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Portal proofofconcept appears for Android

first_imgThere are two things happening in the world of mobile devices at the moment that make porting games from other, more powerful platforms easier. The first is a growing list of tools that remove a lot of the pain out of games development. The second is increasingly powerful hardware allowing for detailed 3D environments and games to be created alongside the more typical 2D titles.An example of this comes in the form of an unofficial port of Valve‘s popular Portal game to Android. It is only a proof-of-concept at the moment, but shows the potential for a future mobile version. Of course, Valve isn’t going to allow this game to ever see an official release, but there’s nothing to stop them creating an official version.The video above clearly shows this is an early-stages project, but the fact it exists at all demonstrates what’s possible. And the tool used to create it is the Unity engine, which anyone can download for free and start experimenting with right now. The main takeaway from this project is not that someone is trying to port Portal, it’s the fact the project is even possible, and put together using freely available tools. Although, if you did want to release an official Android app, Unity does require you buy a license for $400+ depending on the features you need.Hopefully the developer/s behind this Android Portal build are just experimenting and will turn their attention to an original game once they’ve figured out what’s possible using Unity on Android. The other good news is, Unity supports many platforms, so something built for Android will most likely appear for iOS, PC, the web, and maybe even game consoles.Read more at Android Police, via The Vergelast_img read more

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