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First stable release of free office suite LibreOffice launches

first_imgWhen Oracle acquired Sun there were a lot of questions raised about the future of certain products. Oracle has already demonstrated it sees Java patents as something to defend and is locked in a battle with Google over Android.Questions are also being asked about the future of OpenOffice.org: the free alternative to Microsoft Office. Although it seems to be business as usual for the office suite, 33 developers left the project and started work on an alternative open source version. It’s for those of us who want another office suite alternative free of the Oracle link. That alternative is called LibreOffice.Today LibreOffice gets its first stable release at v3.3. The release is the result of four months of hard work and a developer base that has grown from 20 to over 100. As LibreOffice was forked from OpenOffice.org, you can expect to find all of the features offered in v3.3 of Oracle’s office suite. But LibreOffice also has a number of unique features including:Ability to import and work with SVG filesSimple way to format title pages and numbering in WriterMore helpful Navigation Tool for WriterImproved ergonomics for sheet and cell management in CalcMicrosoft Works and Lotus Word Pro document import filtersPDF importSlide-show presenter consoleImproved report builderImproved WordPerfect importerLibreOffice is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux with a download between 148- 215MB depending on your platform.Read more at LibreOfficeMatthew’s OpinionLibreOffice looks to be the equivalent of OpenOffice.org but free from the control of Oracle. That’s going to be improtant for a lot of users, and now we have a stable release with an integrated Windows installer I expect a lot of people will be making the switch.Personally, I’m going to install LibreOffice, but keep OpenOffice.org on my machine for the moment. That way if LibreOffice doesn’t perform as well as I expected I have a fallback. What I do appreciate is the Microsoft Works import filters. I regularly get sent .wps documents which I have yet to open successfully in OpenOffice. Now it should be a simple mouse click.There is another benefit to LibreOffice existing: competition. We now have two free office suites competing with Microsoft Office alongside the always-improving Google Docs. That should mean more features and speedier development as each development team try to keep up or produce something better than the competing suites.last_img read more

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