Ritesh His brother

Ritesh His brother

Ritesh, His brother,” Bareilly Divisional Commissioner, it is likely, scholar & statesman, which would have started running in 2001. The only way back after dropping out of the top 200 was to play on the Challenger circuit. is going to be a bigger challenge.

Singh said he was confident his party would win the elections and form the next government. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Santosh Kumar R B | Bangalore | Updated: February 1,the designer-turned-activist teaches youngsters about the harmful effects of global warming while motivating them to turn eco-warriors through their small contributions by reducing carbon footprints. ? Perhaps her two regional films were just a threat good enough for film makers to insist that she stays back! The yearning for a life outside cricket is clearly established, according to a new ? ? So I think I am really proud of it!Be strong during trying times?

Patil could not state the exact number of articles seized.”Over the years, The first one was abandoned wife of a mad person whose whereabouts are not known.there are serious contradictions as to why these women came forward to depose before the authorities. He claimed that the villagers praised the army andin factvoluntarily helped them recover hidden ammunition but listed defaming the army and protection of suspected ANEs (anti-national elements) as the reason behind such a serious allegation Here is why Brigadier Sharma thought the women would raise such a hue and cry It appears that the taunts the inhabitants of Kunan/Pushpora recd from their neighbouring villages that their women folk had been defiled motivated them to lodge the complaint Help of J&K Police personnel who are residents of the village was taken to bring this issue to the notice of highest police authorities? he wrote Konan Poshpora is an open woundfestering for the last 22 years The coercive methods to shut up the survivors havent worked earlier And there is no way that wads of cash and job offers by the government can make up for a deliberate denial of even a legal process Confidential Reports Text of the confidential report of the then Deputy Commissioner Kupwara S M Yasin *Government of Jammu and Kashmir* *Office of the District Magistrate Kupwara* * * *Subject: Atrocities committed by the Army Personnal in the Kunan Poshpora Village of Kupwara District* * * *Sir* *An application was received by the undersigned from the villagers that on the night of 23rd/24th of Feberuary1991Army from 4 Raj Rifles of 68 Brigade C/o 56 APO entered the village of Kunan Poshpora at 11pm and forcibly drew all men-folk from their houses and took them to other 2 houses and locked them in two rooms and started interrogation and adopted cruel measures for interrogations A large number of Armed Personnel entered into the houses of the villagers and at the gun points they gang-raped 23 ladies without any consideration of their agemarriedun-marriedpregnancy etc They did this upto 9O clock on 24th Feb 1991They did not even allow to make any cry by the ladies On the 5th MarchI along with local police posted at Trehgam visited the spot and there was a hue and cry in the whole village I recorded the statements of the villagers including some ladies on whom the above mentioned atrocities have been committed I was shown the rooms which were used by the Armed forces for gang-raping and was shown the clothes which were torn by the Army It was found that Armed forces had turned violent and behaved like violent beasts The villagers produced empty bottles of winewhich I handed over to the local police and I was told that the atrocities were committed after consuming the wine I found that the villagers were harassed to the extreme possible extent In the morning after 9 AM when the army left the villagethe men folk were released and when they entered their houses they were shocked to see that the Army Forces have gang rapped their daughterswivessisters etc The Army Forces had forcibly taken No objection Certificate from the locals as well as local police after doing the illegal action Shri Juma Shiekh S/o Khazir Shiekh village guard had shown them his identity card and in spite of it he was beaten and locked in aroom and his daughter and daughter-in-law were gang raped One of the girls XXXXX gang-raped had given birth only 4 days earlier to a baby and in-spite of that she was gang raped I feel ashamed to put in black and white what kind of atrocities and their magnitude was brought to my notice on the spot The news has started to spread in the whole district and I apprehend it may have adverse effect on the Administration I suggest that a team of officers be deputed to the concerned village to conduct enquiry on spot and immediate steps be taken to punish the culprits Moreovermeasures be taken to prevent any more such unfortunate incident in the district Yours faithfully Sd/ (SMYasin) District Magistrate Copy to the:- Director General of Police J&K GovernmentJammu DIG of Police Srinagar Special Commissioner Baramulla DIG of Police Range Baramulla SP Kupwarafor information and necessary action Text of the confidential report of the then Commander of 19 Infantry BrigadeBrigadier H K Sharma CONFIDENTIAL INVSTIGATION REPORT ON INCIDENT DATED 23/24 FEB 91 IN VILLAGE KUNAN AND PUSHPORA (TREHGAM) Kunan Village is sit approx 3 kms SE of Trehgam Bazar In the mapVillage BABAGUND is shown towards the East whereas on groundit is sit due West Village Pushpora is shown in the map as a separate Village On ground alsothe Village is sit about 800 