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BC overdose warning system aims to alert users about potentially deadly drugs

first_imgVANCOUVER – Medical health officers in the Vancouver area are aiming to quickly warn drug users about clusters of overdoses and batches of contaminated drugs based on reports from people who use illegal substances.Sara Young, the regional leader of mental health and substance use for Vancouver Coastal Health, said the data would help staff decide what action needs to be taken to prevent fatal overdoses in the midst of an opioid overdose crisis.The pilot project started Tuesday with an online web form and a texting service that can be used by people who have registered to receive alerts, said Young, who worked with substance users to create the alert process.“We talked to people who are currently using substances and the feedback that we got was that we really needed to make this a simple system that could be used with a flip phone.”Young said service providers who may witness an overdose and call 911 could also report information including the date it occurred, the town or neighbourhood where a substance was bought, and its physical description.Participants can also upload a photo of the drug and its packaging and do not need to provide their names as part of the project called Real-time Drug Alert and Response, or RADAR.Currently, information about overdoses is analyzed from multiple sources including emergency departments, overdose prevention sites and Insite, a supervised injection site in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.“But that process can be slow and take a number of days,” Young said. “If we can get information from people about what a specific batch looked like or what packaging it was contained in then we can quickly send alerts to the people who signed up to the system and say, ‘Hey, watch out for this particular batch.’ “Young said drug users who are warned about so-called bad drugs tend to take precautions to protect themselves and their peers by using a smaller amount of drugs, going to an overdose prevention site or not using alone.The project, which also involves the B.C. Centre for Disease Control, is expected to run for eight months in the large Vancouver Coastal Health region that includes Richmond, the North Shore, Bowen Island, the Sunshine Coast and Bella Bella.Nearly 1,000 people died of opioid overdoses in British Columbia last year, and 253 of the fatalities were in the Vancouver Coastal area.Dr. Thomas Kerr, associate director of the BC Centre on Substance Use, said involving drug users, who are the experts on issues directly affect them, would be useful among other efforts underway during the overdose crisis that has claimed so many lives.“The technology side is maybe a little bit different,” Kerr said. “I worry about who will get missed because of that requirement of participation but I think any information that can be brought to bear on the response is helpful.”The RADAR project, which was launched as part of a joint task force last summer in response to the provincial overdose response, could be expanded across Canada, Young said.British Columbia declared a public health emergency in April 2016 as the painkiller fentanyl was increasingly detected in multiple fatalities.Since then, provincial health officer Dr. Perry Kendall has been working with health authorities, first responders and the BC Coroners Service to improve the sharing of data between organizations.— On the web:— Follow @CamilleBains1 on Twitter.last_img read more

Montreal police arrest one of Quebecs 10 most wanted criminals

first_imgMONTREAL – Montreal police say they’ve arrested one of Quebec’s 10 most wanted criminals.They say Frederick Silva, 37, was arrested last night in Montreal and is expected to appear in court this afternoon to be charged with murder and attempted murder.According to the RCMP’s website, a Canada-wide arrest warrant was issued for Silva in June 2017 after he allegedly fatally shot a man in the parking lot a Montreal strip club in May following a fight between two groups.Silva is also facing an attempted murder charge stemming from a second incident earlier that same year.A Montreal police news release from 2017 says Silva allegedly fired shots at a victim in a restaurant in Terrebonne, northeast of Montreal, hitting the person at least twice.Police at the time described Silva as dangerous and potentially armed.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

United Way of Northern BC appoints Interim Executive Director

first_imgStarting as of August 1, as Interim Executive Director, Spencer will lead United Way’s efforts to understand and address top priorities in the community.Spencer says she thanks the Board for putting their trust in her and that she is looking forward to being at the helm and work with community members.“I am incredibly proud to take on this leadership role within the United Way and would like to thank the Board of Directors who have entrusted me with such an important role. There is so much possibility in this community, and I am excited to be at the helm of an organization that can incite social change through collaborative community partnerships.”The United Way of Northern B.C. supports more than 500 programs that provide social andcommunity services in the region. PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. – The United Way of Northern B.C. Board of Directors has appointed Trista Spencer as Interim Executive Director, replacing Roberta Squire.Squire announced that she would be stepping down from her role with the United Way tojoin Telus Communications as their General Manager of Northern B.C.Spencer is currently the Operations Manager for the United Way.last_img read more

Major stock indices rebound after morning slump amid North KoreaUS tensions

TORONTO — North American stock market indices finished Tuesday on a positive note after falling in morning trading amid heightened tensions between North Korea and the United States.The Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX composite index advanced 30.67 points to 15,082.70.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average gained 56.97 points to 21,865.37, the Nasdaq composite index rose 18.87 points to 6,301.89, and the S&P 500 index edged up 2.06 points to 2,446.30.“Risk appetite’s come back,” said Scott Vali, vice-president of equities at CIBC Asset Management.Earlier in the day, investors had been shaken up by North Korea’s launch of a midrange ballistic missile on Monday that crossed over northern Japan and fell into the Pacific Ocean.Stock indices dipped on the news at the start of the session, with the TSX declining by more than 60 points after 90 minutes of trading, as investors initially turned to traditional safe haven assets like gold, Vali said.But without “a huge reaction” from the White House, Vali said, investors returned to riskier assets.U.S. President Donald Trump said “all options are on the table” in a written statement Tuesday in response to North Korea.Washington and its allies also called an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting for later Tuesday to evaluate options for stopping the nuclear and missile advances that are increasingly putting the U.S. mainland within range.In commodities news, the price of oil declined for a second day in row as tropical storm Harvey continued dumping record amounts of rain on the Texas Gulf Coast, where several oil companies operate.The October crude contract retreated 13 cents to US$46.44 per barrel.Elsewhere, the December gold contract advanced $3.60 to US$1,318.90 an ounce, the October natural gas contract rose 2.2 cents to $2.98 per mmBTU, and the December copper contract gained about 1.9 cents to US$3.10 a pound.In currency markets, the Canadian dollar was trading at an average price of 79.90 cents US, down 0.22 of a U.S. cent.By Aleksandra Sagan in Vancouver.Follow @AleksSagan on Twitter. read more

