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News That Spain Has Exempted Moroccans From Visa is a Hoax

Casablanca — Several Moroccan news sites have reported that Moroccans will now be exempt from the visa requirement for travel to neighboring Spain. Further investigation into these rumors, however, highly suggest this would simply be a hoax.Moroccan news site AlMaghreb24, for example, reported yesterday that Spain was opening the border for Moroccans without a visa for a length of stay not exceeding 90 days. “The news may seem surreal,” said AlMaghreb24, “but it’s the truth. Several media outlets have revealed that the Spanish government has decided to cancel the visa for the Moroccan passport, and open the border to all Moroccan citizens starting January 2017.” Upon further examination of this news, however, Morocco World News found no trustworthy report by Spanish media or announcement by Spanish authorities proving the allegations. Furthermore, the Moroccan Press Agency (MAP) has not released any statements to this effect, suggesting that these allegations are false.Spain, which is a member of the European Union, would moreover not be able to make such an important decision without prior consultation with and agreement of the EU. Repealing the visa requirement for Moroccans would also mean that Moroccan citizens would also not need a visa for temporary travel to 25 other EU countries such France, Germany or Belgium, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, etc. read more

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