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Karius on the hit with Ramos: “I never used the commotion as an excuse”

first_imgLoris Karius He was the involuntary protagonist of the 2018 Champions League final. The German goalkeeper did not have his best night and Liverpool fell against Real Madrid. Two years later, and once he had to leave on loan to the Turkish Besiktas, he gave an interview in Sport Bild where he talks again about what he felt and the famous shock suffered, after a collision with Sergio Ramos. Social networks: “If you read all the posts, you can’t sleep for two days. It’s crazy what people say from anonymity and the serious insults, discriminatory and racist comments they send you. If there are personal threats or death threats, the limit”.Future: “I’m not talking about speculation. The fact is, I have a contract in Liverpool until 2022. And right now I’m just concentrating on the season at Besiktas. It’s too early to say anything about the summer. Especially now that nobody knows exactly what to do. due to the coronavirus. “Liverpool Contact: “I mainly write to goalkeeper coach John Achterberg. Almost weekly, he is my first point of contact. But occasionally I also talk to Jürgen Klopp, I am in touch with everyone.” Reaction of the fans after the final: “I’ve had some death threats. But I can’t take them seriously. These are people who post comments anonymously and don’t even show their faces on their profiles. I don’t think when people see me they dare to open their mouths.” .Nightmares with the game against Real Madrid: “In retrospect, I should have reported what was happening much faster. I had a concussion after a stroke by Sergio Ramos, which limited my vision. This was confirmed after research by brain specialists. At first I was happy that I knew why, but I didn’t want to go public. When that finally happened, there were a lot of angry reactions and insults, often very low. I never used it as an excuse. But when people laugh at someone who has a seriously injured head, I it’s hard to understand. “last_img read more

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