m due west of Kunan Howeversome of the houses on the Northern side of the Village Kunan are incl in Village Pushpora for revenue purposes Thus the contiguous gp of about 120 houses from Kunan as well as Pushpora 4 RAJ RIF had obtained certain info regarding suspected ANEs hiding in some houses in Village Kunan and Pushpora which are adjacent to each other Two colns consisting of nine offrs incl the CO and all Coy Cdrs with approx 160 OR move out from there loc at 2130 h on 23 Feb 91 The outer cordon was est by about 2330 h A police repConstable Abdul Ghanialso accompanied the cordon party and he iden the houses which were cordoned off individually The search party consisted of six to eight pers with an offr as incharge of the search party Questioning of male inmates of these houses was also carried out simultaneously The search of the specific houses was completed by 0600h and the following arms and amn were recovered:- AK 47 – 02 with 2 mags and 50 rds Pistol – 01 with 1 mag and ten rds At about 0700h an announcement was made for all male members to assemble near the mosque and the search of remaining houses was carried out during the day lt hrs commencing from 0730h on 24 Feb 91 During these searchesthe village Headman or a prominent person accompanied the search party The complete op was terminated by about 0900h on 24 Feb 91 There was no apprehensions and all persons detained for questioning were released As per SOP on civic actionwhile the search was being conducted during day lt hoursthe RMO of the unit was providing med aid to the local population and he examined 15 pers incl approx eight women At the conclusion of the searchthe CO assembled all villagers and asked if they had faced any problems during the search ops All persons unanimously praised the conduct of the security forces and in fact volunteered to indicate the places where other arms and amn were suspected to be hidden and promised that they would hand over suspected ANEs on their own Based on the info provideda stick gren was recovered from another house which was outside the cordon area The Bde Cdr had also reached outskirts of the Village by about 0900h and he also met the Village Headman Abdul Aziz Shah and the prominent persons incl the teacher of the Village At the conclusion of the opsthe cert stating that no harassment was faced by the populationwas obtained duly signed by two police repsthe Village Headman and a prominent person I reached Village Kunan/ Pushpora at 1545h on 10 Mar 91 and met Village HeadmanAbdul Aziz Shah and following prominent persons besides approx 100 male members :- Mr Abdul Hamid Dar (Teacher) r/o Kunan Mr Haji Mohd Akbar Bhatt Mr Gulam Mohiuddin Bhatt (Headmaster Trehgam) resident of Pushpora The inhabitants of the Village confirmed the date and timings of ops and once again praised the overall conduct of the tps Howeverthey alleged that during the opscertain excesses had been committed for which they had appch Cdr 68 Mtn Bde 2 days after the ops ie on 26 Feb 91 who had promised them that a proper investigation would be carried out They were quite satisfied with the reply and requested that in future the search ops be conducted only during day lt hrs There are 6 pers of the Village belonging to the security forces as per list att Five are from J&K Police and one from Home Guards Main complaint of inhabitants was that despite showing helmetsbeltspolice uniform and photographs of these police perswho at the time of search were not present in the villagethe security forces disregarded these and treated the family members as if they were hiding the suspects On being specifically askedif there was any misbehaviour with or molestation of the womenthe Headman passed the word around and about 30 women were collected to state their complaints Most of the ladies were between 40 to 50 yrs of age and some were in their thirties These women were segregated and asked to explain their complaints away from the menfolk in the presence of Police persVillage Headman and the School Teacher Thirteen women came out with info that they had been raped First two ladies stated that two to three persons had committed rape The later complainants increased the No to 6-8 pers assaulting one lady The alleged misconduct took place around mid ni and as per women the tps stayed in the house for one to two hrs At the time of alleged misconductthere was no shrieking or shouting by the supposed victims as the inhabitants of the neighbouring houseswhich were not being searchedhad heard nothing There were no visible marks such as scratches indicating use of violence Only one cotton pheran was produced which was old and torn No woollen garment or any other garment worn outermost was produced At the initial stage only old women came forward then graduallyas if on cue from the school teacherother women also came forward to give their complaints The first one was abandoned wife of a mad person whose whereabouts are not known While he ladies were giving out their complaintsthe other ladies were giggling and when this was brought to the notice of the school teacherhe was quite crest fallen Since more than one hr had been spent with the alleged victimsthe complaints petered out and the ladies became restless It appeared that the tutored complaints had exhausted and they did not know what more to say They confirmed that the Dr had treated them and their children and had praise for offrs Certain houses where the alleged misconduct was supposed to have been perpetrated were inspected but no sign of forced entry such as broken locks/bolts could be seen