Month: September 2017

Looking at the ups and downs in the nternet era through the failure history of 17 start up companie

many people still remember the 2000 Beijing streets of the little Yitang billboard, "follow YAHOO ad that today if you really let Yitang" Yitang scenery for a long time. Want to do one for Chinese billion young people cover and contain everything Internet portal. They define the young Chinese as "Ming Huang"".

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Methods using the wrong keywords to get traffic to share

love Shanghai index can prove my point of view, although the "QQ diamond yellow" the love of Shanghai index is not high, but it’s less competition, it is easy to be able to row to the first. A little more afraid of long,


QQ; the words "yellow drill love Shanghai index.

Let us look at the "

this already belongs to those sites, these sites we difficult to compete with the big website. In the first row of the QQ drill emperor’s official website, the second is Shanghai love their own website, the third is a high quality source of news website. Traffic was three points to go, getting a little traffic in the home can, if the row in the second page is certainly not much traffic. The site is not strong chain, no original content, it is difficult to put it into the home page keywords. Long tail keywords and too much competition, which requires us to have flexible thinking, dare to use the wrong keywords. For example, QQ drill emperor keywords users typing is easy to go wrong for "drilling QQ yellow read more

Love Shanghai station VP auditorium high end salon Guangzhou Railway Station dry cargo secret

the meeting will invite the dean of Shanghai College of Shanghai: love love webmaster search strategy landing page algorithm for mobile search, the recent launch of the landing page white paper advertising standards and some columns of algorithms and rules to guide the site inventory, improving the site, to avoid triggering algorithm by punishment.


recently how?"

platform VIP here: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/vipevent/detail id=55 read more

How to tap the user needs to create high quality content

in medical and health aspects as an example, if the theme of the site is about insomnia, but also for web users to share, how to solve or alleviate insomnia aspects. We can go to the search box to enter the Shanghai love "insomnia" at this time, the drop-down menu to display keywords is the first of the "treatment" that is the best treatment of insomnia, insomnia, user needs maximum content. We can determine the needs of the key words of "treatment" of insomnia, because this is the highest degree of content users pay attention to insomnia. read more

The nternet industry how to optimize the network advertisement

Banner also known as advertising banners, advertising signs, it is one of the most popular forms of advertising on the internet. We can see them in a lot of information, product class website. It is generally a 468× 60 the size of the picture, but it can be any size (468× 60 392× 72 Banner full size, full size with navigation Banner, 234× Banner 125× the 60 half size, 125 square button, 90 button 120× #1120× 88× #2 60 button, 31 small button, 120× 240 vertical Banner etc.). Banner advertising pictures can be static, or dynamic. If the picture is static, the general format for the JPG, the dynamic general format for GIF. The browsing user by clicking on the Banner advertising can jump to the corresponding page of the website advertising links, so as to achieve the purpose of website promotion. read more

The traditional enterprise how to play the Shanghai dragon encounter

is the Shanghai dragon methodology, and strategy research. Detection of good industry keywords changes, a long time to maintain key thesaurus updating and maintenance, add new words and good real-time, data collection capabilities. Regular analysis including thesaurus change, change new index index changes, etc.. And do the research of regional, gender studies, occupation category analysis research, terminal fingerprint analysis work personnel.

for the traditional enterprise, established in the market, still with rich technical resources accumulated and stop a market share, generally within a short period of time is not a big problem. Even in the face of challenges and threats during the buffer period is longer, can have sufficient time and resources to adjust strategies and ideas, create new strategies to reverse the situation. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform to remind the security domain domain name on the impact of Shanghai


domain contains keywords to optimize the impact on

Analysis of the influence of site The June 25th

platform to push a WeChat "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform remind webmaster to pay attention to the security domain", the general meaning is: some criminals will be hijacked the webmaster domain name, domain name resolution method, the domain name resolves to other malicious spam sites, improve their website traffic by the weight of your domain. Domain name hijacking to a malicious web site, will affect the user experience of the website, as well as normal visitors flow loss. read more

Let us love Shanghai big update made what changes

three, the website automatically give you add a tail template

the love sea K station influence is relatively large, but there is still a very.

because before many websites are no restrictions on the number of information release, if there is a collection of good website, every day was over there, after a period of time this column was rotting, love Shanghai never included. In view of this situation, many sites have set a number of daily information release, of course, if you are working with the website, you can pay a fee to release more information, but also can have business links, will certainly require the article should have certain quality. read more

How to correctly use the TAG tag function

tag tag is a double-edged sword, use of good can make a great contribution for the website ranking, use may be also caused by K site is down right or disperse weight. The number of tags to strictly control the number, do not have too much, too scattered, if you have dozens of articles on a website, webmaster without control label the number of cases, each article add multiple labels, tags and keywords appear in the dozens of articles in too scattered, will appear below a label only 1-2 article (article the exposure rate was not increased), will feel a lot of read more

How will the site keywords do love Shanghai home

four, the chain construction is more and more urgent

how to put your keywords to love Shanghai home, every Shanghai dragon ER want to see things, sometimes we are out of the force, do not get satisfactory results, how will the site keywords do love Shanghai home today, Shanghai dragon see together with Chong

algorithm to love Shanghai, only one goal, to provide users with useful information on the best. Facing the Internet information development and innovation has become more and more difficult, many people can provide the essential content is less and less, the substance is more favorable quality can be said to be rare. Shanghai dragon Er skills must Jingxiaxinlai practice Shanghai dragon Er, the inside of the achievements summed up the implementation of share, so that everyone can grow together. But many people are afraid to share, though you have to "eat", such as the Chong www.chong in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng Information Center贵族宝贝 will share the bug marketing software using the method of high quality substance, is also the practice from chonbg Shanghai Longfeng, so share is not a good thing. read more