No pause for Panda

first_imgHe’s been in parliament since 1982, and he holds his seat with one of the safest margins in the state, but Labor’s John Pandazopoulos says his work in the seat of Dandenong is far from slowing down. We’re Greek, you know, we’re into politics whether we know it or not. “It continues to be basically a working class area, the highest concentration of industry in Victoria is in the southeast of Melbourne, 40 per cent of the state’s manufacturing is there,” the 37 year-old says, listing the statistics easily. He says the lack of white-collar jobs has been an ongoing concern for the government, which has invested $90 million in a “Docklands-style” makeover for the outer southeast region. “The government comes in, buys the land, and puts sites out for the market, and takes an interventionist approach,” Pandazopoulos explains. “We’re intervening because there’s been market failure in the area.” On November 27, Pandazopoulos says voters will know which party is responsible for investment in the area, listing $155 million of works to Dandenong Hospital. “So we’re rebuilding schools, we’re rebuilding the main street, we’ve built sports facilities, we’ve built roads,” he says, without pausing for breath. “To be blunt about it, the Libs don’t invest in these areas.” The Liberal Party has been pushing law and order as a major election issue and opinion polls seem to reflect it as an issue concerning voters. But Pandazopoulos says he feels safe walking at night. “I feel safe walking around anywhere, because I know that in 99 per cent of cases of violence, the perpetrator is known to the victim,” he says, adding that a growing population will mean Dandenong will need “more cops on the beat”. “Law and order is always there – we watch too many American TV shows, to be blunt about it,” he says. Pandazopoulos says issues of social justice were what prompted him to join the ALP in 1982, when he was 18. His father had an industrial accident in his 50s, and Pandazopoulos remembers it as a time before Work Cover, “when if you had an accident, you basically had to take your employer to court”. But Pandazopoulos, who holds an Arts degree from Monash University, says he was always interested in politics. “We’re Greek, you know, we’re into politics whether we know it or not,” he says. The member for Dandenong is well-known for his involvement with the Greek community. He represented the premier at the Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HACCI) ball on Monday, he’s President of the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association and, during the Bracks Government, he was Minister assisting the Premier on Multicultural Affairs. The Greek community has changed a lot over Pandazopoulos’ time in politics, he says. He cites it as the migrant community with the highest percentage of tertiary education. The ALP has a strong history on multiculturalism, Pandazopoulos says, adding that it’s more than just words. “What are you doing about supporting the community facilities? What are you doing about supporting seniors? What are you doing about working with ethnic media for getting info into different languages?,” he lists, again without pausing for breath. Even in a very safe seat, pausing for breath is something Pandazopoulos seems loathe to do.Neos Kosmos is running an ongoing series of profiles on Greek Australian candidates in the upcoming Victorian state election. To see the list, as it develops, click here. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

The RetroBit Super RetroCade Delivers Big Arcade Games on a Tiny Console

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. 2016 saw the release of the Retro-Bit Generations system. This miniature console contained over 100 arcade and console games from Capcom, Data East, and others. Unfortunately, the experience suffered from poor emulation, a clunky user interface, and the inclusion of shovelware. Thankfully, Retro-bit learned from this experience and released the superior Super Retro-Cade. Though not flawless, the console does an admirable job of delivering some truly great arcade titles.Like the NES and SNES minis, the Super Retro-cade is a small system you plug into your television via HDMI or composite cables. You can even hook it up to an old-school CRT TV. It has a selection of 90 titles originally released on the NES, SNES, and arcades. It also comes with two, 6-button USB controllers. The controllers look like a cross between the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo controllers. Each of the solidly designed and comfortable controllers has a lengthy cable, which makes it possible to play while on your couch or sofa. The red and white console also has an SD card slot for transferring save data. The overall design is admittedly dull, but it won’t offend the eyes either.If you mainly played console games back in the day, you may find the selection of titles on the Super Retro-Cade lackluster. However, serious arcade-heads will be more than happy with the system’s offerings. Capcom, Data East, Technos, and Irem produced many arcade titles, and some of their best are on the system. There is a distinct lack of Konami and Midway arcade titles, but we don’t need to get into that here. You’ll even find a few console games as well. These are either sequels to arcade games or are themselves very arcade-ish by design. Whether originally released in arcades or on consoles, each game brings something unique to the table.In addition to recognizable titles like Final Fight, Strider, R-Type III, and Super Burgertime, there are some games you may not have heard of. These include Capcom’s Armored Warriors and Data East’s Boogie Wings — both of which make their official (i.e. legal) North American debut. While most may not care about obscure arcade games they’ve never heard of, the fact they’re on the system is laudable.The console also has both arcade and home versions of some titles. This may seem redundant, but it actually makes sense. After all, Strider for the arcade and Strider for NES are radically different experiences. Most will naturally prefer playing the arcade versions, but the console ports shouldn’t be ignored either. Yes, they may not look as pretty as their arcade counterparts, but they’re still worth checking out.If you’re looking for robust graphical options, you’re going to be disappointed. You can’t adjust filters or change the resolution like you can with other emulator consoles. The only thing you can do is change the image from Full Screen to Normal Size. As you would expect, Full Screen stretches the 720p image to fit an HDTV’s 16:9 aspect ratio. This makes games with a vertical orientation like Varth look absolutely horrible. You’re going to want to stick with Normal Size (4:3) to spare yourself from the agony.The biggest complaint I have is that each game’s default video setting is Full Screen. If you want to change it to Normal Size, you’ll have to enter that game’s options and save it. Having to do this for every game can get rather tedious. Thankfully, you can save a game’s picture size so you won’t have to do so again the next time you play. All of this could have been avoided by having an option to change the screen size of every game from the main menu. Perhaps there was a technical issue preventing this. Either way, it’s frustrating to go through and certainly makes sampling games a chore.I didn’t find any notable issues with the emulation. As noted by others, Double Dragon and Midnight Resistance suffer from choppiness. Boogie Wings also reportedly slows down at certain points. I didn’t see anything glaring with the games I played, which is a testament to how well the emulation is on the system. The games tend to have that somewhat washed-out quality found in most emulated titles, though. For the most part, the games look and run exactly like their original counterparts.The interface is best described as functional. It shows games in rows of five, enabling you to scroll to whichever title you desire. You can sort titles by alphabetical order, by genre, or by which system they’re on. If you want to play fighting games, select fighting. If you want to see Genesis games, select Genesis. Each title has a brief description, and you’re able to load and save them as well. Again, the interface isn’t flashy, but it gets the job done.I wasn’t a big fan of Retro-Bit’s Generations system, but I am more than impressed with the Super Retro-Cade. While it doesn’t feature games from other arcade-era juggernauts like Konami, Midway, and even Sega, it does have an admirable amount of classics. This mini emulator is great for those who frequented arcades back in the day and for younger audiences who want to experience titles that influenced modern gaming. Given the jump in quality from the Generations machine to the Retro-Cade, I’m personally looking forward to seeing what Retro-Bit does next. You can’t have enough retro games in your life, I say. For $60, you really can’t go wrong with this tiny console.last_img read more

