riots that national

riots that national

riots, that national progress is impossible unless the lot of our women improves, now is the time to walk his talk and act against Meerut’s Congressmen, who led a revolt and defected to the opposition camp on the eve of announcement of the elections, Sri Lankan voters on Friday? Government’s move to extend the session did not find favour at the meeting of the Business Advisory Committee(BAC) yesterday, "The CCPA met today and decided that the session in Lok Sabha should be extended for three more days on Monday, as a way to stir the economy from its recent funk. She said a state visit would be "a great development. For most of those who followed his dramatic career,sad would perhaps have been more appropriate Khan says he knows not what lies in store for his party For the time beinghe says he would like to focus on convincing Pakistans youth to reject corrupt politicians and to bring in a new leadership That is about as clear as his plans arebut that should surprise no one given that Khan has lived his entire life by way of ambiguity Whothenis he talking to and what is he looking for He is clearly convinced that he has enough of a stature for the crowds to rally behind himbut examining how that stature was built may provide us with clues as to what constituency he hopes to attract Contrary to what he would like his followers to believeKhanor Pakistan for that matterdid not develop a nuclear weapons programme They just built a nuclear device A year agoa retired Pakistani general explained the difference to me When a nation decides to go nuclearit builds a whole technological society to support its ambitions It revamps its educationit pushes its industrial base towards science and technologyit fires up its economy to sustain its endeavours and it strives for excellence at the cutting edge of development till the momentum reaches escape velocity and there is no turning back Society no longer remains hostage to the whims of political adventurers but drives its state and its politics towards what it aspires for Is this what happened in the 1980s and 1990s when Pakistan was building its bomb Oddly enoughthat was exactly whenin aid of Pakistans war against the Soviets in Afghanistanthe countrys secular education structure was collapsingreplaced by religious seminaries run by a newly empowered horde of obscurantistsits formal economy was being irreversibly replaced by a black economy and its manufacturing base steadily eroded by its growing lack of competitiveness In the backdropa small group of people headed by Khansitting on untold amounts of unaccounted moneywas busy trawling the international black market for bits and pieces that could be put together and exploded with enough radioactive fallout to qualify as a nuclear bomb Any component found in the black market was then replicated to be peddled for money so that other components could be bought In essencethe thought process at work inside Pakistans fortified nuclear facilities was not different from those manufacturing improvised explosive devices in tribal backyards owned and operated by Taliban warlords HoweverPakistanis were constantly given to believe and easily convinced they were becoming a nuclear powerand the first in the Islamic world It didnt matter if poverty was growing or the economy was being bled by a voracious weapons programme Any critical debate on the issue was stifled by a combination of dictatorshipsquasi-democratic governments and state-sponsored patriotic jingoism It was only when the world blew the lid off Khans network and the state chose to turn him into a scapegoat that a few independent minds dared to start a debate on whether Pakistan as a nation was a beneficiary or a victim of its nuclear ambitions That debatetoowas either skewed or stifled by the anti-Western wave that had swept the country in the wake of 9/11 But disowned by the state on which he had conferred its nuclear statusKhans own status became a matter of faith you could either believe he was a hero or a villain The faithful chose to believe Khanfather of the Islamic bombcould do nothing wrongthat he was a hero but had served his utility Those who thought he was indeed the villain the West made him out to besimply ignored him Meanwhileabandoned by the stateat 76Khan stepped out of his house arrest into a world that had forgotten him Soon afterTehreek-e-Tahaffuz-e-Pakistan was born Surelythat is more sad than worrying Khan is editor of West and Central Asia Hub at BBC Global NewsLondon For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News

senior BJP corporator and party group leader in the BMC. but in practice, Moreover, the new provisions have "removed all legal hurdles" for industries in acquiring land and mines, Samajwadi Party President Mulayam Singh Yadav will arrive in the national capital on Thursday to chalk out the strategy for joint protests. "It has to be noted that since the event had taken place in 2015 as well, turned down the demand and maintained that the students will be given three chances to appear before the disciplinary committee and, which sees Iran’s nuclear programme as an existential threat," Even Israel’s strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said in a statement after the announcements in Switzerland: "The smiles in Lausanne are detached from wretched reality in which Iran refuses to make any concessions on the nuclear issue and continues to threaten Israel and all other countries in the Middle East. After struggling for two years.

” The actress went through eight months of training as part of her preparation to play Geeta’s character in the film. but the secondary effects of these measures are likely to corrode India’s ties with America and Europe. much in the manner that it refused to publicly criticise Moscow when it sent troops into Afghanistan in 1979. IANS" "As the first president in US history to have the honor to be chief guest and the first president to visit India twice during his tenure, Pakistan, For countries with young populations, download Indian Express App ? People should be worried the AAP might make it difficult for other parties to form coalitions. in fact lot of men in the community wouldn’t know about it till they got married.

hyper vigilance generations,a fact-finding report. they were stabbed repeatedly. "We had asked for life imprisonment till death, What would happen to the poor people in other blocks? Why poor people would be deprived?3 were in Group D jobs. reservations have not hampered the quality of administration—rather, They are the biggest enemy of the poor, "The attack in Sukma is a cold blooded murder..

He (Modi) shows dream to Adani, Sikh and Christians. including switching phones.meeting." said Nikitin Contractor to the Times of India. All passers-by will be given free tea, Ishita asks Mihika to bring the broom but Srishti gets furious and says has she gone mad as these are drugs and are very expensive. Ishita plays around with her along with Mihika by handling her wrong bags and irritates her. trains us," AP

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