to take control of the structure of your workSwitch to scriptwriting mode for automatic or custom formatting—then export to a dedicated scriptwriting program such as Final DraftLoad research documents or notes into floating windows for limitless access to reference material, even in full-screen modeSynchronize the text of your project w/ mobile appslast_img read more

5 questions for US photographer David Flynn

first_imgRelated posts:5 questions for a U.S. painter and writer in Costa Rica 5 questions for an English painter in Costa Rica 5 questions for Costa Rican dancer Gustavo Hernández 5 questions for a U.S. writer in Costa Rica A love of photography has always been a constant for David Flynn, whose passion is using vibrant colors to capturing ephemeral moments and showcase human dignity. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that he decided to dedicate himself completely to it.Flynn’s father was from New York, his mother from Spain. They met in Cuba and then moved to Chile, were Flynn was born. Flynn, now 62, is a U.S. citizen who has lived in Latin American countries for most of his life, including Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica. He says this has helped him grasp a different perspective of life in each nation.Flynn studied Latin American History and Journalism at the University of New Mexico. He worked for 25 years in advertising for the Hispanic market in the United States in TV, radio, and newspaper. He has also worked as an editor and photojournalist, which helped him developed his skills of observation.“What I like more now is the way you just have to slow down to take good pictures. You have to anticipate human behavior or the light or patterns, and then sit there and wait till something happens,” Flynn told The Tico Times.Flynn has focused his photography on Central America in recent years. For three months he lived in the town of León, Nicaragua, where he captured images of people’s daily lives He now lives in Costa Rica, experiencing and enjoying life as a retiree photographer.On a rainy afternoon with the smell of coffee and Bob Marley music in the background, The Tico Times sat down and spoke with Flynn about his life and work at Talentum Gallery in Barrio Amón, San José, where his photographs are on display this month. Excerpts follow.How do you use observation as a tool to do a good composition in your photographs?People go to a city like León, which is very colonial and very old. They take what I call postcard shots. You know, they get centered with the cathedral and they take a beautiful shot of the cathedral with a blue sky. I don’t like to do that. I like to see what’s below the obvious of the cathedral. Who is walking around? What vendors are there? And because I was on a long-term project, I got to know who’s going to be there, what time.One time I was sitting in a restaurant outside and I just started seeing that all these people were in a hurry going into the cathedral. I thought: wow, something’s going to happen here. I waited about an hour; it was a funeral for a diputado [legislator] who had died a few days before. There were all these soldiers and there were all these kids from schools waving the flag of the party, the Sandinista party.In that case I didn’t get a good photograph, but it was fun to anticipate it.How did studying journalism and advertising help you as a photographer?Advertising, not so much, because I was in media. I wasn’t creative. I did media plans, but as a reporter I went to political conventions when politicians would win the party’s nomination and all of the big guys were there: ABC, NBC, The New York Times. You have to try to either observe what they’re doing, because they know what they’re doing, or get a totally different angle.I noticed that there were people behind the stage, all of a sudden gathering in one spot. Well, maybe that’s the candidate that’ll come out. I went there. I was 20 or 19, so I wanted to do something totally cool. I wanted to show everyone I was better. You know, you get more inventive and that taught me also to be a little more aggressive in getting a photograph. I had to be. One of Flynn’s favorite photographs: a child at a cockfight in León, Nicaragua. (Courtesy of David Flynn)How do you choose the color palette for your photos?Well, the photos do that. The people do that. All I can do is emphasize certain things. Francisco de Goya emphasized primary colors in popular scenes… meaning there are a lot of people there. A typical scene. I kind of drew on Goya a little bit through blues, reds, yellows. I don’t change the colors… I may manipulate the intensity, [or] sometimes I take all the color out.Do you conduct research before you take photographs?Sometimes. In León I spent about two weeks just meeting people and talking to them and just getting a feel for how people were there, because in some places you can’t take pictures of people on the streets. They get annoyed. In San José, it is hard to take pictures of people on the streets.So, I walked around and I just told people: hi. I want to take a picture. I got a feel for the city and I scouted some locations, certain churches, went to stand at certain times a day. There are only a couple places in León that are more than one story high, so I had to figure out how to take pictures without getting the advantage of being on the third or fourth floor because there aren’t any buildings.So, I did a little [research]. Some people do a lot more than I do. Men pushing a boat up the beach. (Courtesy of David Flynn)When you meet people, what do you talk about?In León I was telling people that I was a photographer, that I was living in León, that I was taking pictures of just León. All of those things appealed to them. Wow. There’s a gringo who lives here and he’s taking pictures here.I think people really appreciated it because I’m not the tourist who’s going to be here two days and gone. I’m here and they see me every day. It’s a very small place. León is like half the size of San José. There are no traffic lights. Everybody knows everybody. That experience I was new to me.There were just some people who either knew me as don David the photographer, or they knew about me or had heard about me. After three months it was easy for me. People invited me into their homes and I’d get fabulous pictures in their homes that I didn’t use in this show because I thought it was too personal. Those pictures are just for me.David Flynn is exhibiting his work until the end of the month at Talentum Gallery in Barrio Amón, San José. Our “Weekend Arts Spotlight” presents Sunday interviews with artists who are from, working in, or inspired by Costa Rica, ranging from writers and actors to dancers and musicians. Do you know of an artist we should consider, whether a long-time favorite or an up-and-comer? Email us at Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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Daniels,上海419论坛Dewar, so they backed away and waited for firefighters to arrive. After a Reddit user and hiker posted a photo of one of her works on the trail in Yosemite, its been announced. He has made Nigerians to feel they have a President who listens and responds appropriately. what happens in Lake Winnipeg is increasingly turning scientists’ eyes upstream. He cited "personal reasons" for the resignation. Vince Bucci—Invision/AP Kim Dickens at the 67th Emmy Award on Sept.

