Month: November 2017

Li Xiang and then build do not rely on charging piles of electric carsBitcoin end of the pioneering


, of course, for the electric car, if you can not break the charging point, everything is empty.

however, today, in view of the biggest trading platform, Mt.Gox filed for bankruptcy news, I’m afraid many people are more curious, "do you still trust bitcoin? Is it finished?"

, this is Li Xiang’s third venture, and in 2013 he has led the car home to complete the listing at the nyse.

in July 7th, at the R & D center outside the North Fifth Ring, Li Xiang accepted an exclusive interview with China’s ID:xjbmaker, detailing his two electric cars. read more

The definition of nofollow and how to use nofollow

some people will choose to remove the blog comments above nofollow, this is not wise, because the blog will often have different kinds of related links, this website will lead to topic drift situation. But because does not belong to the scope of this article, no more.

but because of the role of nofollow, people use nofollow to attempt to control PR in the Links above, in fact this idea is completely wrong, PageRank said there was no loss. Although the original PR formula based on the derived links on the page too much is not good, but the baby is more noble advocate even better website. read more