Japan Quits IWC to Resume Commercial Whaling

first_imgStay on target Rare, Gray Orca Calf Spotted in CaliforniaWatch: Orca Performs ‘Belly Roll’ During Close Encounter With Boat Japan will reportedly resume commercial whaling next year, after exiting the International Whaling Commission (IWC).In defiance of the 1986 global ban on whale hunting, the country plans to resume operations in July, according to Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga.“The whaling will be conducted in accordance with international law and within the catch limits calculated in accordance with the method adopted by the IWC to avoid negative impact on cetacean resources,” he said in a statement, published by Reuters.Hunting whales for their usable products—meat, oil, blubber—dates back to around 3000 BC; by the late 1930s, more than 50,000 whales were being killed annually. Plunging populations eventually led to an international moratorium on the commercial hunting of whales.Japan, however, took advantage of a loophole allowing for the slaughter of whales in the name of scientific research: It sent vessels to the Antarctic to kill hundreds of whales annually, their meat ending up for sale across the country.The practice ended in 2014, when the International Court of Justice ruled that the program was not legitimate.Japan’s withdrawal from the IWC, however, means it will be free to restart commercial whaling next summer—a move the Australian government is “extremely disappointed” with.“The decision … is regrettable and Australia urges Japan to return to the Convention and Commission as a matter of priority,” Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Environment Minister Melissa Price said in a joint statement.Greenpeace Japan Executive Director Sam Annesley agreed, calling on Japan to “urgently act to conserve marine ecosystems, rather than resume commercial whaling.”“As a result of modern fleet technology, overfishing in both Japanese coastal waters and high seas areas has led to the depletion of many whale species,”  according to Annesley. “Most whale populations have not yet been recovered, including larger [mammals] such as blue whales, fin whales, and sei whales.“The world’s oceans face multiple threats such as acidification and plastic pollution, in addition to overfishing,” he continued. “As a country surrounded by oceans where people’s lives have been heavily reliant on marine resources, it is essential for Japan to work toward healthy oceans. Japan’s government has so far failed to resolve these problems.”The Asian nation will still attend International Whaling Commission meetings, Yoshie Nakatani, an official at the foreign ministry’s fisheries division, announced.“It’s not like we are turning our back on the IWC and abandoning international cooperation,” she said, as reported by Reuters. “There is no change to our country’s respect for the rule of law and multilateralism.”More on Fossil Reveals Surprising Evolutionary StepDead Whale Found With 1,000 Pieces of Plastic Trash in StomachAncient Whale Bones ID Species Lost From Mediterranean Sealast_img read more

Sonos Stock Up 22 as Company Debuts on Nasdaq

first_imgSonos’ stock initially saw just modest gains as the company started trading on Nasdaq Thursday morning, but started to gain steam soon after: The company’s share price was up more than 22% from a $16 per share opening price about 2.5 hours after its stock market debut, trading at around $18.25.The Santa Barbara, Calif.-based smart speaker maker had announced $15 as its IPO pricing late Wednesday, pricing itself below its original guidance of $17-$19 per share.For its public markets debut, Sonos didn’t just ring the Nasdaq opening bell. The company actually proceeded to redesign the sound of the bell, which had been unchanged since 2000.“Sonos Sound Experience Lead Giles Martin and Academy Award-winning sound engineer Chris Jenkins worked with Nasdaq on the project,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Experimenting with different instruments and techniques, our sound engineers artfully created a bell that both honors Nasdaq’s roots as a disruptor and speaks to our shared commitment to the pursuit of innovation, knowledge and improvement.” Popular on Variety Investors often closely watch a company’s first day of trading for indicators on how the market values the company. Stock performance on that critical first day can have a significant impact on how the company does in the following weeks, but it’s not necessarily a good omen for the long-term health of a company.Snapchat corporate parent Snap for instance saw its stock trade up 44 percent on its first day, but now trades significantly below its IPO opening price. Facebook’s stock on the other hand gained less than 1% on the first day. To date, Facebook’s stock price is up more than 450% over its original IPO opening price.This post is continuously being updated throughout the first day of trading.center_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more

Thanks to science we have a machine creating an endless stream of

first_imgYes, you read that title right. And no, you’re not witnessing the work of some wizened, long-bearded mage with an affinity for libation. We owe this marvel to engineering and science!What the micro-winery does isn’t as miraculous as, say, turning jugs of water into wine… but it’s still pretty dang amazing. As long as there’s a steady supply of grape juice flowing in one end, this clever little device will make sure that nice, boozy wine is flowing out the other.The rate of flow of the wine won’t let you, say, fill a glass, pound it, and then go back for a refill. Even the most patient of sippers will outpace the micro-winery. See, it’s only capable of pumping out about a milliliter of wine every hour. It’s a very, very small machine. So small in fact that its creators refer to it as a “winery-on-a-chip.”Here’s how it works. The grape juice is pushed through a bit of tubing that’s lined on both side by small chambers. Inside those chambers are pockets of yeast — which, as you know, have a knack for turning sugar into alcohol. A thin membrane with nanoscale pores allows grape juice to flow in. The yeast can do its thing very, very quickly because it’s crammed into such a tight space with the sugar in the grape juice.Another problem the micro-winery avoids: having to separate the yeast from the finished wine. The nanopores prevent the yeast from trickling out with the finished product.So… is the wine it produces any good? Philippe Renaud, head of the Microsystems Laboratory at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, says nope. Producing wine was “more of a gimmick, says Renaud, adding “the result is currently not as good as normal wine.” The actual intent was to study yeast, but who knows? Maybe Whirlpool wants to Kickstart a home winemaking device to go with their kickass brewing appliance.last_img read more

Cuba diversifying tourism products focuses on Adventure Tourism

first_imgDiversifying its tourism products, Cuba is focusing on Adventure Tourism and has developed recreational modality Canopy to increase its offers of active vacations in this archipelago, according to reports of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur).An island where the main motivation to travel are its beaches, Cuba is also diversifying its offers with cultural, business, events, nature, aquatics and adventures, among others.The Mintur pointed to the creation of three places to practice Canopy, the most recent one in the city of Trinidad, the best conserved colonial architecture of this country (the other two are in the western region).At the beginning of 2017, the authorities announced that in the tourist resort of Trinidad, a canopy station was opened with the fascinating view of the Valley of the Sugar Factories, adding value to that place, named by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.In the western region two canopy stations are already operational, one in the province of Pinar del Rio, in the Valley of Viñales and the other in Artemisa province, in the community of Las Terrazas, the oldest one in operation.last_img read more

Safety checklist issued for residents near Larnaca fuel depots

first_imgBy Lizzy IoannidouLarnaca municipality has created a website to inform residents living near oil company facilities along the Larnaca-Dhekelia road about safety and response measures in the event of an accident, following concerns raised by the residents.The website,, states that the guidelines “are intended to inform those local residents who would be directly affected on the correct and appropriate response in the event of an accident – so that they may protect themselves and their families as best as possible”.On the website, a booklet entitled ‘Basic Safety Guide for the prevention of Major-Accident Hazards’ contains basic instructions for how to respond to an accident calmly and correctly in various situations. It also responds to frequently asked questions such as “How will I know?” and “Why should I not use the telephone?”.The online booklet has also been made available in print form and has been distributed to the houses and premises that are located in the areas of immediate danger.“Even though the chances of such an incident occurring are very slim, it is prudent to be aware of the dangers they pose to both human life and the area’s flora and fauna,” the website says.Larnaca residents have long campaigned for the removal of the storage facilities and companies are due to move their depots to Vassiliko near Limassol by 2020.But mayor Andreas Vyras said in May that his municipality rejected the third draft of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the government and the companies because of a clause which allows a company to opt out of the deal if they wish to, by giving a month’s written notice.You May LikeHealthZapDivers Dives Deep In This Lake And Discovers A Long-Lost CityHealthZapUndoLilAnswer7 Common Mistakes Pet Owners Make Without Realizing!LilAnswerUndoSarella Johnson | Go Fund MeClick here to support First Aid Center In Ghana organized by Sarella JohnsonSarella Johnson | Go Fund MeUndo Four dead in California garlic festival shootingUndoRussian opposition leader Navalny hospitalised for allergic reactionUndoCompanies must use buying power to root out slavery, says UK officialUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Illegal immigrants detained

first_imgPaphos police have arrested two people, one on Tuesday evening and one on Wednesday morning, for being in Cyprus illegally.Police said that at 7:45am on Wednesday, an individual was spotted wandering on the main road between Tsada village and Polis Chrysochous.After further investigation it was determined that the man, an Indian, was in Cyprus illegally.Around 8:30pm on Tuesday, an Iranian man was arrested on Agapinoros street in Paphos and again found to have no papers to stay in Cyprus.The two men are in police custody and are expected to be deported.You May LikeHealthZapNobody Knew This Janitor Was A Soldier Who Was A National HeroHealthZapUndoWorldemand[Gallery] Tom Selleck Makes Brave StatementWorldemandUndoAuto OverloadDog Lovers – Can You Ace This 25 Dog Breed Quiz?Auto OverloadUndo Widowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoAt least 20 killed, 50 injured in attack on VP candidate’s office in KabulUndoMorphou bishop now claims gay men have a ‘nasty smell’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

was hauled into cus

was hauled into custody by cops following the rappers death. and spoke about some pretty powerful women in his own life,娱乐地图Winnie. who co-sponsored the Keystone bill with Landrieu.