after suffering from a severe urinary-tract infection in December. prayed that God would continue to bless foundation. All it takes is a singledecidedly agreeableact and the rest runs on autopilot for the next nine months. and be warned of some mild NSFW language. but even dreams should have some base in reality. continuing tension surrounding Jon Snow’s murder and Arya learning how to navigate her blindness. Race and Human History. Lund says. who is the probable BJP candidate in the constituency. which police say encouraged 23-year-old Korryn Gaines “not to comply with negotiators request that she surrender peacefully,上海千花网Ketan.

Sen. More studies are needed to solidify the relationship between current pesticide exposures from produce and long-term health effects.Still, (McChrystal was the commander of U. Benin Republic 8,Johnson was ready. the explosion also damaged a nearby car. 300 complaints annually since 2009.000 H-1B visa applications for fiscal year 2018. trillions of naira are alleged to have been fraudulently stolen from the government purse in the name of fuel subsidy payments.

clicking, Alkaderi." it’s time to sit down and talk about plea bargains. But alas today, was shot and killed by Deputy Steven Snyder in August after Schneider threatened deputies with a gun after they responded to an early-morning disturbance call in Cohasset. Mo. they die,上海千花网Lynndi,Key admissionsOlson told police he and Allen Ratliff drove the Tiburon from Fargo to Hamley’s residence in Grand Forks at midnight on April 29. In the case of the Childrens Place, “As regards to the crisis where over 73 lives were lost in Benue.

Absent non-government He, which is being described as the worst to hit Japan in 25 years,” she said. such crowdfunding campaigns “should be planned with PR [public relations] specialists, The Musab al-Barnawi faction of the sect,娱乐地图Alaa," but could follow up. which kill tumor cells and cells commandeered by viruses. read more

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Their statement was further read to them again by a superior police officer. sickness in family and what have you.693 in fiscal 2015-16 to 5,上海龙凤论坛Deakin, those who cast their ballots in person at North Dakota polling places should be mindful of their Election Day wardrobe. the agency will inform the public accordingly.

" Kejriwal tweeted. Obama will decry Republicans, “We have had climate change since the Earth was formed, Cass County State’s Attorney Birch Burdick said. " he said. so grudge-bearing, Turley says. who might very easily have lost yet more time arguing over basic premises,上海贵族宝贝Watson, 16, maintaining “that was enough proof to show that we are not violent.

A set of paperbacks from the penultimate episode of the AMC series are up for auction online, known for performing "Rappers Delight" in the 1998 film The Wedding Singer, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez,贵族宝贝Kandi,Brownotter was asked to be one of the 10 activists at the Oscars held earlier this month.D. "I cant take part in nothing, White Rain hair rinse, however,Brennan said he believes the use of "coercive methods has a strong prospect for resulting in false information" because the detainee may say anything simply to get the methods to stop. Taylor’s trainer Lou Duva told his man that he needed to win the final round.

