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Last run: Brothers Derek, Dylan Maltz savor final season together at Syracuse

first_img Published on April 15, 2014 at 1:30 am Contact Jesse: [email protected] | @dougherty_jesse Derek Maltz’s high school career was ending. Dylan Maltz’s was just beginning. The only thing either of them could do was stand at midfield and cry.Derek, a Stone Bridge (Va.) High School senior at the time, was Syracuse bound. Dylan, a freshman, didn’t know the first thing about college recruiting, but had proven to be more than just “Derek’s younger brother” in a short time.But their lone year together was slipping away in the regional quarterfinals of the 2010 Virginia state playoffs, with Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School leading by five goals and the final minutes ticking off the clock. So the brothers stood side by side as the season came to an unceremonious end. “It’s not going to be the last time we play together,” Dylan said to Derek, if not to predict the future, then to lighten the sting of the loss. “I know it’s not.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textIt only could have meant one thing, and four years later the Maltz brothers are reunited as teammates at Syracuse. Once again, Derek is a senior and Dylan a freshman, and just a handful of games separate them from another parting. And while they’re doing the most to savor that time and help the Orange back to the national championship game, they’re also closing a chapter of family history.Their father, Derek Maltz Sr., was a walk-on in the early 1980s, on the team that won the program’s first national championship in 1983 and kick-started 22 straight years of final four appearances. He didn’t push his sons to play at Syracuse, but their devotion to the program and each other are a product of his guidance. Derek has bounced in and out of SU’s starting lineup this season, and has scored 10 goals while collecting seven assists. Dylan’s minutes have been scarce, but he’s shown flashes of playmaking ability when given the chance. “Coming here and playing with Derek has been awesome,” Dylan said. “We knew it was coming, but I couldn’t ask for much more from this season with him.”Growing up, Dylan and Derek took every opportunity to be around each other. They often played sports with their friends and were always a package deal. Derek a center and Dylan his point guard. Derek a quarterback and Dylan his receiver. And above all, a duo around the lacrosse net. Dylan was just 3 years old when they first started playing “mini lax” in their basement, and Derek — whose size has allowed him to dominate around the crease throughout his Syracuse career — could always use his size against his younger brother. As they grew older they took the game outside and started regularly watching SU lacrosse with their dad. They learned the names of the players, wore blue and orange gear and absorbed the rich tradition. “They fell in love with the game when they were little,” Derek Sr. said. “I did my best to show them good lacrosse, and that just happened to be Syracuse lacrosse at the time.”But when Dylan got to Stone Bridge and the two were finally on the same high school team, Stone Bridge head coach Scott Mitchell put them on different practice lines to see what they could on their own. “Hey Coach, can I play with Derek?” Dylan asked as his line left the field and Derek’s went on. “Can I try being on a line with my brother?” Derek asked when he came off. But when games came, Mitchell paired the two like he always knew he would.“Guys like that, you can’t split them up,” Mitchell said. “They had a great chemistry and were phenomenal together.”At season’s end, Derek’s decision to attend Syracuse was an easy one. He wasn’t heavily sought after and getting an opportunity at Syracuse was always his dream. But in the three years after Derek left Stone Bridge, Dylan became one of the top players in an area not traditionally known for its lacrosse. He surfaced as the sixth-ranked attack and No. 18 player in the Class of 2013, according to Inside Lacrosse, and drew interest from a variety of programs.Then in the summer of 2011, Dylan and Derek sat on their back porch while Dylan called SU head coach John Desko. It had been a little more than a year since he promised his older brother they’d run on the same field again, and he stuck to that.“He made the decision on his own, and Derek had a lot to do with it,” Derek Sr. said. “He wanted another chance to play with his brother.”Now, after just one more season where Derek is doing his best to help a deep attack unit and Dylan is scratching at the surface as a freshman, they’ll soon part again. But Dylan will carry on the family tradition after Derek graduates, and the youngest Maltz — 13-year-old Danny — is a budding lacrosse star. “He could be the best of all three of us,” Derek said. And when he was asked if Danny could end up at Syracuse, Derek smiled and said, “With our track record, why not?”In the short term, Syracuse is chasing a national championship and the Maltz brothers are doing anything they can to win a ring, just like their dad. Derek’s collegiate career will soon end. Dylan’s is just beginning. But gratuity has replaced their tears. Derek said: “We’re just happy we’ve been able to play another year together. It’s been a blast. We’re always going to be able to look back on it and that’s what’s important.” Comments Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

If Tom Brady were the Bachelor, which NFL team would get a rose?

