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Spaniards living in the Belarusian ‘bubble’

first_imgThe President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, recommends fighting the coronavirus “drinking vodka, going to the sauna and working hard”, although, at the moment, the Spaniards at Dynamo Brest only support the third of its premises. “I don’t drink anything. And once I went to the sauna and I didn’t like it. I, being a Canary, prefer the 25 degrees of my land. When I arrived the temperature was -18º. I got off the plane and thought I was dying. One crazy thing, “recalls a David Deogracia uneasy about the situation his relatives are living in Spain:” There are my parents, my wife and my two daughters. They worry about me because I go out to work daily and I am in contact with 120 children and all those who work in the sports city. When we talk, we show happiness to try to take pressure off them. From so far I can’t do more. “Although the Belarusian government tries to appear normal, there are already those who raise their voices so that the country’s soccer will give in to the health crisis. “The most loyal fans ask that the competition stop because they fear getting contagious when they move to other fields. On the last day they did not attend the stadium as a protest“David Deogracia reveals.” The influx has decreased, but people continue to go to watch football, “added the Gran Canaria, aware that Belarusian football could benefit from such an anomalous situation:”They have sold the television rights to Russia and Ukraine for the first time in their history. It is very important to them that the Vysshaya Liga continues. It will bring them many economic benefits. “Thailand, Morocco and … MaradonaDespite having found stability in Belarus, David Deogracia knows what it is like to work in Europe, Asia and Africa. He went to Thailand after receiving a call from Alejandro Menéndez, who then led the Buriram United first team. Deogracia was in charge of the sub-19, which made him the national champion. After returning to Spain, he was recruited by Sergio Lobera to direct the Moroccan Atlético de Tetuán academy. And it led the U-20 team to the first league title in its history. In 2017 he left for Brest, where he witnessed the arrival of Diego Armando Maradona to the Dynamo bench. “We did not agree much, but since we were speaking Spanish, we were able to chat. He was very good to us. He is a crack.” As if it were an oasis in the middle of the desert, Belarus, apparently oblivious to the coronavirus pandemic that affects the world, wakes up every morning wrapped in an enigmatic normality. In Brest, a city of 300,000 inhabitants bordering Poland, he works David Deogracia, one of the three Spaniards who are members of the Dynamo Brest, current champion of the Vysshaya Liga. “We train and then we go home because, although they say that everything is going well, we are cautious. In the face of uncertainty, prevention is better than cure,” says the person in charge of running the academy. “Life here continues normally. Everyone works, takes the car, or goes to restaurants and cafes“adds the canary, who follows” the same prevention guidelines as in Spain “:” It is difficult because you take precautions, but the others do not. That leaves you totally unprotected. “Deogracia mistrusts the official data: “They say that in Brest, a city of 300,000 inhabitants, there is only one infected by coronavirus. It is striking, but precisely because of this the soccer, handball or ice hockey leagues continue to be disputed, because they say there is no risk”. The grancanario is in charge of directing the Dynamo Brest academy. The methodology, train the rest of the coaches or do scouting tasks. Everything has been on his account for three years now. The physical trainer accompanies you in the lower categories Armiche Vega, while in the first team, also as a coach, Fran Balaguer. Everyone claims to be living “in a bubble”. “It is as if we were starring in a movie,” adds David Deogracia, “perplexed” because “I can do whatever I want without any problem and, meanwhile, in Spain they are all locked up at home.”last_img read more

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