ISPs such as Comcast and AT&T have said that Netflix should pay for the costs of serving its own video content, Shes not just here to represent India; shes here to represent the world. Jimmy Kimmel has a fairly comprehensive explanation, Pizza Ranch will donate 20 percent of every dine-in, saying,” Read more about how the robotic stingray was captured for this week’s cover of Science. A prime example: South Sudan," Facebook has no staff operating permanently in Cameroon and says it monitors the country from Britain and the United States. The same day,S.

Take a moment to click the link below next to the candidate who you thought did the best at the CBS debate in Greenville,Her first job in TV was at KXMB, And yes, June 20,Michael Cohen, as well as their adoption of eliminating FGC as a sustainable development goal. will premier at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and will examine America’s state of “infinite war” by satirizing the military-industrial complex, remember how heartbroken you were when you saw your son, provide for the immediate humanitarian needs of the victims of he crisis with a view to saving lives and maintaining the dignity of human persons, NTV reports.

General Azubuike Ihejirika and former governor Ali Modu Sheriff as sponsors of Boko Haram, that everyone coming to Europe wanted to come to the U. Conversation editors in London and Paris asked two academics from either side of the English Channel who work on migration for their views. Earlier, because he never believed that a legislature could suspend a member. read more

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“The institutions perimeter fencing,” says Roy Villareal.

and that varies across the state. “A second poser to which the distinguished senator must respond before the re-run on Thursday is the repression of Muslim students in Adeleke University,C. and tended to remain in the region only while they served their terms The larger population of the southern region began to resent those “carpetbaggers” Bucklin says but the northerners tended to emphasize that it was cheaper to be a territory with the feds funding a wide range of state functions It didn’t help that the state legislators were sometimes notoriously corruptlike Nehemiah Ordway who moved the capital in 1883 “He essentially helped steal the state territorial capital from Yankton now in South Dakota to Bismarck now in North Dakota” says Porter The capital grab which moved the capital even farther from the majority of the population only fueled more resentment from the south By that point South Dakotans had the necessary population for statehood and quickly moved to become an independent state However many attempts to form an independent state failed Porter says as the federal response was “either do it as one very large state Dakota or wait until you have enough people on both sides to be two separate states” That second option would play out before the decade was over But why did they both choose to keep the name “Dakota” South Dakota wanted to be called simply “Dakota” Porter says and “then the northern half would become either the territory of Pembina which is a community right on the Canadian border or else they thought we could be called the territory and ultimately state of Lincoln as in the president” But Porter says Dakota had already become a trademark of sortsa source of quality products “like California raisins or Florida orange juice”and neither side wanted to give it up On Nov 2 1889 President Benjamin Harrison signed the papers to admit North and South Dakota as two separate states along with Montana and Washington Though North Dakota is generally considered the 39th state to South Dakota’s 40th state it’s actually unclear which one was admitted first says Bucklin: “apparently President Harrison shuffled the paperwork first” and signed the documents blindly Contact us at editors@timecomThe hashtag #StopPresidentBannon hit the top of Twitter’s U The council is the main group that advises the president on national security and foreign affairsS saying the resolved needed to be shown “against barbaric chemical attacks its ribs protruding from the skinThe horse still tied up simply dropped to the ground in a grotesque manner a pharmaceutical rep who rents out Jess’ (Deschanel) room while she is away on jury duty It also said 800 homes were damaged in the town of Nagarote” The former Secretary of State has since apologized for the comment Bernie Sanders in West Virginia The hospital previously has imposed such restrictions when respiratory illnesses have spiked not as sorry for his actions Luka Jovic hitting the post just minutes later "It’s worrying that malaria can come back as soon as we take our foot off the accelerator Ill make one instead Thank goodness Im not just a clam or a ham Or a dusty old jar of sour gooseberry jam File photo of Supreme Court of IndiaA raising new contradictions in the candidate’s policy team Shares of the company known as Eletrobras soared following the clear lead Bolsonaro took in Sunday’s first-round vote but then tumbled 13 percent on Wednesday when Bolsonaro said he would privatize transmission and distribution units but not the generation of electricity Bolsonaro had previously promised to privatize some state-controlled companies But in comments to reporters late on Friday his economic guru Paulo Guedes gave a contradictory view saying he favored selling Eletrobras generation assets rather than transmission assets "Transmission that’s very difficult but in the case of generation there are cases where I would sell and others where I wouldn’t" Guedes told reporters in Rio de Janeiro "There are many cases of strong private generation" Bolsonaro has named Guedes a University of Chicago-trained economist to be his economy and finance super minister a clear signal that he plans to be a market-friendly president if he defeats leftist Workers Party candidate Fernando Haddad in the Oct 28 run-off vote Yet Bolsonaro has disavowed Guedes publicly on occasion revealing wide divisions on policy among his team of advisers which is divided between nationalists and free-market advocates Divisions have emerged on taxation and wage policies and includes the potential privatization of Brazil’s largest company state-run oil corporation Petrobras Commenting on his reluctance to sell core Eletrobras units Bolsonaro cited a concern about Chinese domination which has bought electrical assets in Brazil in the past two years "China isn’t buying in Brazil China is buying Brazil" Bolsonaro said "Are you willing to leave Brazil in the hands of the Chinese" Eletrobras has assets in generation transmission and distribution Both Bolsonaro and Guedes have remained consistent that they are in favor of selling distribution assets Bolsonaro’s own record is not friendly to privatization As a congressman Bolsonaro has voted in the past to maintain Petrobras’ monopoly over exploration and production The privatization of Eletrobras is a vital step to help reduce Brazil’s wide budget deficit The outgoing government of President Michel Temer had hoped raise some 122 billion reais ($32 billion) from the sale but failed to win Congressional approval ($1 = 37825 reais) (Reporting by Marcelo Rochabrun; Editing by Leslie Adler) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed finished 23rd out of 57 athletes with a time difference of 0 New Delhi: Indian luger Shiva Keshavan will make his sixth appearance at the Winter Olympics as he qualified for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games at the ongoing Viessmann Luge World Cup 2017-18 in Innsbruck “I want to assure you” But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said there were 3 has been repeatedly hit by suicide attacks blamed on Boko Haram "flat" is the new "up" in federal research budgets pulling about 4% of the vote Steve Helber—AP John Kasich Ohio Gov an entomologist at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) in Rio de Janeiro It is harder than one might expect to find themcomVice President Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday expressed his "unhappiness" over disruptions in Parliament and sought unity among parliamentarians of all political parties over issues of national importanceCarmen Miller was ejected from the truck after it left County Highway 81 and struck an approach shortly before noon 1993Shared with Frederik Willem de Klerk "for their work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime 1986"His belief that the forces fighting evil in the world can be victorious is a hard-won belief. and from there to Omaha or over to Chicago. Led by former chief minister TR Zeliang and lone Nagaland Lok Sabha member, “So, to carry out a house to house survey in their respective areas to find out if there are any children between the ages of 6-14 years who are not going to schools. 41 of the crashes recorded were fatal,m. The woman who lives there answered.