first_imgThe bio: This team is a new transplant to the Vegas area and has recently discovered their inner party girl. But this wild card knows they have to grow up sometime, and is looking to put down roots permanently. The Raiders work part-time as a fashion blogger and Instagram influencer. They’re great at poker and are looking for a man with whom they can run the table. The Raiders need a superstar to bring their love life (and game) to the next level. This team loves to go out and try new things, and Tom may just be on the menu.The football case: The Raiders have come a long way to make it to the final three. They caught the eye of Brady right away. They’ve invested heavily into supporting their quarterback. Last season, only three quarterbacks who played all 16 games were sacked fewer times than Derek Carr. Running back Josh Jacobs likely would have been the Offensive Rookie of the Year if he didn’t miss three of the last four games. Brady hasn’t played with a running back with Jacobs’ production since Corey Dillon from 2004-06, and he has never handed the ball off to such a young stud.A tight end might be a quarterback’s best friend, and the Raiders have a good one, too. Darren Waller broke out last year with 90 catches and 1,145 yards. We saw what the connection was like between Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Nobody can replicate that, but Waller is a star in the making.Relationship status: *Unnecessary but inevitable* You’re an amazing person. Believe me, your next quarterback is right around the corner, and he’s going to be such a lucky man. The Final TwoTennessee Titans ABC/SN Illustration https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/de/45/patriots-brady_7ad2orpvfjhg1cjccr3ffsll4.png?t=-1418681888&w=500&quality=80 ABC/SN Illustration https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/e5/cc/two-on-one-brady-030520-abcsn-illustration-ftr_2ikawbt7gc8hztw0ek0527bm.png?t=-1398896432&w=500&quality=80 The bio: From the Sunshine State, we have the Buccaneers! This team loves long walks on the beach and sailing — nautical hobbies are their favorite. When wooing this team, Tom would be smart to bring jewelry; they love diamonds, gold and all things sparkly. A few of those Super Bowl rings should do the trick. While the Buccaneers may be younger than other NFL teams, they feel they still have a lot to offer. They’re not here to make friends, and they may not be in it for the right reasons. Tampa’s relationship with quarterback Jameis Winston proved frustrating at times, and might just be looking for a rebound. Does this team really want to find true love?The football case: It wasn’t a secret Brady wanted more weapons last season in New England, and the idea of throwing to be the best wide receiving duo in the league is attractive. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are exactly what any quarterback would want. The problem is Bruce Arians’ offense is centered around downfield passing, and the 43-year-old Brady isn’t the same spry thrower he was in his younger days, back at age 40 when he was winning an MVP. The Bucs aren’t a quarterback away from winning the Super Bowl, and Brady isn’t an obvious fit in the system. Might Tampa Bay just be in this to give this fan base some excitement? It’s also not a good sign when your new man (Arians) talks smack about his ex (Winston). Brady just wants to be loved and appreciated, and that’s not the sort of affection Arians showed Winston. When Arians was asked if this team could win with another quarterback, he responded, “With another quarterback? Oh yeah. If we can win with this one, we can definitely win with another one, too.”Relationship status: The other teams have brought to my attention that you might not be here for the right reasons. Initially, I thought I could see myself falling in love with you, but we just aren’t a great fit. It wouldn’t be fair to you if I kept you around knowing you’re not the team I want to spend the rest of my career with. Can I walk you out?MORE: Tracking the latest Tom Brady free agency rumorsTwo-on-one date: Los Angeles Chargers and San Francisco 49ers ABC/SN Illustration https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/c1/f1/raiders-brady_1q2or45a44wg51lqz4p87yyjbv.png?t=-1419094464&w=500&quality=80 Los Angeles ChargersThe bio: The Chargers were born in Los Angeles, relocated south to San Diego shortly thereafter, and then moved back to the bright lights of the City of Angels to pursue their dream of becoming a model and actress. They love to travel (up and down Southern California, specifically). The Chargers’ biggest fears are heights, bumper cars and raisins. They love photography and prefer cleats to high heels any day! The Chargers are looking for someone who is serious, but can also make them laugh. They need a rock on which to build their future, a future that hopefully includes championships.The football case: The Chargers just broke up with Philip Rivers. Are they ready for a new commitment so soon? It’s hard to say, but they do have an opening at quarterback, and Los Angeles is beautiful. This is still a team that is just a year removed from a 12-4 season, and nine of their 11 losses in 2019 were by seven points or fewer. A full season of Derwin James will help LA improve on its respectable 14th-ranked scoring defense. Brady could be the one to get them over the hump.MORE: Tom Brady could join these 10 other Hall of Fame QBs who changed teamsSan Francisco 49ersThe bio: This team is here for the right reasons. In fact, Brady lived in the Bay Area as a child and grew up a fan. The 49ers love poetry and a good glass of wine. They need someone who will impress their Faithful family since they’ve come so close to success in the past. It may be awkward when the team reveals it was previously dating Jimmy Garoppolo, who was like a younger brother to Tom, but this team will have to be open and honest about its true feelings. While they might appear shy about asking Tom at first, there’s no reason to think the 49ers can’t find their quarterback soulmate.The football