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Qualified for Rio! – But Jamaica’s first internationally certified badminton umpire needs money for history-making trip

first_img His son, Joshua, is accredited at Level One, and that means they are the first father-son umpires in the history of the sport. Clarke said he has approached individuals and organisations for assistance, but with time running out, he is yet to get any money. “I have to find money for airfare and visa to China and Brazil at a cost of approximately US$5,000. The organisers will provide accommodation. I have approached some people and organisations, but no confirmation as yet,” Clarke explained. “It is important to secure bookings by month end.” FATHER-SON UMPIRES Jamaica’s first and only Badminton World Federation (BWF) umpire, Joseph Clarke, is in need of US$5,000 (approximately $600,000) to officiate at the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Clarke said that to become Jamaica’s first badminton umpire at the Olympic Games, he must officiate at the Thomas and Huber World Championship in China this year. “I have two assignments this year. First one is the Thomas and Huber World Championships in China in May. This would be a first for a Jamaican in the final. It is a prerequisite to get to the Olympics,” Clarke told The Gleaner. “If I don’t make it, it could be another 10 years for another Jamaican,” he reasoned. He has been involved in the sport for more than 35 years as a player, coach, administrator and official. RAISING THE STANDARD OF THE SPORT He has been working hard on raising the standard of the sport in Jamaica and formed the National Association of Badminton Umpires and Court Officials in November 1997, after he returned from Guatemala. Two months before, he had earned Pan Am accreditation status as an umpire, thus becoming Jamaica’s first internationally certified umpire. In 1999, he became the nation’s first Pan Am-certified umpire, then three years later, he became Jamaica’s first and the Caribbean’s second-ever BWF-accredited umpire. He is a founding member of Racketeers Badminton Club that hosts an annual tournament here, and is currently a JBA vice-president. He is a past president of the local body as well as past president of the regional body, CAREBACO. Also, he once served as first vice-president of the Central American and Caribbean Badminton Association. Clarke said he would be disappointed if things did not work out for him to travel to China and ultimately the Rio Games. “It is a big thing to officiate at the Olympics. They (organisers) want global representation, so this is Jamaica’s chance. If we are to miss out, Trevor McCain is the closest to me in ranking. He is a Pan Am-certified umpire, but that is only the second of four levels needed,” he noted. “I’m trying to raise the money for both events, but nothing confirmed. However, I remain hopeful of securing the necessary funds to make both trips,” Clarke stressed.last_img read more

More opportunities needed for hinterland athletes, says Hastings

first_imgThere is no doubt that the recently-concluded Heritage Games showcased a wealth of talent that is often hidden away within our hinterland communities. However, it has been highlighted that the annual Heritage Games hosted by the Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Ministry is one of the few platforms that athletes have to showcase their skill.Minister of Public Affairs, Dawn HastingsAt the conclusion of the Heritage Games, Minister of Public Affairs, Dawn Hastings highlighted that there needed to be discussions on how sport within hinterland communities could be developed.“From what I have seen this evening, I think as a government we have to do a lot more for our hinterland students, in that affording them opportunities not only to play during Heritage,” Hastings said.The Minister went on to state that although the hinterland scholarship programme existed and students were exposed to sport at their respective dormitories, more work needed to be put into making their transition to the coastland easier in relation to school and sport.“I think we have to have some programmes that involve a smooth transition, from their communities to adapt to the coastline area,” the Minister said, revealing that she too had to adapt to the coastland after moving there in order to attend secondary school.Additionally, the Minister went on to make the recommendation that more opportunities on the coast needed to be available or at the least, more events similar to the Heritage Games needed to be hosted.“We’re thinking about having this sort of activity at least twice a year, because it takes too long and that momentum is forgotten when you only bring them out for once a year,” she said.While noting that plans are being put in place to change this fact, Minister Hastings disclosed that steps are already being made in the right direction.“We were discussing with the Guyanese Federation (football) and they said that the coach has already identified some from these games that they’re going to include to go and play in the Under-20 games sometime in Florida,”The Guyana Football Federation is gearing up for the CONCACAF Men’s Under-20 Championship in Florida, USA, which will run from November 1 to 22, 2018. Guyana will play Guatemala, Cayman Islands, Curaçao and El Salvador in their preliminary matches and the team will be headed by Wayne Dover.last_img read more