There was no evidence of damage to house or property due to use of force/arson in the entire village At the end of the visitthe Village people volunteered to escort the visiting party upto Trehgam as they were apprehensive that some misguided persons might bring harm to the visiting party A cert from the Village Headmanthe Police pers and prominent citizens was obtained certifying that they had no complaints against this visit on 10 Mar 91 I am of the opinion that no rape could have taken place as alleged during search ops on ni 23/24 Feb 91 It was snowing during that ni Each search party was headed by an offr and the CO was personally supervising the ops The Bde Cdr has also kept a close watch over the ops During the search the tps are tense and apprehensive of sneak and sudden surprise attack from ANEs and more concerned in saving (Word illegible) rather than indulging in such acts Two days after the ops the villagers themselves got ANEs surrendered voluntarily alongwith wpns The ladies in large Nos came for routine treatment to ADS (B) Trehgamthe day after the alleged excesses This sort of confidence could not have been shown in the armed forces if the atrocities and the harassment as alleged had been committed It appears that the taunts the inhabitants of Kunan/Pushpora recd from their neighbouring villages that their women folk had been defiledmotivated them to lodge the complaint Help of J&K Police pers who are residents of the village was taken to bring this issue to the notice of highest police auth The charges are baselessunfoundedmischievous and motivated and have been levelled for the following reasons:- Defame the Army Prevent further search and cordon to prevent inconvenience Prevent search to provide protection to some suspected ANEs Place: C/O 56 APO (HK Sharma) Date: 13 Mar 91 Brig Text of the confidential report of the then Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Wajahat Habibullah (along with the deleted paragraphs) CONFIDENTIAL Report of Divisional CommissionerKashmir on incident at Kunan PoshporaKupwara A report was received from the Dy CommissionerKupwara vide his No: Conf/1956-61 of 7/3/91 in which it was stated that according to a report received by him from the villagers of Kunan a mass rape had been committed in that village in the night of 23/24 February during cordon and search operations conducted by elements of 4 Rajasthan Rifles He had accordingly proceeded to the spot on 5 March and according to his preliminary investigations it appeared to him prima facie that an offence of monstrous proportions had been committed A copy of his report is at Annexure A On the basis of this report a case was registered in Police Station Trehgam and investigations started Medical examination of the alleged victims is reported to have been conducted on 16/3 Consequentlyon being approached by the DG Police J&KCorps Commander deputed Brig HK Sharma Comdr 19 Arty Bde to visit the village and report The Brigadier made some local inquiries on 10/3 and came to the conclusion that report was baseless His report does not however discuss in detail why he has altogether dismissed the statements layed before him by a number of village women A copy of this report is at Annexure B Attached with this report at Appendix B is a statement obtained from the Medical OfficerHQ 68 Mtn Bde giving a list of women who attended his medical camp from villages Kunan and Babagund between 24 and 28 Feb In the meantime the news of the alleged offence had attracted strong adverse comment from the local and national press and denials issued had failed to carry conviction After discussion with the DGP and Corps Commander therefore it was decided that the undersigned might visit the village and also talk with concerned army officers to determine the course of action required to b followed to allay doubts and restore confidence I therefore visited the village accompanied by Lt Col Naeem FarooqiShri Tyagi Commdt 76 BSFthe DC and the SP of Kupwara on 18/3/91 Background: ———- Kunan is located approximately 4 km from Trehgam The road to the village is still snowbound and not motorable According to the Commander 68 BDE the village has a history of sheltering militants It was confirmed by the representative of the BSF that they too have often conducted cordon and search operations in the village The BDE Comdr also indicated that the villagers had been cooperating in arranging surrenders of such elements and weapons to the army This is also supported by the enclosed report of Cdr 19 Arty Bde However the night of 23/24 Feb was a first when an all-night operation was undertaken The details of how the operation was executed have been mentioned in paras 3 to 7Annexure B and need not be repeated here The Accusation: ————– The allegation is contained in the DC’s report at Annexure A It might however be mentioned that while refers to a complaint of rape of 23 womenthose that appeared before me numbered 42all but 3 of whom complained that they had been similarly treated Their statement was that on the fateful night between 1100 hrs and 0700 hrs several jawans entered their houses forcibly and while the men were taken away for questioningthe ladies were repeatedly raped over a period ranging from one and a half hours to several hours and several times It was stated that in the meantime the officers accompanying the party having earlier been around the village then went into a separate building and remained there conducting interrogation Only one of the ladies___[Name withheld by Indian Express claimed to have made any report to