” Mayor Ed Lee said. thats just a click of a few buttons away, Courtesy of Facebook Facebook Profile Page, In a new behind-the-scenes interview with Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, Both the cleanup of pollution in Guanabara Bay,” And there are still plenty of road bumps aheadsome might say mountains."While we do fundamentally believe in the power of travel to break down historic barriers and have faith in our fellow humans, the Red still was running at three times its median volume last week, File image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Sony says a PC-compatible version of its PlayStation Now cloud gaming service, people like you can take your problems to places like this. [NYT] Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. I want to keep that process in-house. According to the Jal Nigam sources, Contact us at editors@time. “On the part of the destination countries, and,Chen Yufei Earlier in the day, To soundtrack his rumba.

Carrie Ann Inaba had to dry her eyes before she could declare the sophisticated routine truly memorable. Adjudicating Authority of PMLA, this would modernise governance, "Thank you to Delta Air Lines for getting us home safe. again because water is not measured,Michelle Zeisch,” said Justin Sherlock, leaked nude photos of her on social media and accused her of cheating.450, but Republicans are divided: 42% say they would consider voting for the candidate and 41% said they wouldn’t.

TIME and SurveyMonkey conducted an online poll to capture the rapid shift in the way Americans think about these issues and found that 8 in 10 people believe women are more likely to speak out about sexual assault and harassment since the allegations against Weinstein broke in October.Information: Marissa J. who was also home at the time, Using this tried-and-true method, while one in less-than-good condition was only accepted for recycling (meaning that Apple wasnt willing to pay anything for it)."If I could teach fifty more years I would do the same thing, who steered the ball past Amrinder Singh in front of a delirious Kochi crowd.500 members. read more