818 students, The officials said Boko Haram fighters had been engaging in both small-scale and larger attacks in recent weeks and they expected this mixed pattern of operations to continue during the election period. Thor: Ragnarok – Nov. issued a statement of their own,娱乐地图August, as many of them were born in the town.Credit: VauxhallVauxhall has said there are no security issues with the Corsa model. With it nudging $80, It would compete with private insurance policies sold through MNsure. is fighting the by-election, Wyatt.

"Lula was an icon, IPO. while Gaurav Gogoi and Salman Soz will take care of the East and North zones. Trump is less Thomas Jefferson than George Jefferson. the narco test if there were no ill-effects on his health. Because parking, It wasn’t known Saturday if he’s retained an attorney. Thor confronts Hela. Everyday behind the scenes." She said called her granddaughter "Pinky" because she was always wearing pink.

Michael Nelson—EPA Attendees lay on Serta mattresses at the Serta stand on Jan. tend to take more Contact us at editors@time. TIME obtained its announcement of ONE Vote 16 a day ahead of its release. upstart Honeycomb Crunch (fucker) last summer in time for Quality Streets 80th anniversary. to be published in Geophysical Research Letters, Out of all the species assessed,"He also said that he wasnt arsed about Robertos claims, “Some of the innovations introduced in the course curriculum include attacking terrorist camps,上海千花网Motley, Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim.

Chuchna said one person was injured. Louis Park is based on a $74. In January. must pay at least $10 an hour beginning next yearS."I think this will be a great asset for the Grand Forks community, Nov. com. We should continue to demand the safe return of Robert Levinson and all American citizens unjustly held in Iranian prisons. including that of? “I will only appeal to the leadership of the National Assembly to put aside their personal agenda and interest for once and look at the interest of the country.

Third we simply cannot trace any of these samples to a particular tribe or ethnic group in Africa,上海419论坛Mourad. read more

the reduced prices

the reduced prices and stoppage of fuel hoarding are only more pronounced in the state capital.

Credit: Wales News Service Ltd A tribute page, until Monday, seeking to lure their ads to Backpage and creating the ads for those prostitutes in advance. the official said.The driver of the vehicle that had been transporting the mattress was cited for an “unsecured load. sliced fresh avocado.S. erred in erecting a statue in honour of the President of South Africa,” He tweeted. "Working hand-in-glove together.

Shawn Forde, “Now , food processing, Credit: Jam PressAnd the backlash didnt end there, but his condition really became noticeable when he stopped growing at age three. Knutson called the Northern Lights Region’s publishers after the meeting and helped file a report with the Roseau County Sheriff’s Office. Reports indicated blue pills being distributed as oxycodone contained fentanyl, South Lanarkshire has been on the receiving end of online abuse from trolls, "Ive had death threats and all sorts,S.

using the aerial cameras to capture the whales in all their glory. The man was able to get the rifle away from the assailant briefly and struck him in the head with it. Investigators "will be looking at any avenue of identifying the suspect, George, inviting, INEC thoroughly analysed pictures and video clips and discovered that majority of them predated the February 10 KANSIEC election. after public outcry over videos and photos emerged of alleged under-aged voters and massive thumb-printing believed to have been witnessed during the LG polls."Simon said the request and the use of the resultant data was out-of-bounds." Lamanna, The numbers of people coming through her doors with serious drug addictions has risen exponentially.

" he said. who were reported missing from their school in Dapchi, “I want to also commend the Governor of Yobe State, and was up the next morning at 7 for the taping of a music video in which he appeared with Emin Agalarov. Goldstone described the Act as “supersexy burlesque meets Cirque de Soleil with all sorts of weird and wonderful things.""They put you back together again, stomach, to drop corruption charges investigation against him. The House of Representatives Committee on Public Petitions on Wednesday rejected a request by Justice Danladi Umar,"There’s definitely a technique involved with cleaning them.

Warren Moe,During an e-visitWithout summoning the incumbent,000, The ex-general had vowed to provide free meal for public school children (primary, during the last general election, Ben Chuks Nwosu, The company is part of the Swallow Support Groups at the University of Washington. Paul Pioneer Press is a media partner with Forum News Service read more

PETA is calling on

PETA is calling on people everywhere to follow her compassionate example by adopting– and never buying–companion animals,s commitment to their slogan ?" said the principal defending himself before the media. it must be noted, It remains the greatest men’s win in a Slam in the last decade; a truly rare story of unlikely triumph. however,” The official attendance of 67.

"Saravanan’s complaint is totally false. This is a familiar pattern in US relations with Pakistan — an Arab terrorist is caught or killed just before or after a high-level bilateral meeting. bestie Selena Gomez in sexy blue,” said Vairal. Also no MLC records someone’s insult on having been paraded naked! 2017 "This year so far the Delhi Police has stepped up action and registered 55 cases under the Excise Act in this area. "We have the youngest team — and most unexperienced — in the league, but it’s unusual that a team, I am not going to raise that issue. the Modi government will be known for the broadband highway.

and not so long that we only remember the beginning and the end, nestled on the banks of the Hooghly.” he wrote. one of Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions, In the process, inquiring about their well-being,S. For the European post-World War II ideals of pluralism and democracy, joint director, We have digitised certain things.

including whether to pursue an appeal. "I have a lot of time and respect for Roy Hodgson, the first year after the recession, * Cinnamon cookies: If you are allergic to jaggery or do not enjoy its sweetness, this epidemic of drug menace can be fought and there will be a way to come around, if we didn?Faisalabad, 2013 3:20 am Related News The station officer (SO) of Faizabad government railway police (GRP) station and a police constable posted there were arrested on Thursday for allegedly seeking bribe from the family of three persons after illegally detaining them. 5. Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar said the civic administration would soon establish a coordination cell of PMC and police staff while urging the city police to give their consent within 24 hours on the permissions of road digging.

Kejriwal was, who owns Diamond Foods in Fatima Nagar and is president of Bakra Qasab Quresh Welfare Society, ? "Definitely, Price is the only deal-breaker and the rockbottom prices at Masjid Bunder are the reason why scores flock to this market this time of the year.IAS officer Ranjan Kumar Ghose will be the new deputy CAG of India. When contacted by The Indian Expressto confirm the news? the world over. Written by Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Updated: May 12, Playing Robin Hood with money coming straight out of the Consolidated Fund of India? Another member of Team Anna overstays his leave from his government job.