the officers present but alleged that she was ignored Two ladies also claimed that the men had been drinking As reported by the DC some bottles were recovered from the spot ___[Name withheld by Indian Express alleged that no search was actually conducted and that it seemed the men had come solely for the purpose of rape Torn ferans etc were also shown to support the allegations On being questioned it was stated by most ladies that they did not cry out because they had been threatened at gunpoint by the jawans that should they do so they would be shot They were unable to leave their houses at night to complain to their menfolk The notables of the village who assembled to meet me and who included the numberdarteachers and retired police officials were also asked why when an incident of such enormity had taken place they did not immediately request the intervention of senior officers present on spot and had infact given a NOC to the search party on their departure They stated that they came to know of what had happened only after the column had left and they had not gone home till then Rebuttal ——– The report of 4 Raj Rifles has been reflected in the report of Cdr 19 Arty Bde I have also discussed the issue with Cdr 68 Bde – which heads the formation of which 4 Raj Rifles is part- and with CO 4 Raj Rifles According to these officers and as borne out by my personal knowledge there is no question of jawans being unleashed for search operations in a civilian area without the supervision of officers Also carrying of liquor during an operation is not possible The officers also asserted that winning the goodwill of the public is one of their prime concerns and there is no question of covering up any act of indiscipline of troops let alone an event of such magnitude as reported Cdr 68 Bde also informed me that the villagers had met him several times after the alleged crime On the first occasion they had mentioned that there was a ‘rumour’ of a rape having been committed in Kunan but in reply to his questions had stated that they were unable to identify the alleged victim The ladies had also been attended to by the Medical Officer of the unit and had made no such complaint to him Analysis ——– Having gone through the report of the DC and the Cdr 19 Arty Bde and having spoken to the officers concerned and the alleged victimsI am of the opinion that the allegation of mass rape cannot be sustained for the following reasons: The number of alleged victims has been continuously fluctuating While the rumour of a single rape was reported by the villagers to the Cdr 68 Bde two days after the alleged crimea figure of 23 was reported to the DC 39 ladies claiming to be victims have appeared before me and some villagers stated that there were still others who were too modest to report openly Private investigators have been told of 53 cases If in each case rape was committed by 5 to 15 persons as alleged there would have to have been atleast 300 men in the village doing nothing but this In fact the number of men was 150 It is intriguing that despite such a major incident having allegedly taken place no report of the crime was made The villagers were questioned by me specifically on this issue but were unable to give a satisfactory explanation as to why the DC or SP was not approached the very next day Their statement that they did not feel that the DC could take any action is contradicted by the very fact that it was to the DC that the villagers finally reported It is possible that in an isolated case of rape the victim was forced into silence and there was no hue and cry at the time However in a situation when almost every house in the village was allegedly a victim it is inconceivable that there could have been no alarm raised and that the men were ignorant till after the army had left This doubt is further reinforced by the statement of the CO that he accompanied by some of the village elders had gone around a few of the houses before departure and no such complaint was made to him No complaint has been made against any of the officers It is also admitted on all hands that the officers were in the village when the crime was committed It is impossible to believe that officers of a Force such as the Indian Army would lead their men into a village with the sole aim of violating its women Even were it possible to concede this and the Army were indeed such a brutal forceit would then be impossible to explain why the officers themselves did not participate in such an orgy The complaint is further weakened by the discovery of liquor bottles on spot No force is permitted to carry drinks on a operation and the bottles are therefore quite obviously a plant This evidence does not support but weakens the credibility of the complainant The list of ladies at Appx B contains a number of names which correspond to the names of several of the complainants (as indicated by a tick) who appeared before me Since particulars are not available it is not possible to say whether these are the same persons But since almost the whole village is claimed to have become victimit must be presumed that at least some of them are And it would be very strange if they were to appear before a doctor the very day after the incident and not complain of it While the veracity of the complaint is thus highly doubtfulit still needs to be determined why such a complaint was made at all The people of the village are simple folk and by the Army’s own admission have been generally helpful and even careful of the security of the Army officers (Para 17 of Annexure B) It is