Month: July 2017

To network planning and research design of the dating sites

was the most serious, network, real dating websites, by good Bole recruitment network CEO Zhu has founded, the website locates in the real and serious, dating provides a platform for the majority of white-collar workers and highly educated friends. As a new dating website, we will be the site of the planning for several years in advance, and through the acquisition of the domain name to achieve the related and preparation of the site, trying to through the website of the website development and promotion to achieve profitability, to provide reliable basis for development for the next stage of the online and offline activities, it should be said that the transfer of with this technology and activities. In fact, before we do dating sites, we have begun to standardize and observe the market, through a complete discourse to express the dating website look, especially intimate behavior, let more people understand the current date formula. read more

Wangzhuan pattern varied station group is also a good profit model

station group, I believe that many webmaster are more concerned about, A5 group also arranged several stations, group management software Group buy, field hot. Recently, the various keywords in Baidu’s top few pages of events, so that we can see the power of the group, I do not know whether SEOER felt the pressure.

Admin5 on Thursday January 6th version, with A5 on "group purchase channel station group of" development and profit model problems, easy to wash, invite the station and 17 stations, such as DIY-Page, familiar with the station group of friends to share development on stations and stations to explore the profit model, understand the issues related to station group. This paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss. read more

Peng Yucheng what skills do qualified nternet promoters need to master

network promotion in recent years, and more and more friends began to contact the network promotion, and then like to network promotion, and finally choose network promotion related occupation. Recently on the Internet there are a lot of friends on QQ group private Q asked Peng Yucheng to do the network promotion staff qualified the required skills, but Peng Yucheng in the network to promote the industry is still in the stage of learning, not qualified to tell these friends as long as what skills can do network promotion, today to take this opportunity to share their feelings in the network to promote the the industry, hoping for some love network promotion friend some help. read more

Small station sold idle nothing to write out the process and mood

station sold, idle nothing, write out the process and mood, sun, ha, ~~~


first contact the line of the most basic techniques are not, think of ridiculous, even more ridiculous idea of registering a domain name in the address bar, enter the open space to ask: in your customer service which registered the domain name how to open]#@ (customer service… #*%

after a month of learning, built his first beauty picture stand, called 520 beauty, (new cloud download source) and then full publicity, in particular to a, I have to. What is good publicity, the highest one day to come from 1wip, which pleased ah, what day is almost 40 yuan income (7c and ALI) also bought a week traffic light to sell traffic to earn 300 yuan. In the publicity to more than a month, in addition to capital also earned 500 yuan. Later to restructuring, IP reduction, natural flow in 300 or so, not their mood, coupled with no record for taking off. read more

Potential risk of anti season promotions

a lot of entrepreneurs are able to see the new season promotion brings, so have altogether come to invest, do not know which of the shallow water depth?

clothing as durable goods and goods can be preserved, the most popular. While winter is absolutely useful for the jacket because of its high price, high conservation value, anti season sale become "the use of space for time and space saving money" wishful thinking.

but well-known brands of annual design, style of the mysterious business retention, generally not season sales, the well-known brand and the strength of the general inventory crisis does not appear or cleared behavior. The Guangdong famous trademark "Wenhua down" as an example, the brand operation for many years, has accumulated a wealth of market information capacity and inventory management ability to control inventory is one of the focus of the entire sales operations management. read more

The way of big operation how to construct new media website ecosphere

‘s so-called new media web site refers to the "titanium media / Tiger sniffing / love fan /36 krypton" represented by "organized, disciplined" development of UGC website platform, compared with traditional media sites of these sites.

borrowed the concept of "WEB2.0" with the rapid development of operation mode of the "user generated content", it can better meet the needs of users in most areas, or the latest information technology, or the depth of analysis reports, or exclusive viewpoint. In this article "represent the general trend of new media and the reality of the ceiling" (link: the rise of new media, the author respectively analyzed and summarized and the future road: "so, to take potential after the new media are needed. This road, to put it bluntly, is the old problems encountered by the new generation of those who are from the traditional media, the new media is no stranger to the head." My understanding of this passage is: the rise of new media is due to "caused by the social environment, the new media is the inevitable result of the rise of the Internet influence on the media industry, the development of new media to better, you need to understand the future road, on the way to the wound, but (as follows) three mountains. The "three big mountains" refers to: their own positioning, business model, credibility. Indeed, whether new media or traditional media, in the course of its growth, can not avoid meeting the above three difficult problems. read more

Failing experience frustrated by the operations of the daughter country

do the daughter of the country and also had a hundred days, watching the dying daughter of the country, was quite heavy, once vowed to say to the friend, daughter of the country within half a year at least a month to make a profit of 3000 yuan, while the October earn hundreds of pieces of advertising fee, plus 100 tickets (the market price of 70 yuan / Zhang) performance is almost 3000 blocks! But still lost! Because the popularity of a daughter of the country already fell trinidad.

today: 356, yesterday: 829, the highest daily: 4134 ", from this set of data can be seen clearly, the economic downturn, daughter of the country also had no popularity! Do community is really difficult! Was very confident:" we want to make the largest daughter of the female community I do, you will be successful! I’m not Bruce Lee, not an all rounder, in failure can also listen to summarize, you help me analysis, how to make a website read more

Baidu K station expedites the quality of the nternet

also saw many websites have been K, very sympathetic webmaster.

Baidu included in the agreement is a highly repetitive site may not be included, in fact, there is a high repetition of the site does not guarantee K.

Baidu K station does make you upset, but this is the positive side, will make many webmaster slowly to the website quality and user experience, resulting in the overall Internet qualitative change, of course, is the right direction, and we are in the development of grassroots webmaster bedding and epitaph. read more

20 thousand P film and Television Forum failed three major reasons

20 thousand, IP’s film and Television Forum, three major reasons for the failure of business

I have personally done a television forum, mainly Hongkong TVB series, was well developed, which reached its peak at 2Wip, but ultimately failed to analyze the following reasons, I hope you learn from you, avoid the bend of the road I walk.

first, the members and moderators contradictory, improper handling

I have a forum moderator to delete an old member of the post, the members are extremely dissatisfied, combined with a plurality of old members asked me the administrator to give a statement, I did not fully understand the truth, will directly support the moderator’s approach, results are combined with a number of members of the old members can I resist this forum, caused a great loss of popularity. read more

How do you manage the personal web site of P daily traffic

for many webmaster who set up the website, all know is, want to let the website development more prosperous words, get web site high popularity, high flow is very important. Because today’s people are through the flow to identify the credibility of the site, so the flow of access is every webmaster friends are more concerned about the focus of the topic.

see a lot of people’s personal website can harvest every day to tens of thousands of IP traffic really make people very jealous, but IP 10000 flow personal website is how to do read more