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“Our Humble Kanji Is Being Charged At Rs.1300” Kerala High Court Warns Private Hospitals Against Charging Exorbitant Rates On COVID Treatment

first_imgNews Updates”Our Humble Kanji Is Being Charged At Rs.1300″ Kerala High Court Warns Private Hospitals Against Charging Exorbitant Rates On COVID Treatment Lydia Suzanne Thomas10 May 2021 4:58 AMShare This – xGiving strong warning to hospitals for overcharging on Covid-treatment rates, the Kerala High Court on Monday cautioned hospitals to abide by the rates notified by the government in its Order published today.The Division Bench of Justices Devan Ramachandran and Dr Kauser Edappagath orally cautioned hospitals to charge rates as notified by the State Government today. The Court cited an instance of a hospital in the Ernakulam district which was found to have levied high rates for its Covid treatment, as per the report of the District Medical Officer submitted in Court today.”We are not taking the name of the hospital…”, the Court said. On this theme, the Court said, “we have a list of hospitals that have indulged in profiteering” and emphasised that it would monitor compliance with the Government Order.All private hospitals in the State of Kerala, with respect to the 50% beds reserved for Covid patients would be bound to offer treatment to such patients strictly as per rates stipulated in the Government Order, the Bench urged in its judgment.The Court took note of the new order enforcing provisions of the Kerala Clinical Establishments Act, 2018 and its Rules, and pointed out that Section 39 and Rule 19 required hospitals to publish the rates of COVID treatment.The conjoined effect of the statute and rules would require hospitals to publish the rates being charged, the Court notes in its judgment. Accordingly, the Court has required private hospitals to publish their price lists. Prices of drugs and other excluded rates would have to be charged in consonance with the Maximum Retail Price or price under the Drugs Control and Essential Commodities Act.”Any violation will visit them with penal consequences”, it was impressed in the judgment.While the Court was on the subject of exorbitant rates, the Court cited an instance where rice gruel or kanji was charged at Rs 1300. “Our humble kanji is being charged Rs 1300″, Justice Ramachandran exclaimed, clarifying that the rate was an extreme, isolated case.”If Kanji is charged Rs 1300, we may find it difficult to swallow”, Justice Ramachandran remarked.”Kanji is the new caviar,” an Advocate quipped.”Maybe we’ll soon have to keep it under wraps and hide it away, like gold”, Justice Ramachandran joked in Malayalam.In its judgment, the Court urges the State Government to set in place its grievance redressal mechanism, with authorities to monitor complaints of overcharging at Private Hopspitals at the district and State level forthwith.Additionally, after Advocate Ajay M for the Kerala Medical Services Corporation informed the Court that many private hospitals had already appointed Incident Commanders in compliance with the Disaster Management Act, the Court directed that Incident Commanders monitor rates being charged at the hospital level. The Court enjoined incident commanders to inspect purchase bills and other receipts received by patients.The Court exhorted private hospitals to be partners in the fight against Covid and implement the government’s order in letter and spirit.High Court’s concern about economically-challenged patients who did not fall within categories whose expenses were footed by the GovernmentIn this respect, the Court took note of the Government Order wherein the rates of treatment for patients under the Karunya Scheme (KASP) and government-sponsored patients was footed by the government in private hospitals.”What happens to a BPL patient, patient not under KASP?”, the Court asked.After deliberations with the Counsel, the Court proposed that a patient or his by-stander could ask the private hospital to connect with the District Programme Management and Support Unit (DPSMU) and seek that they be covered post facto under the KASP or be treated as government-sponsored patients, if they met eligibility criteria.If they were prevented from moving through the private hospital for any reason, they could approach the DPMSU, the Court stated, noting that this system could remain in place till the matter was taken up next for compliance.First Line Treatment CentersTaking note of the fact that First Line Treatment Centers were not mentioned in the Government Order, the Court observed that the rates prescribed for General Wards could apply to FLTCs as well, even those maintained by private medical centers. Violations would not be permitted, the Court emphasized.When the State Attorney pointed out that there were no FLTCs maintained by private hospitals, the Court said that it knew of one being operated by a hospital.Other directions to private hospitalsAll hospitals who were admitting patients after the publication of the Government Order would be bound by the Government Order, the Court underscored.All private hospitals in the State of Kerala, with respect to the 50% beds reserved for Covid patients would be bound to offer treatment to such patients strictly as per rates stipulated in the Government Order, it was again stated.It was made clear that no private hospital shall be entitled to charge for drugs/PPE kits/essentials/oximeters etc. more than cost price. Actual rates on PPE kits etc. could be charged on a pro rata sharing basis by all patients in ward depending on actual use, the Court said.When counsel for an association of private hospitals Advocate K Anand raised a concern about the need for subsidizing electricity/water rates, the Court directed him to approach the concerned authority under the government.Click here to download the Government OrderClick here to download the judgmentTagsCovid Treatment And Tests Covid Treatment Kerala High Court Justice Devan Ramachandran Justice Kauser Edappagath Private Hospitals Next Storylast_img read more