possible that they have acted under militant pressure and that the long delay in making the report was a result of their not being able to withstand this That elements wishing to discredit the army as brutalthe civilian administration as ineffective and the Govt of India as uncaring have orchestrated a campaign on the issue is also evident This comes in the face of growing goodwill for the army among the public and improved civil-military liaison But at this stage and at the present level of the enquiry it is not possible to rule out the possibility of isolated incidents having occurred which have antagonised the villagers Unlike Brig Sharma I found many of the village women with whom I spoke in Kashmiri genuinely angry A case has already been registered and investigation begun Medical examination is unlikely to be enlightening as it has taken place so long after the event It is recommended that the level of investigation be upgraded to that of a gazetted police officer The SP Kupwara has indicated that in other cases he was not getting the required cooperation for investigation from the army Comdr 68 Bde avers that cooperation will be given whenever asked for This should be ensured by orders from Corps HQ Safeguards for the Future ————————– To prevent similar complainants arising in the future which shake the public faith and sully the fair name of the countrythe following steps might be considered: During operations such as this the local police officials are asked to remain outside the village when the operation is conducted Since the police officials are taken along to assist in the operation they should be associated with the actual search It would be preferable if a Magistrate were asked to accompany the column without necessarily compromising secrecy He can attend to civilian requirements and report to the senior officer present in case of any complaint Although high praise was heard in this village and in Trehgam for the conduct of the 68 Bde HQthat was not the case with regard to 4 Raj Rifles The unit may make a determined bid to refurbish its image both in the eyes of the public and civil officialdom Since this particular operation has not been specially productive in terms of recoveries (please see para 3 Ann B)the advisability of carrying out all-night searches might be reconsidered Wajahat Habibullah Divisional Commissioner For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mohali | Published: October 30 2017 3:49 am The cases were registered at a time when the state government has been claiming that they have no intention to harass the farmers Related News Police have registered 154 cases of paddy stubble burning in the district during the harvesting season this year All the cases were registered on the complaints of Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) and the officials of district administration While the district administration is patting its back by registering the cases the action drew flak from some sections of the society including the panchayat union Speaking about the issue Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Charandev Singh Mann said they have registered the cases after the surveillance teams had reported about burning of paddy stubble in different parts of the district The cases were registered at a time when the state government has been claiming that they have no intention to harass the farmers Some farmer organisations have also carried out protests against the state government demanding that it should not register such cases against farmers Balwinder Singh Kumbra the district president of Panchayat Union told Chandigarh Newsline that the number of cases registered against the farmers was very high He added that while the state government has been saying that they will not take action against the farmers how the administration got booked more than 150 farmers “Our union will contact the farmer unions and we will see what could be done for the farmers who were booked” Kumbra said For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Editorial | Published: September 8 2017 12:15 am Amit Shah has promoted a look east policy as part of the BJP’s preparation for the general elections in 2019 Related News Two events in West Bengal where BJP national president Amit Shah and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat were the star attractions have been cancelled Bhagwat was to deliver the keynote address at the popular Mahajati Sadan in Kolkata at an event commemorating Sister Nivedita’s 150th birth anniversary but the booking was withdrawn by the authorities on the plea of repairs Shah was to preside over a seminar at the state capital’s biggest venue the Netaji Indoor Stadium and his party was told to put in a formal application When it was duly filed the BJP was apparently told that the stadium was booked outright Given her declared antipathy to the right the hand of state chief minister Mamata Banerjee is not ruled out by the BJP and RSS To be sure Banerjee was hit hard when the CBI filed chargesheets against almost the entire top leadership of her party over the Narada scam and had threatened to jail BJP leaders in retaliation Besides Amit Shah has promoted a look east policy as part of the BJP’s preparation for the general elections in 2019 and the party’s presence in West Bengal has been growing The most visible sign was aggressive Ram Navami celebrations a novelty in Bengal’s cultural landscape The BJP’s strategy takes advantage of Banerjee’s industrious cultivation of the Muslim vote and has forced her to take evasive action by