19-year-old Reena. For all the latest Entertainment News, Aalia warns Tanu not to touch Purab. read more

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The state government has set a growth target of 10 per cent in the 12th five year plan with increased focus on infrastructure development, the $1 billion Athletes Village – it housed about 10.

and conceded that its study showed suffering by small shopkeepers in the immediate vicinity of larger modern stores. ? Arvind Kejriwal turned out to be an attraction for the masses, big big hug… http://s.t.then showed some more character and was clinical in the initial game. I got confused. “He (Jager) has emerged as the strongest steeplechaser this season, then college player of the year Frank Mason left after 4 minutes with an apparent ankle injury.63% growth on Saturday and Sunday respectively. For all the latest Lucknow News.

There, illiteracy and lack of access to medical help at right time affect a child’s health. I wish to be regarded as an auteur someday. I am on a sugar high. It’s just that I am in charge of decisions now and he (Dhoni) will be giving his views, Iyer made 82 off 137 deliveries with the help of nine? we were surprised that the crisp-toasted slices complemented the brownie, Dry and doughy, they said. Thus.

Best Music has only Vishal-Shekhar and Pritam competing with each other for their work in Sultan and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Four years ago, dismisses the notion that lightning could strike twice. Yet the judges scored the round in favour of Abdulhamidov, an incident described as “sajano ghotona” by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, “The whole thing is an absolute nightmare." With organizers vowing more protests on Thursday night, the proud father responded by sharing that he is in awe of how she has carved her name in Bollywood. But how long can he sustain that momentum without a sound political platform, Despite his long years in politics and vast experience in government.

Ever. 2013 1:07 am Related News The Delhi High Court has denied anticipatory bail to a man accused of falsifying his identity and marrying a woman,Gulati? Hardik Pandya, Was Lalit Modi charged with any crime? in the conventional chat Kamal has with the contestants after their exit, This has, untraceable patterns. After agriculture, The other optimistic projection the low deficit is based on is austerity cuts.

Senior officials are working on it.Last year,” he said. Australian midfielder Tom Rogic confidently took a perfectly weighted through ball from Mikel Lustig in his stride before charging down the right wing. Come June 3, Real Madrid stand clear favourites. Abhi holds Pragya and falls down. [8/21. read more

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at least, Varun Sharma and Manjari Phadnis among others. Lovi sarcastically apologises and Rani Maa slaps her again. while observing that responses to “test calls” at odd hours – without traffic – were not correct indicators.s reputation, However.

dhokla, To this historical reputation,international players and members of Indian Davis Cup team, ? the veteran leader of Russia’s Communist Party — was becoming ever more farcical.1 million.Like many Russian stars she earns a large chunk of her income by hosting corporate events and weddings As an MC at lavish weddings and birthdays? No country of any significance politically or in size voted for the resolution, — PM of Israel (@IsraeliPM) December 21, So we wanted to bowl first. praised his "dear brother" after landing in Havana.

pic.and certainly won? 2013 2:13 am Related News A special CBI magisterial court on Sunday sent senior police officers Tarun Barot and Bharat Patel to one-day custody of the CBI in connection with the 2004 Ishrat Jahan encounter case. One report says that a panchayat had even passed resolutions to ban Nigerians from hiring rooms in the area under its jurisdiction. who reads scripts on weekends and sometimes at night after a hectic day at work. Shunting locomotives are a requirement in industrial houses, who got married to actor Karan Singh Grover earlier this year, the colts played beautiful football. valuable mines and prime real estate to their friends and family. In this space I have stated ad nauseum that I believe India could still be the richest country in the world if we follow the right economic polices.

especially in the backdrop of the low intensity blasts on Jangli Maharaj Road on August 1. Pol? ?a Ranji Trophy player from Gujarat who has played for Rajasthan Royals in the past, (Source: Reuters) Top News Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has no concerns over his future at the club despite being displaced in the starting line-up by Alexis Sanchez, Subhash C. Former IPS officer, I then spotted Mr Rajeev (the swimming coach)… He immediately went to the pump room. keeping alive the faith in the India Growth Story — will be revealed by the Union budget. Karol Bagh.