Greensburg Run

first_imgYou have to give a lot of credit to Coach Meyer and the Greensburg Pirates for their amazing run over the past 4 years.  No matter how this season finally comes out, this 3-A EIAC school has to their name 3 sectional championships,  2 regional championships, and ay least 1 semi-state  and state championship.What makes this even more amazing is that during this same stretch another EIAC school–Batesville–has accounted so far for all but 2 of the Pirate losses during the last 3 years of that run.  For most schools in Indiana, when you are that dominant you at least have things easier in your own area and conference.  However, Greensburg has had the most trouble with Batesville who is in the same conference.Coach Meyer and his staff have put together a team with 5 D-1 starters.  Bryant McIntosh is going to Northwestern to play basketball, Sean Sellers is headed for Ball State to play basketball, Colin Rigney will play tennis at Ball State, and Macy Holdsworth is headed for IU in baseball.  This leaves Ryan Welage, only a junior, who is yet to decide where he will play basketball.  Not many schools with 700 or so students have ever put this type of team on the basketball floor for 3 straight seasons.Time will tell how this group will be remembered when the history books are written.  For now, it has been quite a run!last_img read more

How Mariners fans will remember Felix Hernandez

first_imgDuring his prime, Felix was one of the top pitchers in baseball. He won the Cy Young in 2010 and finished in the top four in Cy Young voting three other seasons. Hernandez also had a sub-2.50 ERA three times, six All-Star nods and notched a perfect game in 2012. A team could have unloaded starters and key farm pieces to try to lure the right-hander into spearheading a postseason rotation. Though his name would occasionally come up in longshot trade rumors, nothing ever materialized. He was destined to be a Mariner for the long haul.Hernandez will be known as a guy who went about his business, never complained about his team’s struggles, and poured everything he had into an organization that loved him endlessly. If sports are a business, King Felix is the quintessential employee. He’s everything Seattle could have imagined and then some.That’s how I’ll remember Felix Hernandez. MORE: MLB playoffs 2019: Bracket, dates, times, TV channelsHernandez is hardly the pitcher he once was, but T-Mobile Park showered him with an honorable sendoff in an emotional and nostalgic evening in Seattle. As for me, it’s impossible to comprehend that Felix Hernandez’s time in Seattle is likely finished.There won’t be the sea of yellow in King’s Court shouting for a strikeout during a two-strike count. There won’t be the blaring of the sing-along chorus in Aloe Blacc’s “The Man” when the King makes his pregame trek to the mound. There won’t be the raw and fiery look on his face when a defender makes an inning-ending play that ignites the home crowd.His legacy isn’t going anywhere, but those memories that we might have taken for granted are now behind us.King Felix means everything to Seattle, and after 15 years with the Mariners organization it’s safe to say Seattle means everything to him.Without living in the Pacific Northwest or being a diehard Mariners fan, it’s difficult to understand how this one player captured the hearts of an entire fanbase. “Not gonna lie, a tear came to my eye last night as he left the field,” a friend of mine wrote in a text shortly after Hernandez’s last start. The two of us grew up watching the Mariners religiously and supported Hernandez as if we knew him personally. Our backyard Wiffle Ball games would feature overexaggerated iterations of Felix’s iconic hip turn on his pitches. I remember firing up “MLB: The Show” with Hernandez on the bump against the worst-hitting teams in the game in hopes of pulling off a perfect game or a no-hitter. There were countless seasons when any remaining excitement for the Mariners was lost by the All-Star break. We always knew that every fifth game would be worth watching, though.Yes, it’s the all-too-familiar story of a franchise player appearing in his last game, but it feels like more than that with Hernandez. Fans my age grew up with Felix; he’s our generational star. He’s the reason I kept a transistor radio under my pillow in grade school to hear the final innings when it was past my bedtime. Favorite teams and players will take you to these lengths.On the national scale, Hernandez will probably be remembered as a really good pitcher who never made the playoffs and heavily declined over his final seasons. There will be articles about whether he’s the best pitcher to never reach the postseason, as well as arguments about why his legacy is diminished because of the same fact.Though it stings Mariners fans that Hernandez never pitched in October, his loyalty to the city of Seattle speaks louder volumes than a playoff bid ever would.From 2005 to 2019 (the duration of Hernandez’s career in Seattle), the Mariners were never in first place any later than June 13 of any season. Just three times Seattle had a first-place lead past April. And this year, if you can believe it, the M’s tied their longest stint in first place in the Hernandez era at 27 days, even though the team wound up losing 94 games.This stat says it all: There were more Hernandez wins (169) than days in first place (129) while King Felix was in Seattle.Despite all the team’s lulls over the years, Hernandez’s passion never wavered. Last week, I said goodbye to one of the final remaining pieces of my childhood. On Sept. 26, Felix Hernandez made what was likely his final start in a Mariners uniform, allowing three runs and recording three strikeouts in a 106-pitch effort against Oakland. last_img read more

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