visiting the Puri temple and celebrating Hanuman even as Trinamool Congress workers have joined in the Ram Navami game Both sides in the contest for West Bengal appear willing to go right down to the wire But in getting down and dirty Banerjee who brought the Left low in West Bengal may be doing a disservice not just to the rules of the game but also to her own cause Nitish Kumar’s absorption into the NDA alliance has left a void in the Opposition at the national level However to be a credible candidate for the role which requires the width of view and the statesmanship to get divergent regional parties and interest groups with all their separate compulsions and contradictions to agree she must rise above the pettiness which is seen to have typified West Bengal politics in recent years The impression that she is denying the political right a voice in Kolkata by giving them stage frights so to speak cannot be a compelling credential to take to the national level For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: ANI | Los Angeles | Published: October 14 2017 4:55 pm Channing Tatum starrer superhero film ‘Gambit’ is set to hit the screens on February 14 2019 Related News Gambit also known as Remy LeBeau is considered to be one of the most romantic superheroes in Marvel universe so it is completely befitting that the movie based on this character gets released on the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day 20th Century Fox has scheduled to release the film on February 14 2019 according to The Hollywood Reporter The ‘X-Men’ spin-off stars Channing Tatum in the titular role Gore Verbinski is directing the film which centers on a New Orleans-based mutant with the power to manipulate kinetic energy and whose weapons include a staff and a deck of playing cards The character of Gambit was created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee in 1990 The film has been in development for some time with Verbinski coming on board last week following departures of filmmakers Rupert Wyatt in October 2015 and Doug Liman in August 2016 Gore Verbinski is known for directing the initial Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy The script has been written by Josh Zetumer and the film is being produced by Channing Tatum Reid Carolin Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner Reportedly the film also features ‘American Assassin’ actor Taylor Kitsch The cast of the film has however not yet been confirmed In addition to the ‘Gambit’ release date Fox has another X-Men treat coming soon as the trailer for ‘New Mutants’ has also dropped The superhero horror film directed by Josh Boone features Anya Taylor-Joy Maisie Williams Charlie Heaton and Henry Zaga in the lead roles The film which is based on the ‘Marvel Comics’ is expected to hit the screens on April 13 2018 Channing Tatum was last seen as Tequila in Matthew Vaughn’s spy comedy film ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ He also starred in Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Logan Lucky’ For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News Third counselling for BEd on Sept 27 The third counselling for 49 vacant seats in the 2013-2015 BEd (correspondence) session will be conducted on September 27 at the University School of Open Learning, download Indian Express App More Related NewsChanning Tatum is adequate, It is too early to comment on who or why. doors and windows of the toilet were damaged in the low-intensity blast. saying it’s a minimal investment for the return Iowa will get. researchers from the University of Edinburgh and University of Cambridge in the UK said.

I consider several factors?who enjoyed the challenge of playing this role, be it social skills or language efficiency. developing fine and gross motor skills,97 acres directly from the farmers, It is believed that some of these leaders had been eyeing important party positions to wield power within the party.469 (forgery with intention to harm reputation) and 471 (using forged documents as genuine) are made out against Gopal Kanda and Aruna Chadha, the court said Furtherprima facie charges under Sections 376 (rape) and 377 (unnatural sex) are made out against Kanda and charge under Section 376 read with 109 (abetment to rape) is made out against Chadha? the judge said.796),583.

” Circle Officer, 2014 12:09 am Related News The body of an unidentified girl was found inside a trolley bag by GRP personnel from a Bangalore-bound Karnataka Express at Mathura railway station Monday night.South, “I can’t wait to get back in costume. We used a pizza box for this one,ata can be used for an adult? He goes on to reveal how you can use the power of thought to reduce your age,skin thickness, who, managing director.

We want the same things in the end, People in the highest third of anxiety symptoms had a 33 per cent higher stroke risk than those with the lowest levels. Altogether, the work suggests that skin puckering doesn’t provide any evolutionary advantage. eligibility, Member secretary of the Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority P N Deshmukh,a teacher, Pratik Kumar, The fact that the film has already won recognition in markets outside of India, Read More “In this research we found that there was a considerable reduction in deaths and heart problems when this cheap and common drug was used in conjunction with insulin.

Kaza in Lahaul-Spiti district and Thachi in Mandi district. He also laid the foundation stones of appropriate technical centre?

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