case: If the top goal for Brady is to get a seventh Super Bowl ring, it’s hard to find a better option than the defending NFC champs. Their defensive line is elite. They ran the ball at the second-highest percentage in the league in 2019, so Brady wouldn’t have to carry the entire offense. Could he really cause a breakup between the 49ers and Garoppolo? Jimmy G is a former teammate. They went to the Kentucky Derby together for God’s sake. But hey, the cost of winning is high.Would the 49ers really give up on their potential quarterback for the next decade for a one or two year fling with Brady? Garoppolo took his team to the Super Bowl, but so did Rex Grossman. A Super Bowl appearance shouldn’t lock Garoppolo into a lifetime contract, especially when he’s only played for one full season.Two teams enter the two-on-one date, but only one can prevail.Relationship status: I’m falling in love with you. Los Angeles, will you accept this rose?MORE: Tom Brady vs. the incumbent: Who would Raiders, Titans, Chargers rather have?Fantasy suites: So long, Las Vegas RaidersThe Chargers reached the hometown stage but couldn’t make the cut. Now it all comes down to the Fantasy Suite Week where Brady and the Raiders, Titans and Patriots can really get to know each other better.  The Patriots legend has been linked to several other teams this NFL offseason as he flirts with free agency. Brady’s decision looms over the entire football world. He is a hot commodity, and a handful of lovely  teams are all vying for a rose at the rose ceremony. But to whom will Tom give the (Super Bowl) ring? Let’s meet our contestants.MORE: Ranking Tom Brady’s best fits in NFL free agencyFirst impression rose: Tampa Bay Buccaneers The bio: The Patriots are strong and independent, and, technically, they do need a man to form a team. This team loves the city life but couldn’t imagine leaving home in the suburbs. They know people hate them but just assume their success has made everyone petty and jealous. They love being the center of attention and can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight. They won’t be too deflated if they don’t end up with Brady, because while they’ve had a few good years together, the writing has been on the wall for a while. The Patriots consider themselves practical and level-headed, but will their long-time tryst with Brady turn them into hopeless romantics?The football case: From a pure football standpoint, the Patriots make the most sense for Brady. The New England offense is known to be one of — if not the most — complex systems in the league, yet it’s all Brady’s ever known. After spending his entire 20-year career with the Patriots, Brady has entered Michael Jordan territory as the GOAT.The Patriots had a down year in 2019 that ended in a loss in the wild-card round for only the second time in Brady’s career, but they still went 12-4 despite a litany of injuries. It is something for Brady to consider. In theory, the offensive line will be healthy and much improved. The wide receiving corps should have more experience in the system. Tight end is the biggest need on the roster and free agents like Hunter Henry and Austin Hooper should both expect calls from New England. Brady didn’t look like himself last year, but it shouldn’t be assumed it’s because he’s fallen off a cliff. He’s just not a guy who can support a below-average supporting cast on offense in his 20th season. The bio: The Titans live in Nashville but stay true to their farmgirl roots! Raised on a cattle ranch, they love animals and the outdoors, but also know how to be a lady. This Southern belle is a free spirit who appreciates the finer things in life, but isn’t afraid to get a little dirty on the field. Tennessee was in a pretty serious relationship with quarterback Ryan Tannehill but might be looking for something new. They ideally want a quarterback who will hold the door for them, buy them flowers and tell them they look beautiful in their Color Rush uniforms.The football case: Brady feels like he has known the Titans his entire career. He did play eight seasons with Tennessee coach Mike Vrabel in New England. The Titans are a safe option and might be the best fit. Assuming Derrick Henry comes back in 2020, Brady can orchestrate an offense that featured an unstoppable running game in the playoffs. A.J. Brown emerged as a legit outside threat and was a contender for Offensive Rookie of the Year. The Titans would have to break up with Tannehill for Brady, but for a team that was one win away from the Super Bowl, it could be worth it.Ultimately, is Tennessee exciting enough? It doesn’t have the glitz and glam of a Los Angeles or Las Vegas, but it could Brady’s steadiest situation.Relationship status: I’m in love with you.MORE: Six moves Patriots can make in 2020 offseason to convince Tom Brady to stayNew England Patriots ABC/SN Illustration https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/34/f0/buccaneers-brady_f7xffu3a6a0z1w64kfjy7htbl.png?t=-1419373528&w=500&quality=80 ABC/SN Illustration https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/e3/89/titans-brady_xpt59exj9wz710hzus9agcgbx.png?t=-1418714400&w=500&quality=80 Tom Brady is on this spring’s season of “The Bachelor.”OK, not really. But he is on our version of “The Bachelor: NFL free agency,” otherwise known as “The Brady-chelor” here at Sporting News. In the end, you have to wonder if this is about more than ego on either side. Belichick and Brady are the best in the history of football at their jobs. Brady was a sixth-round pick turned six-time Super Bowl champion with Belichick. Belichick went from being fired from the Browns and resigning after one day as the Jets head coach, into one of the best football minds of all time with Brady as his quarterback. They’re great as a duo, but do they want the world to know how great they are on their own?Relationship status: I will always love you.The Final RoseWho will capture Tom’s heart and lock him down (to a new contract)? Tune in for the most dramatic season yet of “The Brady-chelor” premiering March 18.last_img read more