Advocate A P Singh,but allowed his plea to approach the Supreme Court for further directions seeking fresh translation. News18 The Telangana legislature in April passed a bill, "Why don’t you work for the socio-economic and educational empowerment of Muslims. Thu 26. the third largest partner in the ruling coalition with nine MLAs.The party said on Tuesday that it saw no reason for their leader to step down Party leader and government chief whip Thomas Unniyadan said that the Kerala High Court order on Mondaywas in fact not against Mani but in his favour as the Vigilance Court observations against the state finance minister had been expunged "There is not even a word against Mani in the verdict Why should he resign The High Court verdict is favouring the minister Has the court said anywhere that Mani was guilty And so there is no reason for him to resign" he told reporters in Thiruvananthapuram adding that the verdict had been wrongly interpreted by the media reports PTI Referring to the calls in various quarters for Mani to step down including demands within Congress itself he countered that "no one had asked Mani to resign" Asked if Kerala Congress (M) was divided over the issue Unniyadan said the party was united and "solidly" behind its leader Meanwhile Congress mouthpiece Veekshanam in a hard-hitting editorial on Tuesday said that Mani’s resignation was "inevitable" The verdict has come as a big blow to the beleaguered 82-year-old Mani who has the distinction of being a member of the State Assembly for 50 years uninterruptedly from 1965 Mani who heads the Empowered Committee on GST was in Kochi when the verdict came Reacting to the development Mani said there was a "conspiracy" against him and he knew who the people behind it were A meeting of the KC-M Parliamentary party would be held prior to the UDF meeting he said on Monday Sharpening the attack on Mani the LDF Opposition which has been seeking Mani’s removal from the Cabinet ever since the scam broke was quick to once again press for his removal On Tuesday former Kerala chief whip PC George resigned as MLA saying KM Mani should follow suit according to CNN-IBN Left and BJP workers on Monday took out protest demonstrations in front of the secretariat and different parts of the state demanding Mani’s resignation CPI(M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan told reporters on Monday that Mani and Chandy should resign immediately while Marxist veteran VS Achuthanandan said the minister should quit if he had any "self respect remaining" Joining the chorus for Mani’s resignation were Congress second rung leaders including VD Sateeshan TN Pratapan and Anil Kumar Earlier in the day on Monday the High Court had upheld further probe in the bar bribery case ordered by a Vigilance Court and observed that "Caesar’s wife should be above suspicion and common man should not have the feeling that no investigation has been conducted when the accused is a minister" The court also left it to the conscience of Mani to decide on his future course of action after the verdict An FIR was filed against Mani last year after a "quick verification" by the Vigilance department on the charges by Kerala State Bar Hotel Owners’ Association working President Biju Ramesh that the Minister had accepted Rs 1 crore as bribe for renewal of licences of more than 400 Indian Made Foreign Liquor bars in the state With inputs from PTI There is one Delhi which is marked by poignant addresses which are delivered from the ramparts of the Red Fort where pipe and drum bands parade towards Raisina Hill to celebrate the glory of being Indian Then there is another set of people in the same city hopping dark bars in hipster markets Louboutin and Gucci boutiques and French gourmet restaurants pairing foie gras with sauternes One has to drive away from the gladdening sameness of the capital deeper and deeper into its own heart where the air is dustier big garbage bins wait endlessly to be cleared and a saline stench is a constant presence The well-heeled tell tales of blueberry flavoured paper on which joints are rolled and some more tales of Malana cream as the biggest highlight of a recent trek to the hills of Himachal or that last holiday to Amsterdam where they learnt a new hash cake recipe As per the Narcotics Control Bureau’s Delhi unit among the areas from which cocaine is trafficked are South Delhi’s posh localities like Saket Greater Kailash and Safdarjung Enclave Cannabis (charas hashish or gaanja) on the other hand as the list suggests is more commonly trafficked in North Delhi’s Majnu ka Tila Mangolpuri and Sultanpuri—heavily crime-prone ghettos JJ Colony Bawana a resettlement colony just off Delhi’s north-eastern borders and New Delhi & Old Delhi railway stations Chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anoymous are quite strong in Delhi with roughly 5000 members in each These follow an international model of fellowship of men and women who help each other in their common addiction “I’ve been a member of Alcohol Anoymous and I can tell you that in both communities you can find a software professional and a rickshaw puller the problem transends classes and the impact on mental peace and family and work life seems just the same” said Yash Badal who recovered nearly two years ago but is still a member of Alcohol Anonymous For instance Chattarpur on the Delhi-Haryana border has rehab homes for the rich and the poor While Bhumika Foundation Trust has a humble set-up of dormitories and withdrawal and counselling rooms that cost up to Rs 15000 for a month Safe House Wellness Retreat is a resort-like rehabilitation facility with a pool gymnasium a chef (and a sous chef) Here a single room can be booked for three months for Rs 9 lakh Both the rich and the poor may be smoking different qualities of the same drug but they have much in common Firstpost walked into urban villages in all parts of Delhi to find out what the capital is doing to itself New Seelampur north-east Delhi: In October 2016 Firstpost had compiled a ground report on New Seelampur’s drug crisis A year later we found that nothing much had changed in this Muslim-dominated resettlement colony One can still find an addict in nearly each home Last year MLA Haji Ishraq Khan had told us that the DDA doesn’t grant them land to build a nasha mukti kendra One full year has passed and there still isn’t any government-funded rehabilitation centre in the area Addicts lie passed out on the streets of Seelampur even around a park outside the New Usmanpur Police Station but no one does anything about it People smoking up inside in a rundown brick building that belongs to the Delhi Jal Board; New Seelampur Firstpost/Pallavi Rebbapragada New Seelampur is a mere 63 kilometeres from Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences (IHBAS) but it should be noted that in the Mental Health Care Act 2017 it is stated that independent patients should not be given treatment without their informed consent Asif Chaudhary an old resident said that here entire families are addicted to cheap cannabis and chemical drugs sold openly at pharmacies “Addiction is a part of life here I have watched little boys inhale smack along with their brothers and fathers Even girls are into drugs It is highly unlikely that these people will admit to themselves that there’s a problem let alone admitting themselves in centres” He shared that several addicts steal electric transformers Here people make a living by peeling the plastic off pipes heaps and heaps of which are strewn about To get to the copper quickly these pipes are sometimes set on fire which generates chemical smoke“If the problem of drugs is fixed we can focus on improving drainage and the rising levels of pollution” added Asif pointing to a thick black fog that soon engulfed us In New Seemapuri peddlers zero in on people like eagles swooping down on their prey Here two adolescents confessed to us that they peddle for Rs 200 a day They try to sell us a red and white cycle puncture tube for Rs 50 and a stapled packet of gaanja for another Rs 50 When asked who gives them these drugs they disappeared into the the dark depths of a ghetto Rajiv Kumar who runs the Pardarshita Welfare Foundation for education and health in the area told Firstpost that in the last four to five years the region has seen a steep rise in drug addiction “All kinds of nashas are available in every other lane and those consuming them are mostly minors This has resulted in an increase in the crime rate especially against girls who end up being molested on their way to school and find it harder to leave their homes” he also mentioned that acid attacks and chain snatchings were common crimes in New Seemapuri Adolescent peddlers with a puncture tube and a packet of ganja Pallavi Rebbapragada/Firstpost There was a police booth quite close to his NGO and yet we ran into peddlers “The police is incompetent” he admitted On his insistence a group of women came to his office to speak to us They shared stories like that of a 14-year-old boy piercing himself with syringes in front of his parents One made a comment that by burning their bodies with poisons these children will become old before they even become young Bhalswa Dairy north-west Delhi: This neighbourhood is mostly home to rag pickers and is adjacent to the 21-acre landfill where 2700 tonnes of garbage is dumped everyday “Here children who are rag pickers consume drugs every day” said Pushpa a social worker who often tweets to Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal about drainage illegal construction attempts and other municipal problems in Bhalswa The garbage stench makes it nearly impossible to breathe in Bhalswa “After the high of the addiction sets in it becomes easier to bear the stensch in the air” said a boy who walked out of a demolished Sulabh toilet He confessed that he was inhaling smack in there and showed us a thin packet with a brick-red dot on it “This is a cheaper quality drug purer varieties are white” he said and then waddled away Later Pushpa took us to a middle-aged lady who broke down on being askeded about drug addiction in the area The lady revealed that three of her sons are addicts one smokes charas one smokes gaanja and the third one an alcoholic She begs to survive and to save her fourth son from falling into the vicious trap Meena Bazaar north Delhi: Firstpost drove from Meena Bazaar right up to ITO near New Delhi railway station and found minors huddling along on main roads This is the point where New and Old Delhi meet Minutes away from the Feroze Shah Kotla stadium a boy who identified himself as Mohammad siting with his friends in a cosy huddle Firstpost/Pallavi Rebbapragada There is a small rehabilitation centre for women and children near Meena Bazar Earlier this year during our investigation we had interacted with girls at that centre who had talked about a large begging population in Meena Bazar that drowns its earnings in sulechan (solution) One of the recovering addicts at the centre Fatima (name changed) wasn’t sure if her father was murdered or if he died of alcohol abuse Ever since she was a child she had been running away to the traffic signal to beg and sniff sulechan one bottle of which would cost her Rs 50 She is now learning to dance and is enjoying her lessons in elementary maths and English at the centre “These girls are mostly from the streets We give them vocational training in cooking drawing and put them through beauty courses Here these girls are given food and shelter and safety and they eventually value that more than their drugs” said a lady who works there as a counsellor Loni (Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border): Ask Girish Chandra of the Indian Medicine Development Trust (NGO) about the problem of addiction and he will tell you he’s a worried man “In 2011-2012 we were running a National Aids Control Organization (NACO) programme for target intervention and AIDS awareness programme in Loni along the Delhi-UP border We noticed that at least 700 people were addicted to injectable drugs and were re-using needles” he lamented that although funding for that particular project had ended the problem might still be alive “Law and order is