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Bundesliga Round 5 RN Lowen win on top of the table with

burgdorfessenfuechse berlingoeppingenGoppingengummersbachHamburgHannoverhannover burgdorfHSVHSV HamburgloewenlubbeckeluebbeckemindenneuhausenRhein Neckar LowenTHW KielTSV Hannover Burgdorfwetzlar Most of the games of the fifth Bundesliga round were played yesterday. In them, the Rhein-Neckar Lowen won at home against Wetzlar with 31:29, and are now leading the table with 10:0 score. Gummersbach lost at home to emerging Lubbecke side with 24:32, while in the game between the newly-promoted teams, GWD Minden beat TuSEM Essen at home with 30:26. HSV Hamburg did not let another Wetzlar-type surprise to happen, and won away at Burgdorf with 30:26, and Goppingen bounced back from last weeks defeat and beat Neuhausen with 28:24.The Bundesliga is awaiting the big German derby tonight at 17:30 in which Fuechse Berlin is playing against the reigning German Champion  THW Kiel. ← Previous Story Kiril Lazarov’s “Best 7” team-mates! Next Story → Lada Togliatti opens English-language website read more

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