Defy the law validation of the consequences of modifying the site meta below

do stand up Shanghai dragon, in many cases we see the keywords ranking, the change of meta behoove, changes to the website is mainly reflected in the keyword rankings, there are two maps can know, second days I am optimistic about the "Zhuhai Shanghai dragon" was used to love is the first one in Shanghai, this is the first time to love words on the first day in Shanghai, although I’m sure to first is an unstable phenomenon, maybe tomorrow will go down, it is not what I expected, ranking quickly down to the original position, but this anyway it is a good phenomenon, that change is conducive to ranking; there is the "Zhuhai website optimization" and "Zhuhai website promotion" two words is a lot of the rankings. read more

Shanghai dragon skills using love Shanghai to share the user experience and improve enterprise trust

love Shanghai sharing platform already running, but has not released it, love Shanghai long the first time, the code added to the encyclopedia, library, know their own platform, such as:

and other platforms, is a popular website, blog, forum, portal, enterprise website and so on, as shown in figure

love to create love to share, bring more traffic to your

these pictures, Shanghai is the best platform to share micro-blog share. Just add, own a love to share, then in Shanghai shows, it can at least see a small box of more than 20 numbers. read more

Summary the four factors affect the web search engine ranking

NO4: other factors

!"In the four big search engine ranking

NO3: user

points: residence time, visit depth, bounce rate, return rate, page sharing,

analysis: your web site in the search engine click rate is high enough, the user to your site above the residence time, the number of page views, whether there will be sharing and collection, visit, whether now or in the future, will is an important factor affecting the website ranking. Because the search engine has been to model the user’s habits. read more

The actual analysis of love Shanghai included in the new law

The law of




love Shanghai station snapshot update frequency: first day: (28~30)

common noble baby, search and other "general" spider on the new station would be more interested in, will soon be included, and the update frequency is very fast, but for the love of Shanghai, it has included the mechanism and law of his own, he will not to the railway station soon make a big operation, but slowly penetrating examination the next thing I own a new station to explain.

actual website: 贵族宝贝029pifu贵族宝贝 read more

Rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health five the site outside the chain of health platfo

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. The front for everyone to write four article "rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health: a website" health "rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health website two:" health "hardware rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health: three sites within the chain" health "rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health website: four keywords health", the series also wrote last, something about the chain of finished, there is a story about brand health, this series may come to an end, I think this series I write is very meaningful, it is worth my study, because Shanghai dragon after many years of health will continue to be raised, it will be after the Shanghai dragon mature inevitable a trend. Today I want to introduce is the website of Shanghai Longfeng health in one of the key aspects: the site outside the chain of health platform. read more

Shanghai Longfeng suppress negative information techniques show the

first, with the ordinary black hat Shanghai dragon technique called "reverse optimization methods" to "

The so-called

is the main kind of negative information on a large number of Web spam links, even at the dark chain, black chain in the "practice on the hope that those negative information post because of excessive optimization cheating, is called" reverse search engine optimization means "delete is more desirable, is completely" lifting a rock his feet "wishful thinking stupid way. read more

Select the site Keywords broad and narrow and ordinary special PK


special for offbeat station, station

broad brand for portal station, station

broad website often brings is difficult to optimize, now the webmaster want to hold the website has more traffic, broad keywords has become the choice of points of some webmaster, in fact, if you are an ordinary personal webmaster do not choose the kind of broad keywords, the keywords are only suitable for broad for those who do brand stations and portals, such as "women, shopping, life, property and so on these words, these words are big words, but behind these broad words are the brand with the portal in front, and for individual owners to choose this kind of words is the establishment of appropriate. read more

Taught you how to deal with Google update

do the foreign trade products to obtain the high quality of the chain? Here Huoying Shanghai Longfeng to tell you is not only a method, but a fusion of Shanghai dragon years Google Huoying summary optimization concept solution. Accurate to say that it is a set of solution for the foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng company’s current predicament and design scheme. It can be seen from the resource station began to build, the whole company data and information resources, unified management, rational distribution, can maximize the various departments, each operation link efficiency. Since you won’t worry about the chain, pseudo original content, to solve the 2 key problems of content and the chain, but also worried that the website ranking does not rise read more

Share enterprise website after the revision of the Shanghai dragon diagnostic opinion

third: at the bottom of the site anchor text link error, at the bottom of the site added link anchor text keywords, use different keywords all links to the home page, there are 2 non site map keywords, links to the address of the site map, this is not conducive to the user experience, is not conducive to improve the site keywords ranking. The revised weight decreased, not suitable for web optimization too many keywords, page layout too many keywords, easily lead to dispersion of spider weight, can choose the main keywords of around 3, in the bottom of the site layout, if want to optimize more keywords, can add. read more

Shanghai Longfeng for what The weight and flow site than can come true

you see three small print title may think I am nonsense, but it really is the reality, here I tell you why commercial word will appear in the three.

love with a recent popular movie or novel website, the website is just a movie fire novels, there is no other website content, no user experience can be said, then this movie or novel name repetition makes keywords in second or third pages to make the website the weight of this period, some webmaster put the website to do Links sale to earn a little money. These movies and novels are no longer popular, the index dropped after this website is meaningless, the webmaster will make a website cycle of this process. read more