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IPL 2017, Kings XI Punjab vs Royal Challengers Bangalore: As it happened

first_imgHello and welcome to our live coverage of the Indian Premier League match between the Kings XI Punjab and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. (SCORECARD)That’s all for today.KXIP Innings:23:14 IST: Punjab captain, Glenn Maxwell says that it has been a great start for them. Credits the bowlers for keeping the visitors down to a low total. Adds that it has been great from them to execute their skills. Mentions that Axar Patel is a true professional and he delivered. Feels that he is a quality spinners and is bowling very nicely. Adds that the boys are backing them up and he can’t ask them for more. Reckons that Amla’s knock was brilliant and hopes that he will continue his good run with the bat for Punjab. 23:10 IST: Axar Patel gets the Man-of-the-Match23:07 IST: Bangalore captain, Shane Watson says that the start with the bat was not good. Blames himself too for getting out in the first over. Admits that they lost too many wickets early on. Mentions that a few more runs would have been handy. Thinks that there was a little bit of more dew in the second innings and they didn’t execute their plan well. Says that Stanlake is getting better as the tournament progresses.23:06 IST: Viru is happy.Home-RCB Inspite of Mr360 last 18balls-6,1,0,6,1,6,2, 6,0,4,6,6,0, 1,1,0,6,6Secret Code-HAMLA,Gujju,GM,VA,SS,MV#ViruIPLDiaries#KXIPvRCB- Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) April 10, 201723:05 IST: Hashim scored a breezy half century and his skipper, joined hands with him and played in his usual flamboyant style! He scored a quickfire 43 from 22 and took his side over the finishing line with more than five overs to spare. The Bangalore bowlers tried hard but they didn’t have enough on this decent track.23:04 IST: Another terrific display from Punjab and they have marched through to a comprehensive victory! They are making it a habit of chasing down targets with utmost ease. The two openers, Amla and Vohra gave their side the start they wanted. In the sixth over, Amla got a life and Mandeep fell in the same over later to the guile of Mills. That was the most eventful over of the innings. But apart from that, it was complete domination from Amla and Maxwell.advertisement23:02 IST: Great start by Punjab.Another great crowd at Indore, thank you Sheron! Our next home game is on 20th April at Indore against @mipaltan.#LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 201722:56 IST: SIX! Chahal loops this one outside off, Maxwell clears his front leg and slams it over long off for a maximum. The captain has led from the front in both the matches. He also completes 1000 tournament runs with that ball. GAME OVER. Maxwell hammers one over long-off to give Punjab a eight-wicket victory. Amla 58*, Maxwell 43* We finish on 150/2 after just 14.3 overs. Hashim Amla with a superb 58 not out off 38 balls & #GlennMaxwell 43 not out off 22.#KXIPvRCB- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 201722:54 IST: SIX! Short of a length outside off, Maxwell backs away and carves it over point for a biggie. Captain leading from the front. Just six runs to win for Punjab from 36 balls. Amla 57*, Maxwell 37*22:51 IST: SIX! Not where he intended but gets the desired result! Short and room on offer, Maxwell looks to cut it over point but ends up carving it over third man for a maximum.22:50 IST: Eight runs from the over. KXIP 127/2 after 13 overs, still need 22 runs to win. Amla 55*, Maxwell 23* 22:48 IST: FOUR!  Maxwell is in the mood to finish it early! Tossed up delivery, Maxwell kneels and smokes it over mid-wicket for a boundary.22:47 IST: Pawan Negi into the attack.22:45 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings! Short delivery down the leg side, Amla helps it on it’s way and the ball races to the fence. Brings up his fifty in style. A great knock from him. His second in the tournament already.That is 50 for @amlahash as he plays a pull shot off the edge for 4 runs to fine leg. Great knock, keep going!115/2 off 11.5#KXIPvRCB- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 201722:42 IST: SIX! Clubbed! Tossed up on middle, Amla goes downtown. Has hit that with so much of power that the ball clears the long on fence with utmost ease. KXIP 107/2 after 12 overs, still need 42 runs to win. Amla 47*, Maxwell 13*Big 6? from @amlahash over the media box! Lovely shot over mid-on.107/2 off 11 overs, keep going boys!