Month: August 2017

Way to deal with large amount of site index reduction

The link structure of 2, unreasonable

are two arms and two legs, a head and a mouth, two ears, two eyes and the structure of the human body, the fact that the site is the same, the first page list page (channel page, column page) – page form. The site also includes some other pages such as topic page, search page, page labels etc.. Both of these pages is the site, to form a complete structure of the human body. However, these single page how between interrelated, this is "a hub – link. Like the blood vessels of human body, the body parts are connected. If the part of the vascular problems, will cause harm, there are light bleeding, even lead to death. The site is the same, if not reasonable collocation website internal links to web site, will lead to serious obstacles in the spider crawling process, can’t even find some web pages of these minor status. If the site links too much, it will cause serious problems, search engine to remove dead links database, this is an important reason for the decline in site index. read more

Think of the point of view of search engine optimization is not mysterious

second, search engine optimization to reference a competitor’s site. Our analysis of multi angle search engine optimization, is actually required owners out of their own optimization narrow field, observe others optimization strategies and techniques, any one industry must be optimized to do good site, as a webmaster to do a good job in addition to your own web site optimization every day, but also carefully observe carefully the peer site, look at others with what strategies and optimization techniques in the optimization of the website, such as the day the update number, which is released every day outside the chain of every marketing platform? How to start so? Pay attention to these details can make us a more detailed understanding of competitors, the enemy, baizhanbudai used in search engine optimization also also, we have to do is learn from each other, with the strengths of others, we did not find the details to make up for our The lack of, so that we maximize the advantages, it can essentially good service to our users, from a long-term perspective to beat our competitors. read more

Fast recovery experience love Shanghai weight share

1. is the first rule Links connection >

, found the problem

3, to check the website of the Shanghai love ranking, found "training courses", "training" and other core keywords ranking still maintain the original appearance, but a sample of 200 basic details page ranking fell to second, the long tail word out, love Shanghai over natural flow a lot less, certainly love Shanghai site weight was lowered, but fortunately every day the contents are also included, only the ranking is not very good. read more

A5 analysis of enterprise marketing the competition of how visual stationmaster a keyword

first, see the URL link. We all know that the home page keyword ranking than other pages have an advantage, generally speaking, when a keyword search results ranked in the top ten include more than three non home page link, then this keyword is generally less competitive, if the top twenty is the domain name or web page links then, the keywords competition is not low. The simplest and most common example is the medical website, if medical website owners should know that the words are full of medical home, but now the home did not have the love of Shanghai medical is very eccentric, other keywords enterprise website can through the analysis of the sample, but the author found that web site keywords the small and medium-sized enterprises are competitive products, these products are not great. read more

Love is love Shanghai Shanghai may test version of 1

friends can click here to view the specific situation.


I then try to other key sites for the search, most of the results did not appear behind the recommended gesture. But behind the search results of贵族宝贝 and baidu贵族宝贝 of the noble baby is part of the gesture and the recommended number of. This shows that Shanghai is indeed the love may be deployed in the test button. But another strange thing is just colleagues with IE and Chrome cannot see this button to see Firefox (Chrome I can see), what reason is this read more

No 6 window is runningYiqifa Nalan CPA registered advertising line CPA 3 yuan a

  now very regret, regret should not only look at the interests of the moment, see the popup ads to make money so easy and the heart, see No. 6 pop advertisement and have registered, put the code to start waiting for money, advertising is a Trojan horse I will not say more, I believe it is clear…… I want to say is that my account should be paid when the money, then the site has gone on foot, we can go to see, 7.24 days after the Commission will no longer pay, and their customer service can not contact! Pity me. I still have money in it…… It’s depressing…… read more

Analysis of the factors which reduce the web page out rate

two: the web page layout of chaos. Everyone is in the web page is simple and generous love page, rather than some out of order. The web page is too messy if visitors suddenly off the page, the influence of such words to site is great. Simply a few points to note. Many sites have put love video flash file good, in order to attract the attention of the user, this is a good starting point, but some sites enter the home is a big video files in there, enter the homepage video will start playing automatically, such can let the visitor’s computer is so laggy, the user is not so much patience, directly off the page, the page also use of background music, the background music needs to be loaded, when a web site is open no sound, and had only a moment out of music, it will scare visitors. Sometimes you can find some websites due to sell their own website products, from the middle of the page pops up a small window ask whether you need help, this. read more

Analysis site right down to judging and solving methods

: the first benchmark data on Shanghai Longfeng data will generally anomaly, Shanghai dragon data weathervane is through the daily sampling 100 thousand sites to analysis data, relatively accurate.

website is one of the most worried about whether the reasons for the adjustment will be right down, in fact, love Shanghai algorithm is recommended for everyone to get experience to improve web site rankings, but most of the website is to completely replace the industry, or directly to a new site including the database template program to replace all. Here to remind friends, before the revision, please list the revision and contrast before the revision, the revised benefits after the revision of the advantages, it is not recommended that the replacement of URL and database etc.. Of course, if you are ready for the long-term development and the establishment of a new site, then is a new transformation, but I suggest you change a new domain from the new, old 301 domain to the new domain name, the domain name weight when the old domain inheritance, is very easy to love Shanghai assessment period. read more

Classification of the chain note and the acquisition mode




chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. Link is a very important process for website optimization. Directly determines the quality of incoming links to our website in search engine weight and keywords ranking. Speaking of the chain can improve your weight, it will talk about the operating principle of search engines: the search engine spiders to crawl web page as much as possible, it will follow a link on the page, a page from the climb to the next page, like a spider in the web crawling, this is the name of the search the main engine spiders. read more

How do the Chain Forum

28 is our webmaster forum outside the chain often go to places, such as forums such as the tui18, the weight of up to 6, to the hair of the chain and pushed us every day, 28 post daily amount has reached tens of thousands, according to common sense, the amount included 28 sites should be will push a lot of growth every day, but the following data will make you terrified.

Hello, I love everyone, see flowers bloom Yan of the harvest, I believe there will be a lot of people think I (or me), today to share the dry cargo is how to do outside the chain of the forum, perhaps you will say: "the forum outside the chain? We also use a hand will do you teach?". But I would like to ask you, you go to the forum every day outside the chain, can do signature, your ranking rose up? Do you really know how to send the chain in the forum? Today’s content maybe for some people may have not heard, maybe I don’t say that you will never understand, please prepare antihypertensive drugs before see below. read more

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