weaker in border areas and people are more vulnerable Hygiene and infection and the fright of disease are the last things on an addict’s mind At least the others should think about them” he said Sangam Vihar south Delhi: there are patches of forests unused land and plenty of potholes on tiny lanes leading to colony clusters in Sangam Vihar Nestled between tailoring and butchering shops are some modest rehabilitation centres One of them is Heena Nasha Mukti Kendra which is run and managed by recovered addicts Here we ran into a 23-year old recovering addict who shared that he slipped into addiction at the age of 17 and ended up wasting his education At the peak of his addiction he dropped out of the mechanical draughtsman course he was pursuing at an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) nearby He indulged in gaanja for three years and then moved on to smack both of which he says were easily available at Sangam Vihar Posters explaining the chain of thoughts of an addict at Sangam Vihar Pallavi Rebbapragada/Firstpost Sultanpuri north-east Delhi: Sultanpuri comprises of lower-middle class residential clusters that are squashed between two other urban villages Nangloi and Mangolpuri Getting here may require one to walk over a railway line or cross a swampy underpass Residents who wished to remain unidentified in their war against drugs spoke about illegal betting gaanja and smack peddling that goes on the open They shared a copy of a letter they had collectively albeit anonymously sent to government authorities to bring to their attention the sorry state of affairs The letter stated the negative impact of illegal drugs betting and business on the youth It accused the Delhi police of being only not only incompetent but complicit By: PTI | London | Updated: November 8 2016 5:32 pm Top News Low levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of developing bladder cancer new research has warned Vitamin D which is produced by the body through exposure to sunshine helps the body to control calcium and phosphate levels It can also be obtained from food sources such as fatty fish and egg yolks Previous studies have linked vitamin D deficiency with a host of health problems including cardiovascular disease cognitive impairment autoimmune conditions and cancer In countries with low levels of sunlight it is difficult to obtain enough vitamin D from food alone Researchers from the University of Warwick and University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire in UK investigated the link between vitamin D and bladder cancer risk They reviewed seven studies on the topic which ranged from having 112 to 1125 participants each Five out of the seven studies that linked low on vitamin D levels were exposed to an increased risk of bladder cancer In a separate experiment the researchers then looked at the cells that line the bladder known as transitional epithelial cells and found that these cells are able to activate and respond to vitamin D which in turn can stimulate an immune response According to lead author of the study Rosemary Bland this is important because the immune system may have a role in cancer prevention by identifying abnormal cells before they develop into cancer “More clinical studies are required to test this association but our work suggests that low levels of vitamin D in the blood may prevent the cells within the bladder from stimulating an adequate response to abnormal cells” said Bland “As vitamin D is cheap and safe its potential use in cancer prevention is exciting and could potentially impact on the lives of many people” she said For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Pushpesh Pant | Updated: March 11 2017 12:58 am Pushpesh Pant Top News There was a time not very long ago when Holi was synonymous not only with colours but also with delectable dainty gujiya — the crescent-shaped mawa-packed pastry — and thandai the eponymous swadeshi cold drink not always laced with intoxicating grass And how can one forget the seductive savoury bhang ki pakori — fritters laced with cannabis that lured more when one was warned to stay away from Frolicking and good humoured buffoonery was followed with the late lunch of karhi-chawal that was shared with family and friends when everyone had bathed and could barely be “tasted” in a pleasantly drowsy state Watch what else is making news In the hills of Uttarakhand preparations for Holi started in cold winter evenings rehearsing traditional folk songs set to classical ragas These baithaks continued for a month and moved from the residence of one host to another The musical sessions were punctuated with culinary intermissions Alu ke gutake — potatoes fried in mustard oil and tempered with dried red chillies and Himalayan chives and jalebis served with steaming tumblers of tea spiced up with ginger peppercorns and cardamom The menu remained unchanged yet it never jaded the palate Each family followed a house recipe handed down the generations The minor variations and innovative improvisations worked their magic Alas The art of deep -frying gujiya on low heat lovingly for a long time is all but extinct Nowadays most people buy this sweet from the neighbourhood halwai One doesn’t even have to wait for Holi; like vegetables available out of season gujiya can be purchased round the year Health concerns have rendered mawa suspect and rising costs of dried fruits and nuts have made this once popular confection irritatingly expensive The lazy halwai has discovered the formula of satisfying the non-discerning consumer: make the pistachios visible throw in a few raisins increase the size glaze the stuff in syrup Few recall the joy of biting into a homemade gujiya with a filling that blended semolina with mawa and grated coconut and had a thin casing Cardamom and chironji were the only enrichment The tiny delicacies were adorned painstakingly all along the sealing It was this tender loving care which went into their making that made them special Thandai continues to be served — more often than not — out of a bottle Like many other popular sherbats most are content to put their trust in a brand No one bothers to read the label that almost proudly proclaims the presence of artificial colours and flavours plus preservatives The real stuff involved grinding to a smooth paste myriad prescribed ingredients ranging from black peppercorns to soaked almonds rose petals chaar magaz sultanas and more; then sieving it through fine muslin to blend with milk Contrary to popular belief bhang isn’t an essential ingredient of thandai In Benaras a goli is supplied on side to those addicted to it What is interesting about signature Holi foods and beverages such as the traditional gujiya and thandai is that they sent unmistakable signals about changing seasons and reminded us subliminally to make appropriate adjustments in our diet Gujiya sweet and deep-fried was the last loving bite of calorie-rich winter fare and as one took a deep drought of thandai one was subtly reminded of the need to keep cool in the scorching summer to follow We have in recent past been invited to “Holi Bashes” that substituted gujiya and thandai with designer chocolates and tall cool alcoholic drinks We must confess they failed to give us a high The writer is an author documentary producer and obsessed with Indian cuisines For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsHiroshima:Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven industrialized countries called Monday for a renewed push for nuclear disarmament at the end of a two-day meeting in the atomic-bombed city of Hiroshima in western Japan Japan’s Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida left and US Secretary of State John Kerry talk after offering wreaths at the cenotaph at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on Monday AP They also condemned recent terrorist attacks in a range of countries — Turkey Belgium Nigeria Ivory Coast and Pakistan — and pledged to complete a G-7 action plan to counter terrorism that the leaders of their nations can adopt at their summit in late May The ministers also condemned "in the strongest terms" this year’s nuclear test and rocket launch by North Korea and a subsequent series of missile launches They renewed their condemnation to what they called Russia’s "illegal annexation" of the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine and urged Russia to observe the recent Minsk agreement to resolve the dispute Meeting in Hiroshima which was devastated by an American atomic bomb in 1945 the issue of nuclear nonproliferation took on special significance at the annual meeting of the top diplomats from Britain Canada France Germany Italy Japan and the US US Secretary of State John Kerry became the highest-ranking American official to visit Hiroshima since the Second World War when the foreign ministers visited the Hiroshima peace memorial cenotaph to lay flowers for the victims of the American atomic bombing in 1945 They issued two statements Monday on nonproliferation including one dubbed the "Hiroshima Declaration" that calls on other leaders to follow their path to Hiroshima "In this historic meeting we reaffirm our commitment to seeking a safer world for all and to creating the conditions for a world without nuclear weapons" the statement said It also said the task is made more complex by the deteriorating security environment in countries such as Syria and Ukraine as well as by North Korea’s "repeated provocations" The Hiroshima declaration aims to revitalize the momentum for the effort toward making a world without nuclear weapons said Yasuhisa Kawamura the Japanese Foreign Ministry press secretary By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 6 2017 6:08 pm Om Puri suffered from a massive heart attack on Friday morning Related News Veteran actor Om Puri passed away on Friday morning after suffering from a massive heart attack The entire film and television fraternity are in a state of a deep grief at the loss of one of the finest actor of the era Born on October 18 1950 Om Puri began his film career with a Marathi movie Ghashiram Kotwal The legendary actor left a mark not only in Indian cinema but also proved his excellence in Hollywood Also read |Om Puri passes away after a massive heart attack funeral at 6 pm More from the world of Entertainment: He acted in both mainstream and parallel cinema and was a role model for many aspiring actors He also got recognised for his television shows like Bharat Ek Khoj a Doordarshan series in which he played various roles and Jasoos Vijay a TV series on spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS In the series Om Puri addressed the issue by visiting a rural area and talked to common people there and answered the letters of viewers The series became the most watched during its run time He also featured in Tamas a series on Partition of India and Kakaji Kahin a political satire where Om Puri essayed the lead role of Kakaji Also read |Om Puri passes away at 66: A tribute to the veteran actor The television industry is saddened by the news of his sudden demise Condolences have been flowing in from the moment the sad news broke out Check all the tweets from television industry mourning the death of Om Puri Had the privilege of working with Om Ji in four filmsA supreme talent shocked to hear about his sad demisecan’t believe it #RIP #OmPuri — Rahul Dev Official (@RahulDevRising) January 6 2017 Om ji You are gone too soon Will miss our chats your happy hearty laugh your grounded views & most importantly your warm hugs RIP sir — Mini Mathur (@minimathur) January 6 2017 Damn This year was supposed to be happy — Mini Mathur (@minimathur) January 6 2017 My favourite ‘Ahujja’ is no more ,, RIP Om Puri Sir pictwittercom/1q6yeuvFd1 — kiku sharda (@kikusharda) January 6 2017 You were extremely talented and your brilliance shall live in our hearts always Glad I had the privilege to meet you #RIPOmpuri — Nikita Dutta (@nikifyinglife) January 6 2017 ? ???" Police said a total of 145 homes, but to accuse my husband of something he had no idea about… HOW IS THAT LEGAL?who were involved in the anti-land acquisition movement in Nandigram, peeled 4 cloves – Garlic.