#KXIPvRCB #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 201722:39 IST: 12 from the over. KXIP 97/2 after 10 overs, still need 52 runs to win. Amla 39*, Maxwell 11*22:38 IST: SIX! These modern day bats, I tell you. Mills hurls a full ball and outside off, Maxwell goes back and slices it over covers for a biggie. It was timed so well that the sweeper cover couldn’t have done anything about that.advertisement6? runs to #GlennMaxwell as he gives himself room to hit the ball over cover!97/2 off 10 overs.#KXIPvRCB #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 201722:37 IST: FOUR! What a shot! Fuller delivery and on the stumps, Maxwell backs away and lofts it over the bowler’s head for a boundary.22:34 IST: Nine overs gone, KXIP 85/2, Amla 38*, Maxwell 1*22:33 IST: SIX! Lovely shot from Hashim Amla. Chahal gives this one flight and keeps it on the stumps, Amla clears his front leg and lofts it over the bowler’s head for a biggie.22:32 IST: Glenn Maxwell comes out int the middle.22:30 IST: OUT! Yuzi strikes. Axar departs for 9. KXIP 78/2 after 8.1 overs. Amla 32*Axar plays all around one from Yuzi! He’s bowled, #KXIP 78/2 #KXIPvRCB #PlayBold pic.twitter.com/WmRu2kQFeE- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 10, 201722:29 IST: SIX! Axar hammers Abdulla for a maximum. 11 from the over. KXIP 78/1 after eight overs. Amla 32*, Vohra 9* 22:26 IST: Spin from both ends. Abdulla takes over from Mills. Surprising decision from Watson to take Mills off.22:25 IST: Five runs from the over. KXIP 67/1 after seven overs, still need 82 runs to win. Amla 30*, Axar 1*22:24 IST: This was the second highest power play for KXIP vs RCB.22:24 IST: Amla looks in sublime touch.22:23 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal into the attack.Yuzi comes into the attack. He’s been our best so far this season, can he do it again tonight? #KXIPvRCB #PlayBold- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 10, 201722:22 IST: Axar Patel walks out to bat.22:20 IST: It’s time for the strategic time-out.22:18 IST: OUT! Wow, what a ball. Vohra is caught off guard! Mills bowls a slower full delivery, Manan Vohra gets stuck in the crease looking to flick and misses. He gets rapped on the pads. Mills starts appealing and up goes the finger. Mills could’ve got both the batsmen in one over had Billy Stanlake caught Amla on the second ball. Vohra departs for 34. KXIP 62/1 from 6 overs, still need 87 runs to win. Amla 26*Mills strikes! Vohra is trapped plumb in front, #KXIP 62/1 in 6 overs #KXIPvRCB #PlayBold- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 10, 201722:16 IST: FOUR! Supreme shot that. Mills bowls this full and outside off, Vohra brings his bat down in time and sends the ball past the mid on fielder for a boundary. 22:15 IST: DROPPED and a six! Mills bowls a back of a length delivery around leg, Amla swivels across and pulls it towards fine leg. Stanlake runs across gets his finger tips to the ball but fails to catch it and parries it over the fence. Very poor effort that!22:14 IST: Tymal Mills into the attack.22:11 IST: FOUR! This time it’s Amla who hits it for a boundary.22:08 IST: 17 runs off the over.. KXIP 43/0, still need 106 runs to win. Vohra 27*, Amla 15*22:06 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! On a length outside off, Vohra goes downtown. Hasn’t got it off the meat of the bat but still manages to clear the leaping fielder at mid off. Earns himself another boundary.advertisement22:06 IST: FOUR! Shot! Back of a length outside off, Vohra cuts it beautifully over point and the ball whistles away to the fence.22:05 IST: Shane Watson into the attack.22:04 IST: Great start for Punjab. Three overs gone, KXIP 26/0, still need 123 runs to win. Amla 14*, Vohra 11*22:02 IST: SIX! Streaky maximum! Shortish ball on off, Vohra goes for the hook but gets a top edge and the ball still flies over the third man fence.22:01 IST: Stanlake keeping it tight. 22:00 IST: Good over for the Punjab side. Eight off it. KXIP 14/0 after two. Amla 12*, Vohra 2*21:58 IST: FOUR! Brilliant! Tossed up outside off, Amla goes inside out over covers and hits it really well to earn his second boundary.Good four through cover by @amlahash!- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 201721:56 IST: Iqbal Abdulla to share the new ball with Stanlake.21:55 IST: Good over from Stanlake. KXIP 6/0 after one over. Amla 5*, Vohra 1*21:53 IST: FOUR! Well played! Back of a length ball on middle, Amla gets up on his toes and works it through backward square leg for the first boundary of the innings.21:53 IST: Stanlake starts off with a peach! Bowls a back of a length delivery outside off and gets it to seam away after landing. Vohra feels for it but gets beaten all ends up.21:52 IST: Manan Vohra and Hashim Amla open for KXIP while Billy Stanlake has taken the ball for RCB.21:51 IST: And the players are back. Can KXIP do it? 21:48 IST: AB was seeing the ball like a football it seems.BCCI Photo21.41 IST: It was the AB de Villiers show at the Holkar Stadium as the South African slammed 9 sixes in his innings of 89 to guide his side to a total of 148. It was his first game of the tournament and boy oh boy has he announced himself! Bangalore scored 77 runs in the last 5 overs to gain some momentum going back into the dressing room. It wasn’t as if the Punjab bowlers bowled poorly but the might of de Villiers was such that the inexperienced bowling line-up found it too hard to cope with.21.40 IST: SIX! Take a bow, de Villiers! He ends the innings with the biggest hit of the night so far. De Villiers walks across to this fullish delivery and smashes it over mid-wicket. Has hit that amazingly well and the ball is out of the park once again.21.39 IST: SIX! Is there anything that AB de Villiers can’t do? Outrageous hitting this! He charges down the track. Seeing this Mohit bowls it wide outside off, De Villiers kneels, takes it on the full and clobbers it over long on for a huge maximum.He may be on the opposition team, but you have to admire #ABDevilliers ability to play all over the ground.RCB 133/4 off 19.#KXIPvRCB- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 2017Match 8. 18.4: Sandeep Sharma to AB de Villiers, 6 runs, 132/4 https://t.co/Km06zsHeyt #KXIPvRCB- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 10, 2017. @ABdeVilliers17 is putting on a masterclass here! Another six over the roof and outta the ground! #KXIPvRCB #PlayBold pic.twitter.com/fO3pMoEOK3- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 10, 2017RCB 115/4 off 18 overs. Two overs left, lets get a few more wickets and keep those runs down!#KXIPvRCB #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 201721.23 IST: FOUR! That’s a terrific shot! Fuller length ball outside off, Binny forces it over covers and the ball rockets to the fence.21.22 IST: SIX! Slammed! On a length on off, Binny gets underneath it and smokes it over deep mid-wicket for back-to-back maximums.21.20 IST: FIFTY! AB de Villiers reaches his 22nd half-century in style. It’s another ABD show we are witnessing here. Royal Challengers Bangalore 96/4 (17 overs) vs Kings XI Punjab21.18 IST: SIX! That’s flat and handsome from De Villiers. Good length delivery around off, de Villiers clears his front leg and tonks it over mid-wicket. Has hit it ever so well and the ball clears the fence with ease. Royal Challengers Bangalore 87/4 (16.3 overs) vs Kings XI Punjab21:13 IST: It’s time for the strategic time-out. RCB 80/4 after 16 overs. de Villiers 38*, Binny 3*21:12 IST: AB is slowly building the innings.BCCI Photo21:10 IST: SIX! AB goes downtown.21:07 IST: Great over from Axar. RCB 71/4 after 15 overs. de Villiers 31*, Binny 2*21:05 IST: Punjab strike back. RCB 70/4 after 14 overs.21:03 IST: Stuart Binny comes into bat.21:02 IST: OUT! Take a bow, Wriddhiman Saha! Short delivery outside off, Singh looks to go for a pull across the line but ends up top edging it behind Saha. The fielder from third man is running in but Saha calls for the catch. Keeps his eyes on the ball but misjudges a bit in the air. RCB 68/4. de Villiers 30* WICKET!!!! What a catch by @Wriddhipops having to run back a long way, looking over his head & diving to complete a great piece of keeping!- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 201720:59 IST: Good work being done by AB and Mandeep. RCB 68/3 after 13 overs. de Villiers 30*, Mandeep 28* 20:57 IST: Good over from Stoinis, only six runs from the over. RCB 65/3 after 12 overs. de Villiers 29* , Mandeep 26*20:54 IST: Rebuilding well. RCB 59/3 after 11 overs. de Villiers 26*, Mandeep 23*20:53 IST: Look who’s supporting RCB.Rebuilding coming on well @RCBTweets keep it going guys pic.twitter.com/YpZmv3OLzF- Yohan Blake (@YohanBlake) April 10, 201720:52 IST: Axar back into the attack.20:51 IST: Half way through. RCB 53/3 after 10 overs. de Villiers 24*, Mandeep 19*20:49 IST: 50 up for Bangalore.20:48 IST: We’re back and Marcus Stoinis is introduced into the attack.20:45 IST: Punjab on top as the teams go into the strategic time-out. RCB 47/3 after nine overs. de Villiers 20*, Mandeep 17*BCCI Photo20:44 IST: FOUR! Fuller delivery, outside off, Mandeep Singh gets low and edges it intentionally past the keeper for a boundary.20:43 IST: SIX! He has absolutely clobbered that. Bowls a back of a length delivery, on middle, Mandeep Singh gets on his back foot and pulls it over mid-wicket for a biggie. That was the 100th six of the tournament.20:39 IST: Punjab on top. RCB 34/3 after eight overs. de Villiers 19*, Mandeep 6*20:35 IST: You just don’t want to run AB out.Nearly a run out there, but @amlahash’s throw is just wide of the stumps!RCB 31/3 off 7.3 overs. #KXIPvRCB #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 201720:34 IST: FOUR! Outstanding shot. Aaron bowls this very full and on the sticks, AB de Villiers stands in his crease and flicks it past the mid-wicket fielder for a boundary. RCB 31/3 after seven overs.20:31 IST: de Villiers hits the ground running right from the word go.VIDEO: Hows that for timing? The @ABdeVilliers17 touch to the fence https://t.co/kpE7IMak6v #IPL #KXIPvRCB @RCBTweets- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 10, 201720:29 IST: Bangalore in a spot of bother after six overs. RCB 23/3 after six overs. de Villiers 14*, Mandeep 0*20:26 IST: Mandeep Singh walks in.20:25 IST: OUT! The dangerman has to take the long walk back to the pavilion. Varun Aaron bowls a inswinging back of a length ball, Kedar Jadhav is cramped up for room as he looks to clip. But the ball nips back in and pings him on the knee roll. Aaron starts appealing and the umpire obliges. Replays, however, suggest that it was not hitting. The poor umpiring in the tournament continues. RCB 22/3 after five overs.20:24 IST: Kedar Jadhav currently on fourth position in the highest scorers list.20:20 IST: Varun Aaron introduced into the attack.20:17 IST: KXIP on top at the moment. RCB 19/2 after four overs. de Villiers 11, Jadhav 0*20:16 IST: Kedar Jadhav strides out to bat. He played a breathtaking knock against Delhi in their last game. Can he continue his good form with the bat?20:15 IST: OUT! The experience got better of the opener there. Sandeep Sharma serves a back of a length delivery, outside off, Vishnu Vinod steps out and looks to go downtown. However, he miscues and the ball flies high up in the air and goes towards Glenn Maxwell at long on who reverse cups it comfortably. The fielder was placed there exactly for that shot and the batsman fell for it. RCB 18/2 from 3.3 overs.WICKET!!!! Our captain #GlennMaxwell takes a comfortable catch at long-on off @sandeep25a bowling to dismiss Vishnu Vinod.RCB 18/2 off 3.3- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 201720:14 IST:SIX! As good as it gets! Mohit Sharma bowls this full and slightly outside off, AB de Villiers stays in his crease, gets under the ball and drives it over extra cover for a biggie. Ends the over with a maximum. RCB 18/1 after three overs. de Villiers 10*, Vinod 7* 20:10 IST: FOUR! Not timed to the perfection, but Vishnu Vinod gets the desired result. Length ball and around off, Vishnu Vinod slap-pulls it over Glenn Maxwell at mid on. And the ball races away to the fence for a boundary.20:09 IST: Mohit Sharma introduced into the attack.20:08 IST: Great start for KXIP. RCB 7/1 from two overs.20:07 IST: FOUR! AB de Villiers is off the mark in some style. Sandeep Sharma bowls this full and outside off, de Villiers just guides it past the point fielder. The third man fielder hared across to stop it but to no avail.20:06 IST: Crowd shouts louder as AB gets the stike.20:03 IST: OUT! CHOPPED ON! Axar Patel loops this slightly outside off, Watson looks to cut it but the width was never there. He is cramped up for room and inside edges the ball onto the stumps. The early trick of spin has worked for Punjab. The captain departs for 1 run.. RCB 2/1 after one over. 19:59 IST: Shane Watson and Vishnu Vinod to open for RCB Axar Patel starts it off for KXIP19:58 IST: The umpires are out.19:51 IST: Blast from the pastCant wait for #KXIPvRCB, meanwhile lets quickly see our best moments against the hosts in the past. #PlayBold https://t.co/MXoCFHhLXL- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 10, 201719:43 IST: The RCB playing XI RCB XI: S Watson, V Vinod, AB de