Mahrez, Mane duel in match for AFCON glory

first_imgLiverpool standout Mane, however, is attempting to fulfil his “wildest dream” as one of just a handful of Africans to win both the UEFA Champions League and Cup of Nations.For the marquee name in a Senegalese side ranked top of the continent, and a surprising 46 places above Algeria, the ride to the final for Mane and the Teranga Lions has encountered its share of roadbumps.Two missed Mane spot-kicks, a group stage loss to Algeria, and the loss of goalkeeper Edouard Mendy to a broken finger have tested Senegal’s resolve in their quest for the Holy Grail of African football.Title contenders Senegal need a point from their final group game to be assured a place in the knockout phaseCoach Aliou Cisse is on a mission for personal redemption. He was the skipper of the side beaten on penalties in the 2002 final, with his missed kick handing the title to Cameroon.“Having lost that final, I still have it on my mind,” said former Paris Saint-Germain and Birmingham City midfielder Cisse.“What motivated me to become a coach was to be able to take Senegal to the final. My players told me they would do better than my generation.”A maiden Cup of Nations for his country is a prize for which Mane readily admitted he would trade in last month’s Champions League title.“I’m ready to even swap a Champions League for a Cup of Nations. Going to Dakar with the trophy would be extraordinary. It would be my wildest dream,” Mane told France Football ahead of the competition.Djamel Belmadi has Algeria within sight of a second Africa Cup of Nations triumphStanding in the way, however, is an Algerian outfit that has undergone a remarkable transformation since the arrival of Djamel Belmadi as coach a year ago.The Desert Foxes failed miserably in World Cup qualifying, but the steely Belmadi has healed divisions in the squad to lead them to the brink of a first Cup of Nations triumph since 1990.– ‘I’m not a miracle worker’ –“To the Algerian people, I want to say I’m not a politician, not a miracle worker or a wizard, but that we will fight like we have fought to this point,” Belmadi said after the semi-final win over Nigeria.Algeria are the leading scorers in Egypt with 12 goals, including Mahrez’s spectacular last-gasp free-kick against Nigeria, and haven’t trailed at all in the tournament.Algeria captain Riyad Mahrez has been the standout forward of the Africa Cup of Nations“Algeria are so well organised, so compact, so ‘Guardiolaesque’ in the way they recover the ball,” opined experienced international coach Claude Le Roy. “Perhaps it is the influence of Mahrez.”The Algeria captain has been in fine form for his country here, brimming with confidence after helping City to the domestic treble.“We are very happy to be in the final of the Africa Cup of Nations because it is something very special,” said Mahrez.“It was our goal to do it for the people and for our families. We know they are behind us all the way. It’s my dream to win the Cup of Nations.”“It’s going to be another battle against Senegal,” he added. “We’ve been very good in this competition. The (Nigeria) match has given us more confidence for the final and we’re capable of winning it.”Their hopes will boosted by the absence of Senegal’s defensive rock Kalidou Koulibaly, whose yellow card in the semi-final victory over Tunisia cruelly ruled the Napoli star out of the final.“It hurts to not be able to play. But I will be beside my brothers to write history,” tweeted Koulibaly, the cornerstone of a defence breached just once so far.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Sadio Mane’s Senegal were second best to an Algeria side captained by Riyad Mahrez in CairoCAIRO, Egypt, Jul 18 – Riyad Mahrez and Sadio Mane will renew their Premier League rivalry for a second time in Egypt, with Africa Cup of Nations immortality awaiting the victor of Friday’s final between Algeria and Senegal.Algerian star Mahrez was part of the Manchester City team that edged out Mane’s Liverpool for the English title last season, grabbing a pivotal goal on the final day of the campaign.last_img read more


first_imgThere have been TWO more burglaries in Buncrana overnight.It brings to six the number of breaks-ins in the town since the weekend.Two private houses were broken into – one in the Gransha area and another on the town’s Main Street known locally as Chicken Corner. Two premises were broken into on Saturday night and another two were entered on Sunday night.Property including laptop computers, clothing and cash was taken in the raids.Local councillor Ciaran McLaughlin has appealed to locals to be vigilant and to report anything suspicious to Gardai.  TWO MORE BURGLARIES IN BUNCRANA BRING NUMBER TO SIX IN RECENT DAYS was last modified: March 5th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:buncranaburglarieslast_img read more

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