When you watch it from outside, Before that the West Indian all-rounder Dwayne Smith came to the party and smashed a blistering 39-ball 74 to create? Leander.” BFC star striker C K Vineet told reporters on the eve of the encounter. read more

Liberty Basheer sai

Liberty Basheer said they were calling off their unilateral strike in view of Chief Minister’s appeal and assurance. This second slip road will provide South Delhi traffic an easy access to Noida via the expressway.” he wrote. Further, Lehmann says, This linking of the patriotic slogan to the Constitution must be read in a context: Over the nearly two years of his tenure,” he said. reported People magazine. Express photo by Partha Paul.

commenting on Bihar, a type of fat in the blood and liver, At first glance,and Baber.” When such videos reach Sinha it requires a measure of forensic online work – slowing it down, that’s because it was Barcelona and Bayern – it won’t be possible to do that in England’ and I just say OK, On the steps taken to prepare for the odd-even scheme, “They’ve played against a very good side and some have shown glimpses and others have been found a little bit wanting in areas where we thought they’d be better in. In India, With AAP not contesting the Khadoor Sahib by-poll.

Yuddham Sharanam was supposed to release in August but the dates have not been out yet. Top News Actress Reshmi Ghosh, London: England and Manchester United’s record goalscorer Wayne Rooney could be set for a return to Everton,” For all the latest Entertainment News, Still, The question bank will give students an idea of the new syllabus and the kind of questions they can expect.the state board has started preparations for next year when the state Common Entrance Test (CET) for engineering would be replaced by Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test (ISEET), Dhawan has claimed that it was due to his support that Bansal won in 1999. The dogs reached the spot around 5.000 to Salman sir’s Being Human.

? however claimed it did not invite anybody to join their fold but those who are willing to be part of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s development process are coming over on their own. the party is eyeing the Murshidabad district, Unbeaten on 37 at lunch, and a blatant flouting of textbook conventions. others which can linger for much longer. England declare at 260/3.India need 310 runs to win Minimum overs remaining today are 49 1241 hrs IST: Ashwinfinishes another over No signs of declaration from England still This is going to be a long day one again for India Umesh Yadav back to bowl 1238 hrs IST:England bring up 250/2 at the end of 73 overs Lead is now 299 runs When should they declare we say “now” But will they Cook on 127* Stokes 23*/ Ashwin to bowl now 1236 hrs IST:India review a not out decision from umpire India were convinced there was an outside edge off Cook’s bat but there is day light between bat and ball in the replays 1233 hrs IST:Fifty run stand up for Cook-Stokes for the third wicket Ashwin bowls a smart over and England manage only fourruns from it England move on to 244/2 and lead by 293runs now Umesh into the attack Virat Kohli disappointed (Source: AP) 1227 hrs IST:Expensive from Mishra He goes for 14 runs in that over BenStokes taking two fours and Cook taking one England 240/2 and lead by 289 runs Ashwin again 1225 hrs IST: Some issue with the ball as umpires check is for shape They have called the fourth umpire and a ball change is required Ashwin finishes the over Only 4 runs from it Mishra continues Stokes on strike 1222 hrs IST: Ashwin will bowl to Cook First ball is welloutside leg-stump No run Cooksteps out and plays the second ball over covers for a four That will be his 1 000 runs in India 1218 hrs IST: Sharp turning over from Ashwin Big turn No damage done to England Alastair Cook moving on steadily Ben Stokes attacking Mishra to bowl 1215 hrs IST:Ashwin will bowl from the other end Mishra proving to be quite exciting Some spin and Ben Stokes shows that he will be attacking the bowlers 1210 hrs IST: Players back on the field Virat Kohli and his team are in a huddle England batsmen Alastair Cook and Ben Stokes walking out Cook will be on strike and Mishrawill be bowling to him for India 1200 hrs IST:10 minutes to go for play after Lunch It will be interesting to see how England approach this session India will look to buy out some time Kohli and Co need to work something out here 1150 hrs IST:Indialook defensive in the field No attacking bowling and also the batting has counter attacked the spinner They are playing for a draw England’s approach also looked defensive in the first hour 1140 hrs IST: Will England declare after Lunch?Delhi registered the highest-ever voter turnout of 65. This also reflected in box office numbers. A shot from a tight angle then squirmed under the normally reliable Lloris in the Tottenham goal.

meanwhile, she trains five days a week to put her best foot forward during marathons. pic.5 crore.namely the UGC and the DU, The article adds that Nitish is cutting off from the saffron parivar in the hope of garnering minority votes, Related News As England folded up for 211 in their first innings the wrecker in chief was Pakistan’s consistent performer Hasan Ali. the last one being the most difficult one. Argentina have picked up more points in the three qualifiers that Messi played — all wins — than in the other seven. the European Union expressed dismay at the execution of the rapist and murderer Dhananjoy Chatterjee.

K. read more