Villiers, K Jadhav, M Singh, S Binny, P Negi, I Abdulla, T Mills, B Stanlake, Y Chahal- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 10, 201719:42 IST: The Kings XI playing XIKXIP XI: M Vohra, H Amla, W Saha, G Maxwell, D Miller, MP Stoinis, A Patel, M Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, V Aaron, T Natarajan- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 10, 201719:41 IST: RCB is all set to rock the Holkar.Here’s how our Royal Challengers boarded the team bus before heading to the Holkar Cricket Stadium tonight! #PlayBold #KXIPvRCB pic.twitter.com/2ktz138FCi- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 10, 201719:40 IST: Beautiful night in Indore.A beautiful night for the @RCBTweets to take on the @lionsdenkxip #ipl2017 pic.twitter.com/RybZItTSO6- Michael Clarke (@MClarke23) April 10, 201719:36 IST: Big news! AB de Villiers returns for RCB in place of Chris Gayle.19:31 IST: RCB win toss, elect to bat first19:22 IST: Meanwhile, Yuvraj Singh is impressed with Kevin Pietersen’s style.Looking sharp in those yellow socks mate ??? @KP24 @IPL hope your well yours truly the piechucker ????- yuvraj singh (@YUVSTRONG12) April 10, 201719:21 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal says he likes playing Chess and has played Chess for five years for India.19:15 IST: Less than an hour to go.Only 45 minutes left before game time, the crowd’s building up. Should be a cracking game! #KXIPvRCB #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi ???- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 10, 201719:12 IST: Or will Glenn Maxwell come out on top and trump another Australian counterpart in Shane Watson after brushing aside Steve Smith’s Rsiing Pune Supergiant?19:06 IST: Chris Gayle hasn’t been in good form lately. But he has a fantastic record against Punjab, with just 25 runs away from 10,000, will today be his day?18:46 IST: Bangalore spinner Yuzvendra Chahal is all set to challenge the Kings.All set for tonight game against Punjab #RCB? #PlayBold?? #JaiMataDi?????? pic.twitter.com/wcqCnrwYZW- yuZvendra Chahal23 (@yuzi_chahal) April 10, 201718:44 IST: Punjab owner Preity Zinta wishes her team all the luck ahead of the clash.All the best to @lionsdenkxip & to all our fans for the game tonight ??? Looking forward to a rocking game ???Ting??? #KXIPvsRCB #Ipl2017 #Indore- Preity zinta (@realpreityzinta) April 10, 2017Royal Challengers Bagalore have got their Indian Premier League campaign back on track and would seek to maintain the momentum when they take on high-flying Kings XI Punjab at the Holkar Stadium in Indore tonight. (Also read: Royal Challengers Bangalore fans miss injury-hit Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers)Bangalore defended a paltry total against a depleted Delhi Daredevils side despite the absence of two of the world’s best in the business — Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers.Kings XI Punjab, on the other hand, started their campaign on a high with a victory over Rising Pune Supergiant. Their captain Glenn Maxwell showed why he’s called the ‘Big Show’ with a thuderous knock against RPS.Maxwell was making his captaincy debut in the match against RPS and he would look to continue in the same vein against RCB.While RCB’s stand-in skipper Shane Watson hinted at the return of both Kohli and De Villiers for tonight’s game, it is still not clear wether the duo has gained full fitness.Out-of-form Chris Gayle is on the cusp of creating history. He requires only 25 runs to become the first batsman to amass 10000 runs in Twenty20 cricket. Gayle, who is yet to fire, has scored 32 and 6 in the two matches so far but is in danger of being left out if De Villiers is declared fit for the match.Last season, RCB won both their matches against KXIP but in the presence of Kohli, who was in a smashing form in 2016 with a record 973 runs in the season.KXIP bought eight players in the IPL auction, including some well known names like Eoin Morgan, Darren Sammy, Martin Guptill and Varun Aaron.The KXIP squad has been training at the Holkar Stadium, their second home venue along with Mohali, for about 10 days now and should be well-versed with the conditions.The team was dealt a blow in the run up to the IPL when senior batsman Murali Vijay was ruled due to an injury. Pacer Ishant Sharma, who went unsold in the auction, was named Vijay’s replacement.last_img read more

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