Baidu K complete and re collected thoughts

on the 6.1 day, my station was K, when the mood, like the bottom, but my heart is still said, we can not do without Baidu station but


so then update and maintain it every day. But one more thing is to study why K. At that time, I saw a lot of webmaster like me on ADMIN5. They were all K this time. They also combined some SEO knowledge and got some conclusions:

1, renamed: "I see their traffic stability in the rise, the site name changed to" Shanghai free resources network".

recommends that websites do not make stand names with ready-made popular keywords. Now I change back, Shanghai can spell read more

How to do a no flow station to do 5000P teach you

how to do a no flow station to do 5000IP, teach you

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I hope you will see that this approach is absolutely feasible, and it works, and now the outdated brothers test has been successful. Don’t talk nonsense, get to the point.

how to do a no flow station to do 5000 IP, in fact, very simple, the key is that you do not have the brain to think about. I want to write out, if you are interested in doing it, then do as I say, basically can achieve 5000 IP, if you can, I have what requirements, there is interest in support of my alliance, not interested in not demanding. read more

How to run a cooked food chain store

        shop may be very simple, business is not an easy thing, now many entrepreneurs are optimistic about the food items, cooked delicious taste good, but also very convenient, whether as a snack or cook with food are very appropriate, the public is also very love the market is very good. Because of the development of good, so many people are willing to open a deli, little investment, the business is very simple.

        cooked food chain stores seem to have a lot of advantages, but join the deli can make money? Of course not, although the project is good, but the latter is also very important. How to open a cooked food franchise stores in the business or to spend some time thinking. read more

nteractive Encyclopedia Wu Yanpeng small webmaster transformation APP great prospects

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, Comsenz laggards 2010 fifth Chinese Internet webmaster conference and Comsenz& the laggards established 8th Anniversary Party owners held in Beijing the Great Wall Hotel on May 29th, the station will be the cross can change the practice of green growth "as the core theme, mainly discusses under the background of new era, the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs should be how to deal with the survival and development of the topic. The home of the stationmaster participates in and reports on the annual meeting as part of the conference’s collaborative media. read more