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Ibrahimovic: “With classmates I will be very bad”

first_imgZlatan Ibrahimovic, after his first day in Milan, fIt was presented today with a massive press conference that the manager Zvonimir Boban closed, with a warning to his players: “Zlatan gives us illusion, but that nobody forgets the horrible defeat of Bergamo, of that 0-5: we need results. No one can hide behind Ibra’s back” The Swede was happy and eager to prove useful in the field, without too many promises: “I feel the illusion of people, with them everything will be easier. I’m ready and I want to play now from today.”Negotiation: “After the last game with the Galaxy, Maldini called me and we were talking. I had many offers, but I was looking for adrenaline. It was not a difficult choice: I did not want to leave here in 2012, I did not agree and now I have returned. I will do everything possible to improve the situation. I always said that Milan was my home, after Barcelona gave me the happiness of playing football and I really want to. I love this club very much. “ Decision: “The team is not the one before, but Milan is always Milan. Many things have happened since the sale of Berlusconi, I must think in the field: if I had not believed in this project I would not have come here. ”Career: “A soccer player is never the same, the years pass, the experience changes you, it shapes you. I know what I must do to give my best. I didn’t come here to be a pet. ”Training: “I will be very bad with the young classmates, now that I have children I know how to make them grow well (laughs). You have to work hard, strong, you must know how to suffer: if you do not know how to do it, you will not realize your full potential. I like to suffer, so I work hard and expect a lot from my colleagues: sometimes maybe too much, but I see it that way. ” Age: “After being injured I was very happy, they said it was impossible to return and instead I worked to get it: until I can play, I will. It is impossible to do it like when I was 28 years old, but in the field you know how to help: instead of running, you can boot from 40 meters… ”.Adrenalin: “In the collective I want to improve the situation, in the individual sphere I want to have a good time in the field, to be well. I want to notice the grass: when I was away for a year it was not easy. I missed the field, the fans that whistle or applaud you… I almost prefer to be beaten, this gives me even more adrenaline. ”Terms: “I’m fine, I’ve been training since the last game I played: I only need the ball, but that was never a problem. I think I’m ready. “Christian: “It’s nice that I’m in Italy for the championship, we’ll see what will happen.”Kulusevsky: “It is positive that players from Sweden arrive in the big teams, I heard positive things from him, I am glad that he arrives at Juve, there he will learn a lot.”Future: “I don’t know if I will stay here in the future too, you never know. Until I am in the field I will look for challenges: if in these six months I see that I can give something, I will continue, and if not, then I will leave. I’m not here because my name is Ibrahimovic, I’m here to give something, this is what motivates me. ”Pioli: “Yesterday we had little time to talk, we’ll tell ourselves what we need to get both of our best.”Contacts: “A year ago I didn’t feel ready to return, and I was fine in Los Angeles. I went to the United States to feel alive, and after two championships there I feel more than alive: I am ready for Serie A ”.Derby: “I always said that the most beautiful is Milan, we will see how the game will go, but I have not signed a five-year contract, so I can not look too much into the future: I focus on the next game and now.”Italian Cup: “When you start a season the goal is always to win something, now we are in January and it is normal to aim for a trophy, but the idea should be to improve, to raise the mental level and in the field.”Nocerino: “He was very good with me here, look how many assists I have given him (laughs). I don’t know if there is another one like him, I don’t know the teammates yet, but when a strong player arrives it’s normal to have a push. ”Goals: “Did I dial 373? No, be careful: they are more than 500. The numbers are important … (laughs). In football everything depends on the group, I want to improve those of Milan, let’s try ”. Europe: “Let’s go game by game. We want to improve things, I followed the team in the distance and I think it has quality to do more, despite the latest results. You have to believe and workReturns: “Sometimes they haven’t worked, but I still haven’t lost my passion in what I do and that makes a difference.” A series* Data updated as of January 3, 2020last_img read more

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