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Prefab House Can Be Erected In Just 5 Hours

first_img Sustainability-minded people are very big on prefabricated buildings. Prefabs tend to have a much smaller carbon footprint. Part of the reason why is the speed with which they can be assembled.Take Casa Montaña, for example. It’s a 1,076 square foot two-story home and it took a small crew just five hours to erect it. To be clear, it took much longer than five hours to actually build the house. That part of the process — which took about four months — was done elsewhere, and the resulting pre-built components were then trucked to the construction site for final assembly.Generally, those components would be built and shipped as (more or less) two-dimensional panels. The Casa Montaña was actually built from three-dimensional units. They look a bit like modified shipping containers — which have been used in numerous ready-to-deploy housing projects.Outside, the home features a slate roof and wood cladding as a nod to its rustic setting in the Asturias region in northwest Spain. Inside, whitewashed steel I-beams and corrugated metal decking give Casa Montaña a clean, modern appearance. The home’s open floor plan helped keep onsite construction time to a minimum.Not only was Casa Montaña designed to go up in a hurry, it’s also designed to come back down just as fast. If the owners ever decide they’d like to relocate somewhere else, the house can be disassembled, loaded back onto trucks, and hauled to a new site… where it could be put back together again in a matter of hours.The total cost for the house was about $195,000. Still, for a home that can be put together, taken apart, and moved around with relative ease, that’s not too shabby. Finding the perfect place to live might take you numerous moves over multiple decades… why not buy a house once and at least have that part of the equation solved from the get-go?Images via Barchitects Modular 3D Printer Builds Sustainable HousesAmazing House Goes Up in 6 Hours and Costs Just $33k Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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