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Football Scores

first_imgAs you have probably noticed, college football scores are really up this year.  It was  highlighted this past Saturday when Baylor beat TCU 61-58 in a regulation game.  What are the reasons for this?The biggest reason is probably the emphasis put on holding by defensive backs when receivers are running pass routes.  Rule makers felt that the games were getting too physical.  I know that the fans like these high scoring games, and I am sure that had some bearing on the rule.I believe the second reason is the wide-open offensive sets that a lot of schools are going to.  Twenty years ago you would have never seen a quarterback in the back field all by himself.  This is becoming more and more prevalent as each year goes by.  The defense will have to adjust, and I am sure they will.  However, it is taking time.Even high school games seem to be higher scoring.  For example, Batesville has scored over 40 points in their last two games.  I don’t believe high school refereeing has changed that much, so what else can be making the difference in high school?  Probably, like everything else, players get bigger and stronger earlier.  This leads to arm strength at a younger age, so the high school game has opened up more and more the last few years.  We will have to wait and see how quick the defense will catch up.last_img read more

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