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Tesla Production At 6700 In Last 7 Days Turning Towards 8000Week

33 photos Tesl’s  production rate is finally growing towards new record levelsWhen Tesla hit a production pace of around 7,000 car a week (including 5,000 Model 3) at the end of June, we thought that the 6,000 Model 3 a week (target for August) was just around the corner. However, the production rate decreased and even Bloomberg’s Tesla Model 3 Tracker noticed that using its algorithm.Tesla production Analysts Impressed By Tesla Model 3 Tent, Build Quality, Production Speed TESLA MODEL 3 PERFORMANCE New data from insiders comes to us through Electrek, which says that during the past seven days, Tesla produced around 6,700 cars – that’s near the record from June.The most important bit though is that in the past two days, production amounted to ≈2,300, which would be a little over 8,000 cars – if maintained through the full week!8,000 cars (including 6,000 Model 3) sounds like a heartwarming end to a very strong quarter (especially since the lowest week was at ≈3,100). Tesla forecasted that 50,000-55,000 Model 3 could be made in the current quarter, which is still within range.TESLA MODEL 3 Tesla Addresses Paint Shop Bottleneck By Ditching Two Color Options Source: Electric Vehicle News 10 photos Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on September 14, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News Source: Electrek Analyst: Tesla Model 3 Production Can Easily Hit 8,000 Per Week read more

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