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PAM, OMDH Call For Investigation into Case of Mmi Fatiha in…

Rabat – The Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) and the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (OMDH) have requested an investigation into the case of Mmi Fatiha, a local vender in Kenitra who had her money and products stolen by the police before she self-immolated. According to the Moroccan magazine Telquel, Fatiha covered herself in paint thinner and set herself on fire in the Oulad Mbarek neighborhood in her home city on April 9th.The officers who stole her belongings were preparing for the king’s visit to Kenitra, which regularly involves removing trash, vendors and beggars from the street in an effort to “purify” the area before his majesty’s arrival, a local woman who spoke to Febrayer, a national news site, said. Since reports of the incident – which resembles the self-immolation of Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi starting the Arab Spring – Moroccans on social media have taken to social media to criticize the government’s inaction on the issue.The OMDH called on the government to investigate the investigate during a press conference on April 15th, while the PAM sent a delegation of four elected officials to visit Fatiha’s family on April 17th.The party – currently a major player in the opposition coalition – said in a memo that it aimed to “express solidarity with the family of the victim” and, like the human rights group, called for “the opening of an investigation into the matter.”Members of parliament affiliated with the Istiqlal, or Independence, Party called on the president of the House of Representatives to move for a point of information on “the reasons and circumstances of the death” of Mmi Fatiha on April 18th.Later that same day, Agence France Presse reported that “dozens” of street vendors in Kenitra protested in the deceased women’s neighborhood.“Brandishing portraits of the woman before and after the immolation, they called for the investigation and punishment of those responsible.” the source said. read more

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