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Premier League: Arsene Wenger set to break Sir Alex Ferguson’s record

first_imgArsenal manager Arsene Wenger is set to break legendary Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s record on 31st December 2017. Wenger will take charge of his 811th game as Arsenal manager which is one more than what Alex Ferguson managed at Manchester United, to become the Premier League’s most experienced coach.Wenger will hope to bag all 3 points and guide his 6th placed Arsenal back to the ‘Top 4’ and the UEFA Champions League qualification positions.Arsene Wenger, at Arsenal has been in charge of 810 matches winning 468 of them, a win percentage of 58 per cent. Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson has won 528 of his 810 matches in his Premier League career.WATCH VIDEO HEREAs the 68-year-old Wenger creates history, we take a look at 11 managerial highlights of his reign at Arsenal.Arsene Wenger will manage his 811th Premier League game on 31st December 2017, which is one more than the current record of 810 games managed by former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.Sir Alex Ferguson managed his final Premier League game on 19th May 2013 against West Bromwich Albion which ended in a 5-5 draw. Arsene Wenger will break Ferguson’s record when his Arsenal team also face West Bromwich Albion on New Year’s eve.Arsene Wenger is the only manager in the Premier League who has gone an entire season unbeaten with the Arsenal ‘invincibles’ squad of 2003-04 who stormed to the trophy without losing a single match that season.Wenger was awarded France’s highest honour Legion d’Honneur in 2002 and was appointed honourary Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2003 for his contribution to football.advertisementWenger was appointed Arsenal manager on 1st October 1996 and has managed Arsenal for over 21 years. He is currently the longest serving manager in top 4 tiers of English football.During his reign at Arsenal, Wenger has guided the club to 3 Premier League titles has also been named the Manager of the Year on 3 occasions and voted the manager of the month 15 times.The Frenchman also won seven FA Cups with Arsenal, which is the record for most FA Cup titles by any manager in English football history.In 810 Premier League matches as Arsenal manager, Wenger’s side has won 468 games and lost only 145, the remaining 197 matches ended in a draw.Arsene’s Arsenal teams have also scored 1,524 goals under him while conceding 781 goals in the same period.Under Wenger Arsenal finished in the top 4 and qualified the for UEFA Champions League each year barring one.Wenger’s most expensive signing at Arsenal has been French striker Alezandre Lacazette for 46.5 million Pounds at the start of the 2017 season.last_img read more

Montreal police arrest one of Quebecs 10 most wanted criminals

first_imgMONTREAL – Montreal police say they’ve arrested one of Quebec’s 10 most wanted criminals.They say Frederick Silva, 37, was arrested last night in Montreal and is expected to appear in court this afternoon to be charged with murder and attempted murder.According to the RCMP’s website, a Canada-wide arrest warrant was issued for Silva in June 2017 after he allegedly fatally shot a man in the parking lot a Montreal strip club in May following a fight between two groups.Silva is also facing an attempted murder charge stemming from a second incident earlier that same year.A Montreal police news release from 2017 says Silva allegedly fired shots at a victim in a restaurant in Terrebonne, northeast of Montreal, hitting the person at least twice.Police at the time described Silva as dangerous and potentially armed.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Celebrating cultural renaissance

first_imgA premium show of art featuring a cultural renaissance of our times is being organized by the Lexicon Art Gallery at the Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Known for their penchant for displaying an astute selectivity in their choice of artists, this event, titled ‘Manthan’, features the works of legends such as Satish Gujral, Jogen Chowdhury, Jangarh Singh Shyam, Thota Vaikuntam, Seema Kohli, Vinita Dasgupta, Vishal Joshi, Ashish Tyagi, Gurudas Shenoy, Laxman Aelay, Paramesh Paul, Rabin Mondal, Ramesh Gorjala, Ratan Saha, Sujata Achrekar, Sunil Das, among others. The event will be held from May 25 – 28 Also Read – Add new books to your shelfOn display are early works from Sunil Das’ sixties period, when he created his iconic ‘bulls’ series. Also, there is an ample variety of sculptures including a six-foot sculpture by Ashish Tyagi. The attractive sketches of Gouri Vemula are a discreet merger of life and its philosophy, while a fiber cast painted cow sculpture by Seema Kohli, attracts visitors by its colorful composition. Mingling contemporary and tribal on the platform are works by the legendary Gond master, late Jangarh Singh Shyam. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe period of the paintings selected for the exhibition has been consciously restricted to the sixties genre so that viewers are given a chance to review the art in terms of its historicity. While the works are not directly related to events and trends of the era under view, their combined effort at artistry exudes a growing originality and individual expressiveness evident through the works.Besides providing a glimpse of the era under the display, the exhibition has also handpicked some outstanding creations of the time, that are worth a special mention.last_img read more

OpenJDk teams detailed message to NullPointerException and explanation in JEP draft

first_imgDevelopers frequently encounter NullPointerExceptions while developing or maintaining a Java application. They often don’t contain a message which makes it difficult for the developers to find the cause of the exception. Java Enhancement Proposal (JEP) proposes to enhance the exception text to notify what was null and which action failed. For instance: a.to_b.to_c = null; a.to_b.to_c.to_d.num = 99; The above code will print java.lang.NullPointerException and which doesn’t highlight what value is null. A message like ‘a.to_b.to_c’ is null and cannot read field ‘to_d’ will highlight where the exception is thrown. Basic algorithm to compute the message In case of an exception, the instruction that caused the exception, is known by the virtual machine. The instruction gets stored in the ‘backtrace’ datastructure of a throwable object which is held in a field private to the jvm implementation. In order to assemble a string as a.to_b.to_c, the bytecodes need to be visited in reverse execution order while starting at the bytecode that raised the exception. If a developer or tester knows which bytecode pushed the null value, then it’s easy to print the message. A simple data flow analysis is run on the bytecodes to understand as to which previous instruction pushed the null value. This data flow analysis simulates the execution stack that does not contain the values computed by the bytecodes. Instead, it contains information about which bytecode pushed the value to the stack. The analysis will run until the information for the bytecode that raised the exception becomes available. With this information, it becomes easy to assemble the message. An exception message is usually passed to the constructor of Throwable that writes it to its private field ‘detailMessage’. In case the message is computed only on access, then it can’t be passed to the Throwable constructor. Since the field is private, there is no natural way to store the message in it. To overcome this, developers can make detailMessage package-private or can use a shared secret for writing it or can write to the detailMessage field via JNI. How should the message content be displayed The message should only be printed if the NullPointerException is raised by the runtime. In case, the exception is explicitly constructed, it won’t make sense to add the message and it could be misleading as no NullPointerException was encountered. As the original message won’t get regained so the message should try resembling code as possible. This makes it easy to understand and compact. The message should contain information from the code like class names, method names, field names and variable names. Testing done by the OpenJDK team The basic implementation of testing for regressions of the messages is in use in SAP’s internal Java virtual machine since 2006. The team at OpenJDK has run all jtreg tests, many jck tests and many other tests on the current implementation. They have found no issues so far. Proposed risks to it This proposal has certain risks which include imposing overhead on retrieving the message of a NullPointerMessage. Though the risk of breaking something in the virtual machine is very low. The implementation needs to be extended in case more bytecodes are added to the Bytecode specification. Another issue that was raised is printing the field names or local names might impose a security problem. To know more about this news, check out OpenJDK’s blog post. Read Next Introducing ‘Quarkus’, a Kubernetes native Java framework for GraalVM & OpenJDK HotSpot The OpenJDK Transition: Things to know and do Apache NetBeans IDE 10.0 released with support for JDK 11, JUnit 5 and more!last_img read more

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